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Due in July 2005 (No. 1)

221 replies

AussieSim · 27/10/2004 02:08

I am so tickled to start this thread! I have just found out today that I am pregnant with no. 2 after 8mths of trying. My DH doesn't want me to tell anyone yet but you guys are alright I reckon!

DS is 21mths. I am in Sydney and while v excited having a baby in Australia will be a new experience for me as I had the last one in Germany. This time I am over 35, so there are all the questions about tests etc. Also DS was 5 weeks early, but was trying to get out from about 25 weeks, so I spent three weeks in hospital and the rest of the pregnancy on medication. I hope I can avoid any complications during pregnancy this time.

So who else is out there expecting a July baby?

OP posts:
OzJo · 27/10/2004 02:45

Dear AussieSim, congratulations from a fellow Oz dweller..I am however in Tassie, but have lived briefly in Sydney ( as well as Darwin/Perth/Melbourne and V brefly in Adelaide.) My Dd is 19 months, born in Darwin, and I just found out on Sunday that I'm pregnant. Very excited..not even 5 weeks yet, have told a select few, but will wait till Xmas to let most people know. I'll be 36 in a couple of weeks, so I think we qualify for a Nuecal fold test...which is a detailed ultrasound somewhere between 11 and 13 weeks, checks alot of stuff is OK, and measures the neucal fold ( on the neck I think) it's a Downs Syndrome indicator apparently, plus they do blood tests about the same time.
I still can't quite believe it...getting tired more easily, and having waves of that hormonal vacancy I remeber from the first time round. Do you have any symptoms yet? Hope this one is easier than the last for you...Congrats again!!

smellymelly · 27/10/2004 08:19

WOW - a july thread already. I'm due in Jan, but having them before Xmas - July seems so far away!


pandagirl03 · 27/10/2004 08:42


i think i'm due in july too congratulations.

this will be my first baby so im really excited.

Bagpuss30 · 27/10/2004 11:20

Yay! Finally a July thread . I am expecting baby no.3 on 1st July and graduated from TTC11 last week (and was too chicken to start the thread by myself ).

OzJo, I am also thinking about nuchal scans and blood tests but I am only 30. My results for my last pg were higher than they should have been for my age at the time and I didn't get the results back until I was about 30 weeks. I think I shall look into having a private scan this time.

LipstickMum · 27/10/2004 22:58

Yay Bagpus!! BIG congratulations, another graduate

Well done, to all the others expecting in July too!!

hana · 28/10/2004 02:03

wow, July already!! Lots of luck everyone for a wonderful pregnancy...summer babies....!!

AussieSim · 28/10/2004 04:18

I had the neuchal fold test and combined blood test with my first and as the odds were good my dr recommended that I not undertake anymore tests, even though I thought I wanted to. This time though I am 35 so it will be interesting to see what he says.

What I am finding cute this time is that my husband is that much more empathetic than the first time when he didn't know what was going on.

I am continuing my regualr Allegro Pilates classes for now but will see what my dr says on the 16th.

Thanks to all the well wishers.

OP posts:
AussieSim · 01/11/2004 10:42

Talking to myself a little here, but here goes anyway. Firstly I am having little day dreams about being pregnant with twins (they run in my family) - Anyone else? The fantasy will most likely be put to rest when I have ma first ob appt in a couple of weeks. Secondly, I am not so thrilled how quickly my body is chaning. I am only 5 weeks 3 days and my waist has thickened and my tummy is popping out starting from just underneath my boobs. I know all this is supposed to happen faster with the 2nd but isn't this a bit ridiculous?

Come on July mums, join in here ... it aint too early.

OP posts:
sweetheart · 01/11/2004 10:45


I'm 5weeks and 4 days but I'm on the June thread - when is your due date??? The 1st day of my last period was 23rd Spetember so I make it that I'm due 30th June?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Tessiebear · 01/11/2004 10:48

Hi Aussiesim - i am from the Due in June thread (23rd) but with my track record of overdue babes i woill more than likely give birth in July!!! Congratulations everyone. I am about 5/6 weeks at the moment and so far i dont really feel many symptoms - last time my tummy popped out straight away too Aussie - this time i have noticed no change so far. Last time i was in maternity Jeans at 6 weeks!!!

Tessiebear · 01/11/2004 10:50

I was just thinking that Sweetheart - i am 5 weeks and 3 days too - and am due on 23rd ish i think. When was the first day of your last menstrural cycle Aussiesim??

SpringChicken · 01/11/2004 10:55

Oh i feel all tearful!!! I started the last July thread and i still remember exactly how i felt writing that first message.

Good luck to you all x

Bagpuss30 · 01/11/2004 11:00

Sweetheart, I am due the day after you.

AussieSim, I was in Mat wear at 13 weeks with my second and I can already feel how uncomfortable things are and I'm only 5+2. Oh well......

merglemergle · 01/11/2004 11:06

Hi. I'm going to join the thread but if anyone knows me in real life, please don't tell.

I think I'm looking at around July 2/3rd. Not sure at all-might be end of June. The length of my cycle has been all over the place-between 2 and 5 1/2 weeks-since ds was born.

We have one son aged 14 months, so he will be nearly 2. We do want another one but tbh are shocked at how quickly it all happened-we weren't trying particularly, had just started thinking it might be nice (I'm pretty sure you have to do more than that? ). But we think we want 3 kids at least and dh is 7 years older than me so we want to get a move on. (I'm only 27, so I've gota bit of time).

Haven't told anyone except my parents, who were a bit like "oh, how nice, shoudn't you have waited".

I really want a home birth with this one-we had one planned for ds and even though we ended up in hospital, I had the midwife I'd known all through with me. I am a bit worried because of ds' age. Hes only happy about being left with dh and my parents-who live 250 miles away-so have accepted that dh might not be there for the birth. I'm actually not too bothered about this-I really feel like I've done it before, and if anything does go wrong we should be able to get someone to look after ds. But I may get cold feet later.

Bagpuss30 · 01/11/2004 13:53

MergleMergle, please don't worry. I had a 22 month gap between my first two and they get on like a house on fire. I actually found things very easy to begin with. I had a hospital birth and was in and out within 24 hours so that I could be at home to deal with both kids together. I found that I pulled myself together a lot more quickly (mainly because I knew what to expect and wasn't going to let anything slow me down second time around)and was rushing around two days after the birth and mopping floors . People will rally round and I'm sure you will get all kinds of offers of help before and after the birth, I know we did. Congratulations, by the way and welcome to the July club

merglemergle · 01/11/2004 17:25

thanks bagpus .

AussieSim · 02/11/2004 09:12

Welcome merglemergle.

As to the mystery of my due date, my first day of last period was 24 September but my cycle is a very reliable 31 days, so that pushes me into July I guess, according to Babyzone et al.

My DS was 5 weeks early - due March arrived Jan, so maybe I should keep an eye on the June and May threads too. Apparently afer having one premmie your chances are 30% higher to have the second premmie. Normally 70% of people are after 40 weeks 30% are before 40weeks and a v negligible no. dead on - or so I believe.

I hadn't thought about who would look after my DS while I am giving birth. I might have to tee up my mum who lives 1.5hrs away. He will be 2.5.

OP posts:
larlylou · 02/11/2004 19:56

Oooh, can I join you all as I have just found out that I too am pregnant with my second and am due beginning of July. I have an 18 month ds and have been trying for #2 for only a couple of months. I do feel a little 'odd' but I don't have many symptoms yet (I did have a miscarriage before my first pregnancy and this pregnancy reminds me of that as I am having the occassional cramping sensation which I didn't have during my pregnancy). When are you meant to start feeling symptoms and have any of you suffered from any cramps at all? I too haven't told anyone yet and probably won't for a while until I know what's going on. Well done to you all and happy pregnancies!

Angeliz · 02/11/2004 20:36

Congratulations all.

I am over on the February thread and every time i see one of these new threads come on i gasp at how i'm getting that bit closer!!!++++++++++

AussieSim · 02/11/2004 23:44

I am having all kinds of symptoms, am a bit weepy and flat this morning, but the over-riding symptom is exhaustion. I haven't had any cramping with this one or with my DS - just the normal twinges as things get moved around down there.

OP posts:
OzJo · 03/11/2004 09:29

I am suffering with the overwhelming need to suffocate the receptionist at the GP surgery. Long story, but the old cow was rude and unhelpful and reduced me to tears..doubtless hormonally fuelled...but how embaressing ! My days of stern stares and witty put downs are gone, probably for a year if I remember last time. I never used to cry at anything on TV, and found myself getting misty eyed at garden makeover shows just after Dds birth...I fear a repeat performance of emotional unpredictablilty is afoot already.
Other than that, tired and vacant, not sure if the belly is expanding yet as it never really felt it shrunk back past the 4 month mark anyway ( years of beer having nothing to do with that of course ). Dreading the nipples turning to saucers bit.

Cyndii · 05/11/2004 13:56

I'd like to join too!!! Yippee after 6 months of trying it worked!!

Due Date: 10th July 2005

Don't "feel" pregnant but soooo exhausted ~ any suggestions how to combat the tiredness?????


hoxtonchick · 06/11/2004 21:11

hello, sticking my head over the parapet here. found out today that i'm 5 weeks pregnant. can't quite believe it, have been crying most of the afternoon! we have 1 ds who will be 3 in january. have been trying for a year, but i didn't have periods for most of that time which was very frustrating.... used ovulation sticks for the first time this month & hey presto. i have diabetes which makes things a little complicated, but i managed when i was pregnant with ds & can do so again.

i've got a few symptoms, sore boobs, tired, peeing a bit more than usual. no sickness so far. i wasn't sick at all with ds so fingers crossed.

hope everyone else is doing ok.

hoxtonchick · 06/11/2004 21:12

oh yes, biggest symptom of all, bursting into tears for no reason at all. i think dp's very relieved to find out he isn't a total *.

Cosybear · 06/11/2004 22:48

Hello - can I join you too ??!!!
This is my first pregnancy and I am scared !!!! taking my time getting used to this - only tried one month and am v.v. shocked .
And also exhausted - think we are both recently from the ttc13 thread Cyndi. It must have made us tired !!
I have been very lightheaded but may be down to stopping antidepressants - have done it gradually - get tired very suddenly and the yawns are huge!!
Also was crying last night at a friends house - felt so so flat , bit better today .

What is your due date Cyndi ?
How old are you PandaGirl? I am 37 and feel it !
Worried how i could cope with a child if feeling this tired !
Good luck all - hoping to see my friend Crazylegs from the ttc13 thread over here soon - it would be great to have you girls to chat too here and someone i know to go through this with .
Babydust everywhere to Crazylegs +++++++++*

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