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Middle name for Hero

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BoldandBright · 15/02/2023 12:40

Expecting a baby girl and we’ve decided on first name Hero. Our other children have unusual but not unheard of names with more traditional middle names but struggling to find a name that flows nicely with Hero. Our first mn pick was Emilia but gone off it a little now, any suggestions?
Our last name is rare but not ‘weird’ or able to be turned into a joke, and begins with an S.
thanks 😊

OP posts:
PeekAtYou · 15/02/2023 13:24

I'm surprised at the Hero hate when unusual names usually get the thumbs up on here.

Just had a Google and Myleene Klass' dd is Hero Harper.

I think that a name with more than 2 syllables sounds best eg Madeline, Saskia

ÉireannachÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉ · 15/02/2023 13:24


Seaweasel · 15/02/2023 13:24

I like Hero Helena with the emphasis on the second syllable of Helena (hel AYE na). Or Hero Theresa. That's nice too and no-ones called Theresa any more.

SaturdayGiraffe · 15/02/2023 13:26

Hero Tabitha
Hero Adeline
Hero Evette
Hero Vivienne
Hero Penelope

At least she’ll have her own emoji!

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams · 15/02/2023 13:27

Hero Veronica?

I think it sounds better with something longer with a few consonants.

Prettypaisleyslippers · 15/02/2023 13:27


sorry to joke but your child is going to have a lifetime of this unless she has a decent back story. Is a she a hero? Is there a back story? If not then save her from this now, call her Grace

Galadriel90 · 15/02/2023 13:27

I love it. I love the play Much Ado about Nothing though!

What about Amelia for a middle name?

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams · 15/02/2023 13:28

Hero Beatrice actually sounds quite nice, but I don't think you could get away with that!

TeenDivided · 15/02/2023 13:28

Hero is one of the main females in Much Ado About Nothing (not the Emma Thompson character, the other one, quiet and unassuming, pretends to be dead).

Exasperatednow · 15/02/2023 13:29

BurntOutGirl · 15/02/2023 13:06

Before l read the full post, l thought it was a boy's name... and a pretentious one.

Or you just don't know any Shakespeare.

Why are dome people on mumsnet so judgemental?

countrypunk · 15/02/2023 13:30

People coming on here to call the name Hero vile/disgusting when the OP has asked an entirely separate question: you're dicks.

Iwanderedlonelyasagoat · 15/02/2023 13:35

No middle name suggestions but also just to say that I love it, and it just makes think Shakespeare. Also love Viola, Portia, Hermia. It's definitely a girl's name! Round where I live noone would bat an eyelid, and a lot of people would get the reference.

Velvetbee · 15/02/2023 13:36

Love it, really beautiful.
Longer middle names seem best,
Claudia, Vivienne, Cecily, Violette..

MotherofPearl · 15/02/2023 13:37


daisychain01 · 15/02/2023 13:37

Hero Celebrations

BoldandBright · 15/02/2023 13:46

Thank you for some of the lovely comments and suggestions ❤️ Definitely got a few to consider & and those of you that think you are amateur commediennes please don’t give up your day job! I’m aware it’s a divisive name but I didn’t ask for any input beyond a mn pairing for it.

OP posts:
Talapia · 15/02/2023 13:48

Hero Victoria
Hero Rosalie
Hero Rosalind
Hero Rosina
Hero Hermia
Hero Helena (again prefer Hel ay na ).
Hero Adriana

She will look like her name. All kids do. It's not like your calling her Scrottette or anything made up.

countrypunk · 15/02/2023 13:53

Hero Rosalind is lovely.

Some more ideas:

Hero Beatrice (think a PP suggested this one too, I love it)
Hero Charlotte
Hero Evelyn
Hero Ayla
Hero Eleanor
Hero Emily
Hero Hazel
Hero Aurora
Hero Lillian
Hero Delilah
Hero Adeline

halfsiesonapotnoodle · 15/02/2023 13:54

Tamsin, Emerald, Louisa, Zoe, Saffron? Really dislike Emilia with its ugly 'mealy' sound in the middle.

BentleyRhythmAce · 15/02/2023 13:55

Hero Matilda sounds quite cool.

toomuchlaundry · 15/02/2023 13:55

Would you like to be called Hero?

YukoandHiro · 15/02/2023 13:58

Hero IS a girl's name, it's shakesperean.

Some of you really didn't need to comment here.

How about Eliza or Beatrice?

paradyning · 15/02/2023 13:58

Hero Beatrice - to keep the Much ado theme

CarolDunne · 15/02/2023 13:59


MajorCarolDanvers · 15/02/2023 14:01

Emilia is lovely

Hero is horrendous

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