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... to be baffled why so many people stand up on public transport?

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ImJustMadAboutSaffron · 16/10/2022 10:48

When there are several seats available? It's mainly younger people and teenagers. I'm hardly old myself only 42 but I think it's weird.

Nothing to do with covid, been happening for years.

Is it uncool to sit down?

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HighlandPony · 16/10/2022 10:49

get fat if you sit too long. That was always why when I was young

Soubriquet · 16/10/2022 10:50

Maybe they sit all day at work and actually want to stand up for a change?

SlipperyLizard · 16/10/2022 10:51

I usually stand on the tube when I’m in London (don’t live there) as I’m always slightly anxious that if I sit down it will get busy & I’ll struggle to get off at my stop. Bit silly really, as I don’t do that on trains.

PriamFarrl · 16/10/2022 10:52

I’ll stand if I’m only going a few stops. Also it leaves the seats free.

Brendabigbaps · 16/10/2022 10:52

When you’ve seen people poo and pee on a bus seat you tend to stand up on all public transport!

StarlightLady · 16/10/2022 10:52

I prefer to stand if a lot but not all seats are taken. Often it's too much in my personal space and I always seem to pick someone who smells!

Pinkflipflop85 · 16/10/2022 10:53

I feel claustrophobic/trapped if I sit down on public transport.

CuriousCatfish · 16/10/2022 10:53

Drives me nuts, especially when they block the aisle when you want to get off and you can't get to the tap off machine. Which is on a pole near the door on our buses.

Bloodybridget · 16/10/2022 10:54

It's a real nuisance on buses when there are loads of empty seats on the upper deck but downstairs people are sitting on the outer seats, or standing, blocking stairs and exits.

gannett · 16/10/2022 10:55

If I've been sitting down for a while beforehand. If I've only got a few stops to go, sitting doesn't seem worth it. I'd also rather keep the seats free for those who need it (if I sit down I tend to zone out and don't notice other people who might need it).

TigerRag · 16/10/2022 10:55

I've only stood up,once when there were seats - because I had a problem with my back and sitting was more painful than standing.

But yes I don't get it either - they're usually stood in the way.

LovedFedAndNoonesDead · 16/10/2022 10:56

Old arthritic knees and low seats on tube trains don’t mix well so, if I’m on the tube, I stand. Bus seats aren’t so bad but still easier to stand than struggle getting up!!

sashagabadon · 16/10/2022 10:56

Short journey and can’t be bothered with hassle of getting past loads of people to get off.
I often just stand by the door I will get out off at my tube stop as it’s nearest the exit, I can get through the barriers first and away quickest! For a lot of my regular journeys on the tube I know exactly which carriage to get and exactly where to stand on platform and then said carriage to get off and out of whatever train station first! Sad I know but every little helps on the morning and evening commute 😂

Iwanttoholdyourham · 16/10/2022 10:56

Younger people are the first to be expected to give up their seats if someone gets on who needs it more. Maybe they find it easier just not to sit down in the first place.

EmmaH2022 · 16/10/2022 10:59

Soubriquet · 16/10/2022 10:50

Maybe they sit all day at work and actually want to stand up for a change?

That's me.

as a teen I did essay subjects so a lot of sitting for school and homework.

plus I can get away fast. That said, there is often a muppet standing right in the doorway when there's loads of space, and they look annoyed when people squeeze past to get out.

torthecatlady · 16/10/2022 10:59

I sit all day at work, so I like to stand. When I'm visiting London on the tube I'll stand unless there's lots of empty seats, saves getting comfy and then getting up to offer my seat to someone older, pregnant or with kids.

sashagabadon · 16/10/2022 11:00

I also know which carriages to avoid on a few different lines as they will be packed as half the train gets on and off these carriages at particularly busy stations but two carriages down it’ll be half empty! That’s from 50 years of tube travelling 😁

Oogledoogle · 16/10/2022 11:01

Short journey, no point sitting down. Want to be with friends and all the seats are spread out. Know they'll have to be the first to give up the seat so no point. Have lots of bags they don't want to squeeze in and out of the seats, easier to stand next to them. Loads of reasons.

CheezePleeze · 16/10/2022 11:01

I'm in my mid fifties and it's never occurred to me to sit down unless I'm tired, or going on a long journey.

SpinningFloppa · 16/10/2022 11:01

I don’t like sitting next to people I don’t know so I choose to stand.

JamSandle · 16/10/2022 11:04

I used to stand because I was sick of sitting at work all day.

I also imagine some people are aware of who they might sit next to/getting off easier if you're standing and need to jump off for any reason.

Malfi · 16/10/2022 11:05

I always stand if only going a few stops. It’s hardly worth going to find a seat. It’s also quicker to get off. I am in my mid-50s. Leave the seats for those who might really need them.

MintJulia · 16/10/2022 11:05

If I've been sitting at a desk all day, the last thing I want to do is sit down. I need to stretch.

MinervaTerrathorn · 16/10/2022 11:09

If I'm travelling less than 15 minutes or so I will stand. Or if it's crowded I'll stand longer. I feel uncomfortable sitting that close to strangers and I don't like to get trapped in on short journeys.

CoolAngelica · 16/10/2022 11:14

A short journey it’s not worth the bother scrambling for a seat.

It frees up a seat for someone who needs it more than me.

It I’ve been sat at a desk all day it’s nice to have a stretch

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