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To refuse to take DD to the cinema to see this film

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DinosaursCanDance · 26/11/2022 16:50

Because I don’t want to see it. DD is absolutely dying to see the new Matilda the Musical film but none of her friends also want to see and she doesn’t want to go alone so she’s begging me to go with her but I don’t really want to see the film to be honest. DD is 16. I know why she really wants to see it, because years ago she played Matilda in the west end musical show.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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MissBattleaxe · 26/11/2022 17:35

I love seeing films with the kids. You can have a great little nap with nobody noticing and they've had ice cream and an afternoon with (dozing) Mum. Since she was in the musical, I think it would be really special to take her. It's an important memory for her and you should share it. And add a Nando's afterwards. If my 16 year old asked me to go to the cinema I'd think he was having me on. Grab it!


Evasmissingletter · 26/11/2022 17:35

Every opportunity to spend time with your teen is a gift…. Enjoy it.


StillMedusa · 26/11/2022 17:37

I'm going with my DS2. He's 25 Grin
We both love musicals and we are both huge Tim Minchin fans... so of course we are going. DH will probably come too!
Can't wait!


antelopevalley · 26/11/2022 17:37

@MissBattleaxe I have teenagers. Getting enough sleep is no longer an issue. I wouldn't nap in a cinema now.


PortalooSunset · 26/11/2022 17:38

I have such fond memories of going to the cinema/theatre with my mum when I was that age. I'm sure I dragged her to some shite she'd rather not have seen, and vice versa tbh. But it was great just spending that one on one time with her.

Glad to see your updates that you're going. Hope you enjoy it after all.


Wetblanket78 · 26/11/2022 17:40

Just go and be thankful she wants to do something with you. Most NT teens don't want to be seen in public with they're mum.


awakenme · 26/11/2022 17:43

Beanbagtrap · 26/11/2022 16:56

It's such a pain when this happens. My DD wanted to watch The Crown because she used to be Kate Middleton.


Saracen · 26/11/2022 17:43

LOL this must be the first time I've bucked the trend to say nah, why bother. Usually it's the other way round because I am hot on parents making time for their kids!

There must be lots of things you could do together instead which you'd both enjoy. (...if that isn't the case, then I guess you should take her to this film after all, and work hard to bond with her!) Why waste the price of a ticket and a couple of hours of your life? She can keep asking other friends and relatives until she finds someone who wants to go see this. Or go by herself, then the two of you go to a cafe afterward?

I love doing things with my 16yo, but we do stuff we both like. There's usually someone else she can go with. It isn't much fun going with someone who doesn't want to be there anyway. If it isn't something I want to do, I'll only agree if it's practically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


wildpeaches · 26/11/2022 17:46

Why would you not go? Weird.


Helpmephrasethis · 26/11/2022 17:48

ExtraOnions · 26/11/2022 16:53

1… I think it’s odd that you wouldn’t want to go to the cinema with your DD

2… find it odder that you came on here to humble brag



Algor1thm · 26/11/2022 17:49

I don't really want to spend my Saturday at soft play tbh, but that's what I did today...

If you don't go with her, she will remember it forever. Trust me.


paulaparticles · 26/11/2022 17:51

Is this for real 😳 So tell strangers on the Internet you don't want to go 🙄


paulaparticles · 26/11/2022 17:52

Just don't go then 🤷


JaniceBattersby · 26/11/2022 17:52

Didn’t you post here at the time she was in the role OP, complaining about some aspect of it, but it was so identifiable it had to be removed?


AnyRandomName · 26/11/2022 17:53

Glad you're going, hope you manage to have a good time.

I saw it today with my DC. I was a bit meh, but towards the end found it very moving and on balance it was enjoyable. I enjoyed spending time with the DCs as much as the film itself


CatkinToadflax · 26/11/2022 17:54

Love the humblebrag! Grin


DWMoosmum · 26/11/2022 17:55

Put in perspective. You have your daughter wanting to spend time with you, be grateful, some aren't so lucky sadly.


Discoh · 26/11/2022 17:56

What an utter load of bollocks. If somebody's child had played the lead in a West end musical and then a film version was made, you'd be wetting your knickers to watch it!


viques · 26/11/2022 17:56

DinosaursCanDance · 26/11/2022 16:55

I’m worried it’ll be full of kids as well, the cinema I mean

Then go to a midweek evening showing rather than a weekend matinee.


Cruisebabe1 · 26/11/2022 17:56

DinosaursCanDance · 26/11/2022 16:55

I’m worried it’ll be full of kids as well, the cinema I mean

???? Yes probably🙄


TheProblemIsMe · 26/11/2022 17:56

Take her, she's 16 once. You can have a little sleep or a personal session with a packet of minstrels.


Cruisebabe1 · 26/11/2022 17:57

CatkinToadflax · 26/11/2022 17:54

Love the humblebrag! Grin



balalake · 26/11/2022 17:57

I think you should go. You can at least compare it with the show she was in.


emma1103 · 26/11/2022 17:57

I do loads of things I don't want to do, but I do them for my daughter.


Jourdain11 · 26/11/2022 18:02

My daughter wants to go to this because she is Matilda 😃

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