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No idea where this should go but ....

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capabilityfrowns · 22/01/2024 22:37

Aibu to think Chris Packham is just the most lovely human being , he's had laws enforced on killing birds for no reason , he's open about his Aspergers, he's a force for good in respect of all nature and I absolutely think he's fabulous. He's taken high court action against libel and won , he's just a lovely soul , a force for good in a world that cares very little for nature . I think he might be my hero . The dinner party guest is want to chat to .
I loved his earth series . It was exceptional.
And .....lastly
Animal experimentation is never going to work because they aren't human . I say this as a chronically ill person.

I love his passion in protecting animals from human harm while allowing them to be animals , predation , I love
Watching him on winter watch and spring watch and I genuinely think he deserves some recognition for his work .

He just seems to be an all round top
Bloke . Good on him .

No idea where this should go but ....
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capabilityfrowns · 23/01/2024 23:47

My colleagues response was "oh deer "
Yes deer not dear .
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry to be honest.

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