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Pregnant with second (or third/fourth/etc) baby, due in/around September 2020

189 replies

NameChange30 · 01/02/2020 14:32

Hi! Is there anyone out there who already has at least one child and expecting another baby in or around September 2020?

I would love to chat to other pregnant mums who have "been there, done that" at least once before...

I am less excited this time, since I know what I'm letting myself in for 🙈 But also very much looking forward to giving my son a sibling. He will be 3.5 when baby is born.

OP posts:
Bonsaigem · 01/02/2020 15:07


I am on my 4th and I am due mid Aug 2020...!

My oldest will be 10 when this one arrives and it will be six years since I gave birth to my last!! 😱

I am 39!

NameChange30 · 01/02/2020 15:25

Hello and congratulations!
How are you feeling?
When will you tell the DCs?

OP posts:
MamaB80 · 01/02/2020 16:12

Hello! I'm pregnant with my second child and would love to join you. Our son will have just turned 4 in late Aug when this one comes along, hopefully around second week of Sept. I've had two miscarriages but delighted to have had viability scan on Tuesday - we saw a lovely healthy heartbeat! According to scan we are 8w 1d today.

MamaB80 · 01/02/2020 16:18

And congratulations to you both! @Bonsaigem I'm also 39 (turning 40 in April). Not looking forward to combined test as I know our age ups the risk stats. Considering Harmony...are you?

@namechange30 I know what you mean about giving your son a sibling. Mines been asking for a baby brother for a long time now, especially as most of his little friends are preschool have a younger sibling now. I'd love to tell him but I think we're going to wait until 20 weeks as it's pretty early yet but also because as soon as he knows he'll want the baby now!!

NameChange30 · 01/02/2020 16:23

Ah congratulations on the scan MamaB! That's lovely news and must be reassuring after your previous losses.

I am 8+3 according to LMP (although I suspect I might be a day or two further ahead) so due date will be close to yours. Similar age gap too.

OP posts:
NameChange30 · 01/02/2020 16:30

Ha I know what you mean about not telling him too far in advance - mine is the same! I can't tell him we're seeing Nana because he'll go on about it until we do Grin

OP posts:
MamaB80 · 01/02/2020 16:34

That's great. My LMP put me a few days earlier too.
How are you feeling? Are you finding similar symptoms to when you were pregnant with your son?
I've no symptoms other than bloating which is same as last time. Actually also a very sore left hip the last couple of days (a have a shoddy left knee anyway). Really hoping that's not ongoing.
Funny how different things are this time. Of course very (cautiously) excited but it's also very different knowing what's to come! Not checking an app several times a day to see what fruit it's the size of!

ChipsAreLife · 01/02/2020 16:57

Hello! I'm on number three. Due mid Sept and 8 weeks today. I also have a three year old who turns four in August! And I have a five year old. The gap between them was 18 months and was savage! Both girls though and now very close!

I'm 35 and feeling pretty crap this pregnancy. So tired, grumpy and sick! It's hard to not get the rest I want.

NameChange30 · 01/02/2020 16:59

Ha yes I know what you mean. That's why I started this thread because it definitely feels different the second (and presumably subsequent) time(s) around.

I'm experiencing similar symptoms to my first pregnancy but slightly worse. I suppose I'm less strong and fit after DC1! I only had very mild and occasional nausea the first time, but it's worse this time - no vomiting thankfully but constant nausea which is annoying. General exhaustion, grumpiness and sore boobs - all much the same this time except with a 2 (nearly 3) year old to contend with. I had PGP first time, can't remember when it started but I think it was about halfway through the pregnancy. This time the pain started immediately which surprised me but it's the hormones apparently. I went to see a specialist physio (privately) and have been doing the exercises she gave me which are definitely helping, touch wood! I'm sure it will get worse but just hoping to delay and minimise as much as possible.

Sorry about your hip. Did you have PGP at all before?

OP posts:
NameChange30 · 01/02/2020 17:00

Ooh cross post. Hi @ChipsAreLife Smile
I'm feeling similar, it's hard isn't it.

OP posts:
Samk79 · 01/02/2020 19:11

Hello ladies

This is number 3 for me but after a big age gap. My other two are 12 and 17 and I'm 40. Am already feeling rubbish 😞

NameChange30 · 01/02/2020 19:22

Hi Sam. Gah. On the bright side at least your older kids require a bit less supervision than younger ones Wink

OP posts:
Bonsaigem · 01/02/2020 19:25

@MamaB80 @namechange30

I have the 12 weeks scan due on Tuesday. I am very nervous. I have had 2 scans already to check the heartbeat as I have lost at 6 weeks and 8 weeks (didn't find out to 12 week scan). So look, fingers and everything crossed!!

I have been feeling tired! I can't stop eating sweet stuff (which normally I am not fussed about) and my skin has gone to ruin (terrible acne). Not feeling very pretty at all but hoping when the hormones chill a bit I will start feeling better and my skin improved.

We are going to tell the kids after the scan. I cannot wait as they all keep on telling me my belly is getting bigger!! Ha ha!

Nice to have some ladies to chat to on here xx

NameChange30 · 01/02/2020 20:42

Ah best of luck for your scan! I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday.

OP posts:
MamaB80 · 01/02/2020 21:51

@Bonsaigem will keep everything crossed for you on Tuesday. I had a mmc at 10 weeks and also had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in August. I understand how you must be feeling. It's hard. Those early scans are amazing though aren't they. I'd all but convinced myself that there wouldn't be a heartbeat at ours last Tuesday and then there it was. It's the most incredible feeling. I'd forgotten the wonder of that moment. Sending so many positive vibes your way for the 12w scan!

@Samk79 Congrats! I hope your 12 year old and 17 year old are ready to take in some babysitting duties!

@NameChange30 gosh, I don't think it was PGP last time but I my knee was a pain. I saw a physio throughout the pregnancy, also privately through work, and she kept me ship shape. Have made an appt for a referral. I couldn't have been too bad as I was walking miles right up until the end. However I am that bit older this time and definitely feeling it! Also now that you mention exhaustion and grumpiness have definitely featured over recent weeks! My patience level is at an all time low!

Hi @ChipsAreLife and congratulations to you. How lovely to see that close bond between your girls. I do wonder what a four year age gap will be like. I hear you re not being able to get the rest you want. Remember with pregnancy number one, I was all about long baths, candles, early nights and pregnancy yoga, etc. I tried doing an prenatal exercise video off YouTube the other day only to have my son climb onto my back. How times have changed!!

Hopefully all the rubbish symptoms will wear off soon and we'll be left with that glow everyone talks about (not sure I managed that one last time!!)

Spark27 · 01/02/2020 22:51

Hi ladies. I'm pregnant with my 2nd. Current EDD is 29 Sept. Got one DD who is 2. Actually, her birthday is 29 Sep as well so kind of hoping this one misses that date!

Been feeling a lot more nauseous this time round, and really bloated. Been really tired and rundown which has made me come out with a cold sore (and I haven't had one of those for about 5yrs), so I'm feeling a little sorry for myself

Lazydaisydaydream · 02/02/2020 11:17

Can I join in Smile

I'm pregnant with hopefully my second baby (fourth pregnancy but two miscarriages before). My son will be nearly two and a half when this baby is born.

I had terrible morning sickness with my son, but although have felt a bit queasy on and off this time I haven't actually been sick. A bit tired and bloated but no other symptoms. It's so hard not to worry. My scan is in two weeks so just planning on taking my mind off it as much as possible until then!

eandz13 · 02/02/2020 11:27

I'm almost 12 weeks with my third. Due some time in August (they keep changing my dates Hmm). I wasnt going to tell anyone at all, including DC's until 12wk scan but DP slipped up to eldest DD about me having a baby in my belly, he told her to keep it a secret for now but her idea of keeping a secret is infact just whispering it to everyone she's remotely near Grin when is your first scan?

NameChange30 · 02/02/2020 16:32

Hello and congrats to Spark, Lazy and eandz Smile

MamaB good shout on the physio. I am kicking myself a bit for not getting private health insurance before TTC, I'm sure it would have easily paid for itself in covering physio and/or osteo!

Spark amazing that your due date is the same as DD's birthday! So it will be almost exactly 3 years between them.

Lazy yes it's a worrying time and even more so I imagine with previous losses Flowers Hope time flies for you until your scan!

eandz lol at DD! How old is she? And when's your scan, it must be very soon?

I just got my scan appointment letter, 28 Feb, feels like ages away but good to have a date in the diary. Need to sort childcare so we don't have to take DS.

OP posts:
NameChange30 · 04/02/2020 08:52

Best of luck for your scan today! How are you feeling? Let us know how you get on x

OP posts:
Bonsaigem · 04/02/2020 13:33

Hi guys!!

Well felt sick with worry this morning but had the scan and all is great! Little heart was fluttering away and the lil ting tong has long legs! The NT measurement was 1.7mm and I am 12+6. The sonographer said baby looks good but chances it will be high risk mainly down to the weighting my age has on the risk rating. Should hear back soon though... possibly by the end of the week! So, more nail biting to do! Xx

NameChange30 · 04/02/2020 13:52

Hurrah, congratulations! Very happy for you Smile
If it comes back high risk do you think you will consider NIPT or CVS/amnio??

OP posts:
NameChange30 · 04/02/2020 13:54

I think you said you're going to tell your children after the scan - will you tell them tonight?!

OP posts:
Bonsaigem · 04/02/2020 14:29


If it comes back high risk we will have the blood test. I am fortunate to live in Wales and here is is free of charge if you are high risk. I only found that out the other week and was just about to pay £400 for a private on regardless.

Telling the kids Saturday evening after I have taken them to see their dad (my ex). I'd rather he didn't know as I think there will be grief. So after I have picked them up we will sit them down. I cannot wait!! Also telling other family once kids know.

So, you have to wait until 28th! 24 days to go...tick tock...Smile

welshmercury · 04/02/2020 14:42

Hi everyone. I will turn 41 on Wednesday. Eeeek. Have had prolonged periods for two years and had a ultrasound to look for causes and they found a fibroid and an early pregnancy. Literally been bleeding throughout which has resulted in me being signed off from work with stress for two weeks.

Went to EPU yesterday and fully prepared for the worst but 6w + 6days and a little heartbeat. Due 22 September.

No idea how I’m going to get through the next few weeks til 12 week scan with constant leaking.

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