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Middle name for Hero

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BoldandBright · 15/02/2023 12:40

Expecting a baby girl and we’ve decided on first name Hero. Our other children have unusual but not unheard of names with more traditional middle names but struggling to find a name that flows nicely with Hero. Our first mn pick was Emilia but gone off it a little now, any suggestions?
Our last name is rare but not ‘weird’ or able to be turned into a joke, and begins with an S.
thanks 😊

OP posts:
gogohmm · 15/02/2023 16:42

I don't think any names flow from the o, that's the issue

Toottooot · 15/02/2023 16:45

Hero Chilli?

Justcashnosweets · 15/02/2023 16:54

Hero is our cat's name 😬

Fraaahnces · 15/02/2023 17:12

I think Hero is a brilliant name. Others who are here to say otherwise can go jump….

Hero Grace
Hero Eliza
Hero May
Hero Clara
Hero Sahra
Hero Violet
Hero Ivy
Hero Posy
Hero Briony
Hero Georgia
Hero Willa

Twazique · 15/02/2023 17:27

Hero Henrietta
Hero Dorothea
Hero Theodosia
Hero Antoinette
Hero Eloise
Hero Octavia
Hero Juliana

MorbidMuch · 15/02/2023 18:13

Hero is a lovely name. I taught a Hero many years ago. She was a quiet, popular, hardworking girl and didn't ever get any comments about her name, even when we were studying Much Ado! She would read Hero's part in class.

I would avoid Hero Beatrice as that is a bit overkill for me.

I like:
Hero Alexandra
Hero Jane
Hero Clare
Hero Lucy / Luciana
Hero Katherine
Hero Regan
Hero Claudette
Hero Simone

BasiliskStare · 15/02/2023 18:29

@oakleaffy - Sorry my post was not specifically aimed at you , if I had phrased it "everyone's " choice that than "your" that may have been clearer.

I do like it , some don't , but the OP is set on it and it is her choice. I am not sure it a teasing name tbh but maybe I am too out of touch.

I think in all instances a middle name is a good idea . & then if the DC ends up not liking their name they have an automatic alternative. I have a friend whose first name is Nicholas. I can't see anything wrong in that but for 40 years he has gone by his middle name .

I bet there are a whole load of people who wouldn't choose my son's name , it's not outrageous - have occasionally seen people who don't like it on here - but to my knowledge , never been teased once. ( & he has a middle name he could use instead if he hated it. )

Newnamenewme23 · 15/02/2023 18:41

I bet there are a whole load of people who wouldn't choose my son's name , it's not outrageous - have occasionally seen people who don't like it on here - but to my knowledge , never been teased once. ( & he has a middle name he could use instead if he hated it)

i did the middle name thing. Both my kids 20 years ago had “unusual” first names that got many of the reactions here 😂.

I gave them “normal” middle names so if they genuinely hated them they have alternatives.

anyway 20+ years later and both names have climbed the popularity lists and regularly appear on baby name threads here 😂. I deliberately chose names outside the top 100, my oldest now knows at least3 with her name in her primary school, although obviously she’s considerably older.

all it takes is a couple of celebs or a tv show and Hero will go from wtf? To top 10.

FinnRussell · 15/02/2023 18:50

Emmamoo89 · 15/02/2023 13:21

What an awful name

What a bitchy comment

FinnRussell · 15/02/2023 18:54

Hero is a great name!

Hero Caroline
Hero Michaela
Hero Josephine
Hero Francesca
Hero Cassandra
Hero Emmeline

Bunnyfuller · 15/02/2023 18:55

Hero Super

Emmamoo89 · 15/02/2023 18:58

FinnRussell · 15/02/2023 18:50

What a bitchy comment

My opinion 🤷‍♀️

StarbucksSmarterSister · 15/02/2023 18:59

For those who think Hero is not a girl's name - this ⬇️ is where it comes from.

Gardengirl108 · 15/02/2023 19:01

Hero Alexandra

ps. Hero is definitely a girl’s name

Pallisers · 15/02/2023 19:05

StarbucksSmarterSister · 15/02/2023 14:25

OP, it's a lovely name.

This thread makes it obvious schools need to teach more Shakespeare and the classics though. 😂

and some recreational reading of Georgette Heyer wouldn't hurt either.

OP, I think any 3 syllable name would work well. Personally I would probably look for a family name (grandmother/mother/great grandmother)

Mimilamore · 15/02/2023 19:08

Hero is a beautiful name and Shakespearean to boot... Hero Needs no middle name

emeraldsarebest · 15/02/2023 19:08

Hero is a lovely name.

Hero Ariadne
Hero Evangeliine
Hero Juliet

jumperoozles · 15/02/2023 19:10

Love the name Hero - sounds very classical and sophisticated to me. I would like the name Hero!
OP I think Hero Alexandra is beautiful as well as:
Hero Madeline
Hero Alessia
Hero Josephine
Hero Gabriella

EverlastingRose · 15/02/2023 19:10

Hero is a great name.

Baffled by people who think it's not a girl's name- are you thinking of the common noun "hero" rather than the name?

Hero Elizabeth
Hero Penelope
Hero Persephone
Hero Evangeline

ChuffKnows · 15/02/2023 19:17

I was going to say Louise as it virtually always works well as a middle name but I think three syllables might work better so maybe Hero Eloise?

JustAnotherManicNameChange · 15/02/2023 19:17

Worship. Grin Sorry OP.

I think a long middle name starting with a strong consonant sound would be best.

Hero Catherine
Hero Teodora
Hero Gabriella
Hero Beatrice
Hero Cordelia

Sauvignonblanket · 15/02/2023 19:22


4timesthefun · 15/02/2023 20:09

I’d go a strong classic name like Alexandra, which she can revert to if she chooses down the track. I know several people who ended up wanting professional careers and ended up reverting to their middle name, so just make sure you like this too. As a teenage girl, I had a really rough time. Being named Hero at that stage would have been a nightmare, so give her something as a middle name she can use instead, in case you have a daughter who doesn’t want to be so u-neek!

LlynTegid · 15/02/2023 20:11

Please reconsider out of love for your child.

As for a middle name, my thought is that it should be one that either reflects your heritage or is after a much loved relative or ancestor.

autumnkate · 15/02/2023 20:12


Hero Catherine would be my suggestion

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