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Middle name for Hero

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BoldandBright · 15/02/2023 12:40

Expecting a baby girl and we’ve decided on first name Hero. Our other children have unusual but not unheard of names with more traditional middle names but struggling to find a name that flows nicely with Hero. Our first mn pick was Emilia but gone off it a little now, any suggestions?
Our last name is rare but not ‘weird’ or able to be turned into a joke, and begins with an S.
thanks 😊

OP posts:
StarbucksSmarterSister · 15/02/2023 14:27

its still more commonly known as being a Japanese boys name

That's a totally different name which English people just happen to pronounce the same way.

WinterFoxes · 15/02/2023 14:28

Hero is fine as a name. Ignore PPs. I'd go with a longer second name:


StarbucksSmarterSister · 15/02/2023 14:29

I appreciate the greek goddess

The goddess is HerA, HerO is a totally different person.

mathanxiety · 15/02/2023 14:30

Hero Arabella
Hero Francesca
Hero Beatrix
Hero Eloise
Hero Celestina
Hero Estelle
Hero Penelope
Hero Angharad
Hero Emmeline
Hero Xanthe

VeryQuaintIrene · 15/02/2023 14:33

I think you shouldn't have any name beginning with a vowel after Hero, because it's going to sound ugly (IMO). Hero Helena is kind of wonderful and "HH" is a great nickname. (But I do think Hero in Much Ado was a total drip, so less inspiring than some other choices anyway.)

TangoBrava · 15/02/2023 14:33

StarbucksSmarterSister · 15/02/2023 14:25

OP, it's a lovely name.

This thread makes it obvious schools need to teach more Shakespeare and the classics though. 😂

Absolutely 😆

bakewellbride · 15/02/2023 14:33

What a name to live up to. If they are shy and quiet it's going to be tough. I could never saddle a child with a name like that, what if they get bullied?

jellybe · 15/02/2023 14:33

I really love Hero almost called my daughter it (I love much ado about nothing)

Hero Elizabeth would be lovely

Mamoun · 15/02/2023 14:33

Please don't call you child Hero. Think about her. Literally she will only be able to get away with it if she is absolutely stunning. Hope you have strong genetics.

Snoopystick · 15/02/2023 14:34

Hero Genevieve sounds lovely.

I do think you’ll get some people singing that Bonnie Tyler song though.

Callingtosummer · 15/02/2023 14:35

WednesdaysPlaits · 15/02/2023 14:17

It isn't unique. There are loads of boys named Hiro in Japan.

That’s Japan, in the U.K. it isn’t very common

BoldandBright · 15/02/2023 14:36

bakewellbride · 15/02/2023 14:33

What a name to live up to. If they are shy and quiet it's going to be tough. I could never saddle a child with a name like that, what if they get bullied?

Any child with any name can be bullied. My brother was bullied in school and his name was George!

OP posts:
Wisenotboring · 15/02/2023 14:39


WhoHidTheCoffee · 15/02/2023 14:40

I would pick a longer and more obviously feminine name for balance but also to give her choices when she’s older. Hopefully she’ll embrace her name, but just in case. I’d avoid anything beginning with R and I think names beginning with vowels flow well.

Hero Alexandra
Hero Elizabeth
Hero Isabelle
Hero Isolde
Hero Madeleine

DomPom47 · 15/02/2023 14:42

Eva or Aria or Arya

AGoldenNarwhal · 15/02/2023 14:44

If you are set on Hero, my advice would be to avoid vowel endings for the middle name - so not 'Hero Emily' or 'Hero Lila' for instance.

I would stick with names that end in a consonant sound. Something like 'Hero Celestine', 'Hero Adeline' or 'Hero Evelyn'. I also think 3 syllable names would sound best with Hero.

Jennylou88 · 15/02/2023 14:49

Hero Valentine
Hero Evangeline

MyDogStoodOnABee · 15/02/2023 14:49

Hero Tilly - inspired by Bonnie Tyler

bakewellbride · 15/02/2023 14:49

@BoldandBright I highly doubt he was bullied because of his name. I've worked in schools for many years and have seen many, many children struggle to carry off these big names but each to their own.

FartSock5000 · 15/02/2023 14:52

Hero Adaline
Hero Violet
Hero Lyssa/Lyssia
Hero Serafina
Hero Ariadne
Hero Cressida
Hero Tania
Hero Grace

The older, traditional or literary names seem to sound lovely on the tongue with Hero the most.

I also wouldn't pay much attention to those hating on the name choice. Not everyone wants to name their kid Ava/Olivia/Khaleesi so you stick to your guns!

ireallycantthinkofaname · 15/02/2023 14:55

You could use Hero for middle name if you are set on it. Not sure child will have a great time at school if a girl with Hero as first name tbh

stormelf · 15/02/2023 14:56

Do you have any family names you could use? My children all have unusual first names and more traditional middle names after their grandparents

I really like Hero.

Hero Penelope
Hero Hermione
Hero Imelda
Hero Venetia
Hero Alexandra

jays · 15/02/2023 14:56

WednesdaysPlaits · 15/02/2023 14:15

I prefer it with Aneeda first!


Nalaaslan · 15/02/2023 14:57


Spinninggyro · 15/02/2023 14:57

Hero was a priestess in Greek mythology.

I think it’s a lovely name. How about an unusual surname, an old fashioned name or a surname from your extended family used as a middle name.

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