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June 2021 babies...

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LadyHalesBroach · 22/09/2020 07:37

Anyone else out there?! Very excited but super early days so haven’t got anyone else to share this news with!

OP posts:
Workingmummyof2soontobe3 · 22/09/2020 15:49

Hi @ladyhalesbroach I’m new on here but been lurking for years 🤣 I’m in the early days club and haven’t told anyone yet. This is my third baby and although we wanted another we thought it could take ages and we only stopped taking precautions this time around and it’s happened on the first time so it still feels a shock

LadyHalesBroach · 22/09/2020 16:49

@Workingmummyof2soontobe3 shock here too!! I had my coil out on 2nd Sept, I swear I was sure I ovulated about ten days ago. So it’s almost too good to be true so I’m keeping shtum.

Anyway... yay for us!!!

OP posts:
Workingmummyof2soontobe3 · 22/09/2020 16:56

@LadyHalesBroach congratulations 🥳 I’m struggling to come to terms with it a little I think because of everything that’s going on at the minute. I’m having a panic about if it was the right time to fall pregnant!

Jinglebells87 · 22/09/2020 17:08

Hi ladies! Congratulations both of you! Can I join please?? Just found out this afternoon we are expecting our third! We had literally one night unprotected and I took the MAP and yet here we are! I am thrilled but also shocked!
Do you guys have any symptoms?? I have nothing. I only POAS in a moment of madness and never expected to see the second line!!

Workingmummyof2soontobe3 · 22/09/2020 17:40

@Jinglebells87 of course the more the merrier. Congratulations! How old are your other children? Mine are 8 and 5.

I felt the implantation and have had on and off cramps since then and I’m really badly bloated like my pants are tight already. Feel fine other than that. Had really bad sickness the last 2 times so really crossing my fingers for an easy ride this time. Anyone out there had an easy third pregnancy?

Jinglebells87 · 22/09/2020 18:51

Thanks @workingmummyof2soontobe3. Mine are similar ages to yours we have a 7 and 4 year old.
Sorry to hear you had bad sickness previously and fingers crossed it's not as bad this time.
My two pregnancies were both very straight forward luckily. I feel a bit caught off guard this time though and unfortunately I've just had a birthday and been given 3 bottles of gin and 3 bottles of wine which are going to gather dust for 9 months Grin. I didn't even get to try any!!
What is your due date? Mine is coming out as 4th June.

LadyHalesBroach · 22/09/2020 19:18

Yay welcome @Jinglebells87 !! No idea about due date, I don’t even know if it’s too early to self refer? This is second pregnancy but I’ve already forgotten what happened four years ago.

@Workingmummyof2soontobe3 yes also really worried what the situation will be in 9 months, trying not to read too many horror stories. Life goes on, babies will be born, it’ll be alright in the end (she says, fingers in ears la la la)

OP posts:
Workingmummyof2soontobe3 · 22/09/2020 19:26

@Jinglebells87 ahh I was ready for a day of cocktails on Sunday With the girls and did a test just to check first as I had a feeling and it was a bfp so no cocktails for me! I think my due date is the 3rd June @LadyHalesBroach I called my children’s centre today to make a booking app and they said they will call me in two weeks and they’re only doing it over the phone at the minute, the first time I’ll see anyone is 12 week scan.

septembersurprise · 23/09/2020 05:42


I'm due at the very end of may (30th) so hope you don't mind if I join this thread too?

I am a bit confused as I had some bleeding a few days after my test, but it was only very light. It could be implantation but I've have three MMC before so it could be that too.

Fingers crossed we all have a healthy pregnancy!

LadyHalesBroach · 23/09/2020 08:50

@septembersurprise congratulations and welcome! Will you keep us updated? Has the bleeding stopped completely?

OP posts:
septembersurprise · 23/09/2020 09:02

Thank you!

Yes, no more bleeding, which is good, but I've had three missed miscarriages, one only in June, so for me - who knows!!

I do have a 2.5 year old, so my body can carry a baby when it wants. Hopefully this one sticks..

Somanyquestions111 · 23/09/2020 14:21

Hi guys. Due may 30th I’m 4+5 hope you don’t mind me joining. Has anyone had symptoms as I’m worried I don’t!

Somanyquestions111 · 23/09/2020 14:40

Is it normal to have on and off symptoms! Some days my boobs ache but others they don’t and some days I’m nauseous others I’m not. I keep doing tests to check line gets darker

Workingmummyof2soontobe3 · 23/09/2020 15:52

Yeah it’s too early to feel anything really I’ve the odd nausea and sore boobs but then half the time I forget I’m pregnant. My last 2 I didn’t get obvious symptoms till around 6 weeks. I’m enjoying feeling fine while I do cause I’m dreading the sickness kicking in and the fatigue is like no other x

Somanyquestions111 · 23/09/2020 15:56

Thank you. So you think normal to feel nothing at 4+5? That’s reassuring

Workingmummyof2soontobe3 · 23/09/2020 16:14

@Somanyquestions111 yeah perfectly normal 😊 have you registered with a midwife yet? I’m wondering if we still get them green notes anymore? It’s been nearly 6 years since my last so I’ve no idea

Somanyquestions111 · 23/09/2020 16:30

In our area we fill in an online form and they call us around 8 weeks for a booking apt. This is baby number 3 but I feel like I’m worrying more and have forgotten everything. How far are you xx

Workingmummyof2soontobe3 · 23/09/2020 17:31

@Somanyquestions111 how do you feel about having a third? I’m nervous this time around. I’m really early like 4w+1

Somanyquestions111 · 23/09/2020 18:54

i feel so so grateful I have always wanted 3, but I also don’t want to get carried away as it’s so so early but it’s so hard not to isn’t it! Have you had any symptoms xx

Somanyquestions111 · 23/09/2020 18:54

My boobs feel intermittently sensitive but not always is that normal??

Somanyquestions111 · 23/09/2020 19:12

I do actually get some very low down very mild abdo pulling cramping pain. It’s really mild and comes and goes.....

Workingmummyof2soontobe3 · 23/09/2020 20:23

I’ve been having a lot of cramping , have it right now feels like period is coming . My boobs are sore on and off too. I’ve been more hungry than normal but that’s it really

Jinglebells87 · 24/09/2020 16:28

Hey guys! Starting to get the odd symptom now, no sore boobs but waves of nausea, strong sense of smell and lightheadedness!
I was up for hours in the night thinking about how to tell my work. I love my job and have only been there a couple of years. It's an all male office and I'm the first ever female they have hired and I get pregnant by accident Grin.
I've only seen my boss face to face twice since lockdown and this isn't something I want to tell him over the phone! He is generally very cool with things but I just feel so guilty to take any sort of maternity leave! I suppose I don't have to say anything for a while but I would rather just get it out the way!!

Somanyquestions111 · 24/09/2020 16:47

That’s reassuring as I was thinking to myself that today I felt my boobs were less sensitive and I worried that might mean something is going wrong!

I also feel like having waves of nausea very intermittently too.

I desperately want to get to 7 weeks so I can have a scan!!

Somanyquestions111 · 24/09/2020 16:48

Your work will understand, it’s always a potential when taking on female staff isn’t it! And you’ve been there a while. You are well within rights to wait until 12 week scan if you feel better that way xx

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