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Identical Twin Girls - Eliza and ???

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SurpriseSurprise · 16/07/2022 11:45

I’m 19+5 with identical twins girls and we struggling with a name for one twin

We’ve agreed on Eliza for one, but haven’t decided on a middle name yet.

I really like Lexi, but I don’t know if I sounds like a “real” full name or if it sounds like it’s short for something. However I can’t work out what Lexi could be short for, I don’t want Alexa because of the whole Amazon thing!!!! I’m also unsure if Lexi and Eliza sound too harsh

DH has suggested we honour his late mum (who I never met) who’s name was Enid but always called Ellie. But I think having two “E” names is naff, whether it’s Enid and Eliza or Ellie and Eliza. Plus I don’t know anyone under about 70 called Enid.

So any suggestions on what could go with Eliza?!

OP posts:
FilePhoto · 16/07/2022 11:45

Angelica. Peggy.
Sorry couldn't resist!

Sashimimimi · 16/07/2022 11:47

Lexi can be short for Alexandra.

Nothingoriginalhere · 16/07/2022 11:48

I love esme but obviously that’s an e so probably not great
I am an identical twin and it’s hard enough even as an adult to get an individual identity so I definately agree with the separate names things
good luck and best wishes for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

DinosaursEatMan · 16/07/2022 11:49

Isn’t Eliza short for Elizabeth?
I think Lexi and Eliza sound good together.

berksandbeyond · 16/07/2022 11:50

You can't have Ellie and Eliza, they are separate humans

Swimswimswims · 16/07/2022 11:50

Eliza and Zara - I like the “za” that both have in common.

InconstantMoon · 16/07/2022 11:50


Cheesybiscuitsmineallmine · 16/07/2022 11:51


Dic · 16/07/2022 11:51

Eliza is beautiful and Lexi is awful!

I don't think they go together at all. It's like having an Edward and a Gary

MarianosOnHisWay · 16/07/2022 11:51

DinosaursEatMan · 16/07/2022 11:49

Isn’t Eliza short for Elizabeth?
I think Lexi and Eliza sound good together.

Alexandra and Elizabeth
Known as Lexi and Eliza or Lexi and Liza

Thethingswedoforlove · 16/07/2022 11:53

Eliza and Matilda?

RedWreck · 16/07/2022 11:53

I think Eliza & Ellie sound lovely together though.

TidyDancer · 16/07/2022 11:53

Agree with the suggestion of Alexandra and Elizabeth. Two very beautiful names that you could use the shortenings of to have Eliza and Lexi.

Cadot · 16/07/2022 11:54

Alice/ Alicia

AmberGer · 16/07/2022 11:54

Eliza and Lydia

Newpuppymummy · 16/07/2022 11:55

Evelyn or Eleanor. Rose or Ivy.

not a fan of Lexi but could be short for Alexandra or Alexis.

Enid could be a middle name.

collieresponder88 · 16/07/2022 11:56

Eliza and Erin

FuckingHateRats · 16/07/2022 11:56

Eliza and Annabel.

Dilemmaemmaaa · 16/07/2022 11:56

Awww how lovely 🥰 I think they need to match to some extent but as you say maybe not the E thing. Having either the L or Z sound in both would be nice with Zara and Eliza or lexi and Eliza

Sashimimimi · 16/07/2022 11:56

Eliza middle name - Maria, Marisa, Cassandra, Patricia, Michaela, Natalia, Tamara, Jacinta.

Eliza and - Susanna, Rowena, Natalie, Rosanna, Helena

Aerodactyl · 16/07/2022 11:57


H1Drangea · 16/07/2022 11:59

Eliza and ….
Margaret ( Meg )
Alexandra ( Lexi )

Violetandpurple · 16/07/2022 12:03

I have an Eliza
without outing myself I’ll include her siblings within this list with some other names I like ..


abblie · 16/07/2022 12:04

Eliza and Ella or Ellie

Velvettia · 16/07/2022 12:04

Eliza and Zoe - congratulations Flowers

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