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To refuse to take DD to the cinema to see this film

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DinosaursCanDance · 26/11/2022 16:50

Because I don’t want to see it. DD is absolutely dying to see the new Matilda the Musical film but none of her friends also want to see and she doesn’t want to go alone so she’s begging me to go with her but I don’t really want to see the film to be honest. DD is 16. I know why she really wants to see it, because years ago she played Matilda in the west end musical show.

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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MrsMariaReynolds · 26/11/2022 18:02

Hintofreality · 26/11/2022 16:54

Are you secretly seething that she only go to play Matilda on The West End and not in the film adaptation, is that why you don’t want to go?

Lol! Bingo.

Have to say, this is one of the craftier blatant boasts I've read in a long time on MN.

Children don't just end up as a lead in a West End show without an over-invested stage mum right behind them. Don't tell me you don't like musicals...


DinosaursCanDance · 26/11/2022 18:03

Like I say it’s booked for tonight now

OP posts:

KaleToChristmas · 26/11/2022 18:04

Soonenough · 26/11/2022 17:19

I sat through fecking Care Bear movies for my kids. This is really not a hardship for you . Go , get the luxury seats , make it a date night with your teenage daughter . You won't regret it .

@Soonenough was this in the 80s? My mum took me when I was about 5 and still seems to be traumatised now! I LOVED the Care Bears. Was it that bad?!


PinkiOcelot · 26/11/2022 18:05



Lulu1919 · 26/11/2022 18:06

Me and my daughters are going on Wednesday
They are both married...28 and 29 years old
I can't wait lol


itsgettingweird · 26/11/2022 18:06

Beanbagtrap · 26/11/2022 16:56

It's such a pain when this happens. My DD wanted to watch The Crown because she used to be Kate Middleton.

Tbf I really wanted to watch just 2 episodes of the crown - because a family member was in it.

Since were stealth bragging Grin

OP just take her. You have a few years left of her being a child and she wants you to go.


shouldigoout · 26/11/2022 18:07

I'm taking two sixteen year olds and a seventeen year old and an 18 year old!
take her!


Gwenhwyfar · 26/11/2022 18:08

KatherineJaneway · 26/11/2022 16:55

At 16 she should go by herself. Good practice for her to go out to an event on her own if no one else wants to go.

Maybe there isn't public transport there. Maybe OP is just a lift really!


Discoh · 26/11/2022 18:08

KaleToChristmas · 26/11/2022 18:04

@Soonenough was this in the 80s? My mum took me when I was about 5 and still seems to be traumatised now! I LOVED the Care Bears. Was it that bad?!

Haha, my mum took me in the 80s too and she's mentioned over the years how awful the film was!


BonjourPetitPois · 26/11/2022 18:08

Go! I took kids to see it yesterday (teacher training day) and we all enjoyed it. And there were several groups of adults in there watching without kids.


NicLondon1 · 26/11/2022 18:10

I'm sorry but you sound like an absolute misery guts!!! What an amazing achievement for her to star in that award-winning musical, you could both reminisce together. Why would you want to take that joy away from her?!
Not least that it is bloody brilliant, for kids and adults alike, it's had 5 star reviews!


SofaLofa2022 · 26/11/2022 18:10

Stealth boast 🚨


FuckoffeeBeforeCoffee · 26/11/2022 18:13

I really disliked the west end version of Matilda. It had none of the charm of the film. Such a disappointment.


PlasticTatMNBingo · 26/11/2022 18:16

DinosaursCanDance · 26/11/2022 18:03

Like I say it’s booked for tonight now

Good to see you've put your jealousy aside for the evening.

Anything else you want to boast about whilst we're all here?


SilverCatStripes · 26/11/2022 18:19

Hahaha yes love the stealth boast.

I can beat it.

A number of my friends worked on the film.


pigsDOfly · 26/11/2022 18:20

cinnabongene · 26/11/2022 17:28

Is this just a stealth boast dressed up as a really inconsequential problem? Just take her

Of course it is.

Do you honestly think that the OP would have bothered posting this without the little boast in the last sentence; that is if it's true.

What sort of parent won't go to the cinema with their child, of whatever age.

Surely, we've all spent numerous hours in cinemas watching films we wouldn't have gone to in a million years if our children hadn't wanted to see them.


diddl · 26/11/2022 18:22

I must have had weird teens.

We spent time together.

No way would I have felt the need to sit through this to have time with them!


Lerk · 26/11/2022 18:26

Literally everyone’s child has been on the West End, you’re not impressing us. I’m very tired of watching Mary Poppins but we do it every Christmas live-streamed with all the old cast…


Wombatbum · 26/11/2022 18:27

My dd is 16 too and she wants to go. Not sure whether she wants to go with me or not but I’d go just for Stephen Graham (guilty crush 🥰😂)


AllOfThemWitches · 26/11/2022 18:28

I had to watch Lyle, Lyle Crocodile recently.


HeBeaverandSheBeaver · 26/11/2022 18:28

Blimey if my dd wanted to do an actual thing with me I'd jump at the chance. She will shop eat get coffee but that's my lot mostly at 17


penni00 · 26/11/2022 18:30

I am not a cinema fan for several reasons. I love films but like to watch from my sofa. However, when my son was young, he really wanted to see Thunderbirds. I went very reluctantly, lol, but it was a sacrifice I felt I should make. Amazingly, it was a great experience sitting with my son and 'feeling' his enjoyment. Plus, confession............I really enjoyed the film myself. So if I were you I would go with her. Time spent with your children is very precious.


abblie · 26/11/2022 18:30

If my dd aged 13 asked me to go to cinema I would be away no questions asked ! Take her ffs


CoffeeThisInstant · 26/11/2022 18:36

I saw the stage show shortly before Covid hit. Loved it.
You might be surprised OP and really enjoy it.


FixItUpChappie · 26/11/2022 18:37

Your 16-year-old DD WANTS to do something with you??? Do it! Run, do not walk!


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