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Middle name for Hero

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BoldandBright · 15/02/2023 12:40

Expecting a baby girl and we’ve decided on first name Hero. Our other children have unusual but not unheard of names with more traditional middle names but struggling to find a name that flows nicely with Hero. Our first mn pick was Emilia but gone off it a little now, any suggestions?
Our last name is rare but not ‘weird’ or able to be turned into a joke, and begins with an S.
thanks 😊

OP posts:
Ineedaholidaysoon · 15/02/2023 14:58

Hero Rose
Hero Layla
Hero Alexandra
Hero Ophelia

sanityisamyth · 15/02/2023 14:58

DiDonk · 15/02/2023 12:45


🤣 brilliant!

Hero is an awful name, especially for a girl. Sorry, OP.

Actionstations · 15/02/2023 15:00

Hero LOL Smith?

Ineedaholidaysoon · 15/02/2023 15:03

Ignore the posters commenting on your name choice. How boring would it be if we all liked the same names!!!

BreviloquentBastard · 15/02/2023 15:03

My daughter's best friend is Hero, she's lovely. Her middle name is Georgiana (jor-jane-ah pronunciation) so her parents went with the classical middle name idea too and it suits her well.

She's very petite and her nickname at school is Miniature Hero, but she's also very confident and funny and wears the nickname with pride. Even went as a Twirl for Halloween last year.

Children will bully people for anything. I've got a very classic, boring name and I was bullied in school. My daughter has an unusual, Norse name because of her heritage, and no one's ever mentioned it. People wringing their hands over the vague possibility of your daughter being bullied for her name need to get a grip - given current naming trends she's unlikely to have the most unusual name in her class anyway.

sonjadog · 15/02/2023 15:03

I think Hero is a great name. Classical and not that out there that she will spend her life spelling it for people. Some posters on here are really rude.

Hero Jane
Hero Marianne
Hero Alexandra

CalamityClam · 15/02/2023 15:04

I love it.
Hero Penelope
Hero Gabriella
Hero Melody

QuietlyConfident · 15/02/2023 15:04

WednesdaysPlaits · 15/02/2023 14:21

I appreciate the greek goddess but its still more commonly known as being a Japanese boys name

Hiro is moderately well-known in the UK as being a Japanese boys' name.
Hero is an English girls' name and has been for centuries.
Yes they sound the same - sometimes different words in different languages do sound the same. Is this a new concept to you?

kindlyensure · 15/02/2023 15:06

Ooh lovely name. I would say a consonant ending would work best (but Hero Calypso is pretty cool).

Or do you have a family surname that would suit?

Whiskeypowers · 15/02/2023 15:07

I rather like it

How about

Hero Joy
Hero Ray
Hero Cate
Hero Emme

BellePeppa · 15/02/2023 15:07

We have a male Hero in the family. Seems totally normal to me now. I liked the pp suggestion of Hero Helena (I’d pronounce that as Helayna)

Catapultaway · 15/02/2023 15:07

Giving her a traditional middle name is a good idea.

Gives her some thoughts on what she changes her name to in the future. Hero 🤮

Biscuitsneeded · 15/02/2023 15:08

I like Hero Eleanor (keeping the Greek theme). And ignore all the people saying Hero isn't a girls' name. They're just ignorant.

If not Eleanor, other Greek names perhaps? Hero Zoe? Hero Iris? Hero Penelope?

PrincessHoneysuckle · 15/02/2023 15:09


blackpearwhitelilies · 15/02/2023 15:10

Why are people suggesting Hera? Hero is a girl's name anyway and Hera has terrible connotations - she was a vicious, spiteful goddess.

tara66 · 15/02/2023 15:11

If you really have to call a baby girl 'Hero' - which you shouldn't - you need to at least follow it by a Greek Goddess name for full measure - like Athena, Diana (also Roman goddess), Artemis, Clio, Maia etc.
HerA - was a Greek goddess too but she was swallowed by her father!

booboo82 · 15/02/2023 15:19

When naming children please think of their future lol they do not stay babies ! School , college , work be prepared for deedpoll when they are 16 🤣🤣🤣

MunsteadWood · 15/02/2023 15:20

I like Hero too. Do you have any family names you could use as a middle name?

mickandrorty · 15/02/2023 15:20

Quinn. my last one ended up with no middle name because we couldn't think of one!

MelaniesFlowers · 15/02/2023 15:22

BoldandBright · 15/02/2023 14:36

Any child with any name can be bullied. My brother was bullied in school and his name was George!

Sure, but why give them more ammunition?

Your poor kids will suffer greatly for your naming choices.

DolphinsAreEvil · 15/02/2023 15:26

Hero Genevieve
Hero Miriam
Hero Lilian
Hero Cassandra
Hero Penelope
Hero Beatrice

just some ideas, I think Hero is lovely

DNBU · 15/02/2023 15:27

I’m not keen OP. It’s really corny.
Hera is gorgeous.

roarfeckingroarr · 15/02/2023 15:34

I like traditional names but I don't understand all the hate here for Hero. Especially when the OP is clear she has made her decision!

oakleaffy · 15/02/2023 15:38

That’s a really silly name.
Heroes earn that title, by doing heroic things.
A girl is a Heroine.
Calling her Heroine will make people think of Diacetylmorphine.

Don’t saddle the poor kid with an embarrassing name!

BasiliskStare · 15/02/2023 15:42

Hero isn't embarrassing or silly. It may not be to your choice which is different. It is a girls's name & yes quite Shakespearian .

I'd go Hero Frances and I think ( if she ever does ) want to use her middle name gives her a nice one.

Good luck @BoldandBright

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