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For thinking the Barbie film is shit?

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m00ngirl · 26/01/2024 23:52

Just watched it and it felt like a low brow pseudo feminism lecture (saying this as an actual feminist). All a bit cringe tbh. Not sure what the fuss is about. AIBU?

OP posts:
Dotchange · 26/01/2024 23:53

I liked it

CaramelizedToffee · 26/01/2024 23:53

It's was OK in the cinema for a fluffy watch but I wouldn't bother watching it again.

TheChosenTwo · 26/01/2024 23:54

I liked the first half but then lost interest for the rest. Mind you I only ever watch one film a year and haven’t been to the cinema in a long time before that. I don’t really have the attention span 😂

SkulkHollow · 26/01/2024 23:54

Congratulations for having an opinion different to some other people.

DancingOnMoonbeams · 26/01/2024 23:55

I didn't like it either.

Scautish · 26/01/2024 23:56

YANBU as clearly every single person who has watched it before you loved it unconditionally yet you have the intelligence and insight to point out why we are all wrong.

I bow to your superior intellect.

Tiny2018 · 26/01/2024 23:56

I loved it. Colourful, whimsical, playful.

Yes, it was a movie that portrayed female oppression and the unreasonably high expectations of women, but it also covered the emotional suffering of men due to the expectations placed upon them. A good balance I thought.

CreateHope · 26/01/2024 23:56

@Scautish 😂

hazandduck · 26/01/2024 23:57

What makes you more of an ‘actual feminist,’ than those involved in the film who wanted to bring this message to as large an audience as possible? Is there an exam we are supposed to sit to qualify as a feminist? You come across as quite snobby. I thought the film was excellent.

Cheshiresun · 26/01/2024 23:57

Thought it was well overrated. No real story line. Funny moments, but that's about it. Not Oscar worthy. Or worthy of any award in fact.

VanGoghsDog · 26/01/2024 23:58

Some people liked it, some didn't. Neither is unreasonable.

Stating you're a feminist as if that gives you more right not to like it is, to use your vernacular, "a bit cringe". And I say that as an actual feminist.

lljkk · 27/01/2024 00:10

I found it preachy & dull & struggled to finish it. I just didn't care about the characters or what happened to them. I watched it on an airplane. If it hadn't been so talked about, I think I would have only watched about half.

I strongly didn't relate to the "big speech", hard to be a woman. All those words only made sense for people who are competitive & thought they would 'win' by following those kinds of rules... & then were disappointed not to win. The rest of us... meh. Just muddling along. We never played by those rules.

The idea that power doesn't corrupt women, ha !! Ask anyone who went to a school run by nuns how true that is.

m00ngirl · 27/01/2024 00:12

@Scautish Actually laughing that you think someone saying "I think the Barbie film is a bit shit" is someone posing as "intellectual" 🤣

Maybe it's the opposite - perhaps am I missing something about the film? Barbie land is plastic fantastic, Barbies are diverse, but real world is patriarchy, men like trucks and horses and being CEOs, America Ferrera does TikTok style feminist pep talks, then it's better.

Felt cringe to me tbh.

OP posts:
FMLWTF · 27/01/2024 00:13

I enjoyed the first half then I lost interest. It seemed to lose its way and I don’t know what it was trying to say. The final scene when she’s making an appointment (don’t want to give away a spoiler) was just silly.

Margot is mesmerisingly pretty and plays the part to perfection. Ryan is very funny as Ken. There are two great songs.

gluggle · 27/01/2024 00:14

@m00ngirl if you're an actual feminist shouldn't your username be m00nwoman? Why are you infantilising yourself?

Scautish · 27/01/2024 00:15

but you didn’t just say it. You started a thread on MN about it. You needed the validation. I gave that to you. And I say that as an actual formally recognised feminist validation specialist

m00ngirl · 27/01/2024 00:15

gluggle · 27/01/2024 00:14

@m00ngirl if you're an actual feminist shouldn't your username be m00nwoman? Why are you infantilising yourself?

Let me guess... you loved the Barbie movie and love Lizzo

OP posts:
steff13 · 27/01/2024 00:18

YABU. You're legally required to like it. I hope no one logs this with the police.

gluggle · 27/01/2024 00:20

m00ngirl · 27/01/2024 00:15

Let me guess... you loved the Barbie movie and love Lizzo

I prefer French new wave cinema and folktronica

ghlily · 27/01/2024 00:24

Didn’t find it terrible, but also wasn’t terribly impressed or moved. The film definitely wasn’t Oscar worthy though, so don’t understand what THAT fuss is all about .

catscalledbeanz · 27/01/2024 00:24

I loved it. I also love most chic flix. Many mindless action films. And I am still a feminist. A real one I'm perfectly sure. Barbie deserves nomination singularly because it's created more discourse, controversy and discussion than any other movie this year. Like it or not in the midst of a strike it shouldered Hollywood alone. It has had a cultural impact. You might have always been feminist but the young haven't- this film may have inspired the next generation into feminism. IMO it's not a film that will endure and be considered great but in the year it was released, in the circumstances it's impact was huge.

TooOldForThisNonsense · 27/01/2024 00:26

I thought it was decent enough but I can see it might not be everyone’s cup of tea

AncientBallerina · 27/01/2024 00:27

The best thing about Barbie was Ken.
It was enjoyable enough but all the tick box so called feminism and diversity was tedious.
Now Poor Things on the other hand…

OzziePopPop · 27/01/2024 00:28

I agree. DD and I went when it was first at the cinema (she was 16). I was totally underwhelmed and I’d gone all out, full pink T-shirts the lot, DD even dyed her hair pink! We really wanted to love it, just didn’t. It felt fake and still rather male centric tbh

EdinGirl · 27/01/2024 00:29

I think anything that is empowering to women and women's voices is great.

ESPECIALLY something that opens up the conversation for a wide audience who maybe wouldn't typically have these talks.

It was a way for mothers to talk to teen girls and also for people to mix in quite serious topics amongst the movie promotion.

Amongst all the films with no moral value or insight or care towards women, I am pretty grateful for things that make the cause more mainstream.

(Also an "actual" feminist)

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