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... to be baffled why so many people stand up on public transport?

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ImJustMadAboutSaffron · 16/10/2022 10:48

When there are several seats available? It's mainly younger people and teenagers. I'm hardly old myself only 42 but I think it's weird.

Nothing to do with covid, been happening for years.

Is it uncool to sit down?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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ChardonnaysBeastlyCat · 16/10/2022 11:15

I don’t mind standing.

mondaytosunday · 16/10/2022 11:18

I might stand as it's just easier. I even stood when pregnant. If it's a ling rude and I've got choice of seats I might sit though, but there are only certain seats I like.

Icannoteven · 16/10/2022 11:18

This reminds me of the time I was riding the bus while heavily pregnant. I had to stand up because the damn baby had gotten into some sort of awful elongated position where a large part of its body was jammed up under my ribs. Couldn't have bent my body to sit if I wanted to. Unfortunately, every person on that bus was insistent that I sit down and take their seat. It was a battle 🤣

Sometimes people are just more comfy standing.

Ifailed · 16/10/2022 11:19

Always stand on the tube, at the front of the carriage next to the interconnecting door. Can get a bit of fresh air and less likely to have people push past you.

SixChancellorsInAMoneyTree · 16/10/2022 11:21

I often stand if it’s looking busy on the bus. It’s because I know the minute I sit down an older person or struggling parent with toddler will get on and I’ll have to get up anyway.

On the tube I stand if I’m only going a few stops. No point sitting unless I’m going to bed in and get comfy Grin.

ImJustMadAboutSaffron · 16/10/2022 11:23

Brendabigbaps · 16/10/2022 10:52

When you’ve seen people poo and pee on a bus seat you tend to stand up on all public transport!

Ha ha ha!!

OP posts:
SpinningFloppa · 16/10/2022 11:25

Brendabigbaps · 16/10/2022 10:52

When you’ve seen people poo and pee on a bus seat you tend to stand up on all public transport!

I sat down on a seat the other day that was wet 🤢

MrsLargeEmbodied · 16/10/2022 11:25

it depends if you are going to have to fight to get off

dudsville · 16/10/2022 11:26

I'm sedentary, standing when i can is just about all the exercise i get!

ShinyMe · 16/10/2022 11:27

Maybe they're the same people who won't sit on a bed in their outdoor clothes, or walk through the house with their outdoor shoes on.

dudsville · 16/10/2022 11:27

I also enjoy the challenge of keeping my balance without holding on (because my life is a little dull!) And i quietly and others doing the same!

RascafríaMom · 16/10/2022 11:29

I often stand if I know a lot of people will likely be getting on soon because I want to keep seats open for those who are more likely to need them, including people with mobility issues, seniors, pregnant women and parents with children.

In some cases, i also find it more convenient than sitting if i am only on for two or three stops.

Chocchops72 · 16/10/2022 11:30

YANBU. My elderly FIL and MIL used to do it on the metro when they came to visit us: they were already a bit wobbly on their pins and got in the way of anyone trying to get on / off. Sitting down seemed to be too indulgent / lazy / might sit beside someone odd.

I always, always sit down whenever I can. A friend's husband was standing on a bus when the driver slammed the brakes on and he was thrown forward / to the ground. His right arm was broken in 3 places, including very near his shoulder. joint. He has basically lost the use of that arm for good, despite surgery, and is in constant pain. It has devastated him, he can't work or drive or pick up his child and he's so angry about it. Such a small decision yet it has had such huge consequences.

Fastandlupine · 16/10/2022 11:31

I've never seen anyone poo or wee on a bus seat

NeverDropYourMooncup · 16/10/2022 11:32

I've missed stops because after I've sat down, it seems like about ten million people have got on and completely blocked the aisle and door - and on tubes, I prefer to be near the tiny bit of airflow in the first place, rather than the suffocating, smelly middle.

There's also the thing on buses that if there are seats upstairs, that's nice, but if my lower back is hurting and it's a well known bumpy stretch/the drivers tend to go full speed, I could be sent flying when trying to get back down. And if you're upstairs, the drivers don't always pay attention to the bell and go past your stop if they can't see you by the door - one did that to me last Friday because I hadn't come down the stairs quickly enough.

Much easier to stand downstairs in those circumstances.

Zosime · 16/10/2022 11:33

It frees up a seat for someone who needs it more than me.

If you're standing on a bus, you're blocking the aisle, and no-one can get to the seats you're leaving vacant.

3totheright4totheleft · 16/10/2022 11:35

It's fine not to sit down.
It's not fine to stand in front of a seat and be oblivious to anyone else who might want to sit.

Fastandlupine · 16/10/2022 11:35

You stand aside, buses are designed for people to stand

transformandriseup · 16/10/2022 11:36

Unless I have had a long walk to catch the bus I prefer to stand as I sit down all day for work.

WeepingSomnambulist · 16/10/2022 11:38

I just like standing.
I remember with my 2nd pregnancy that sitting down was actually really painful. The way the baby was sitting made it feel like my lungs were being shoved upwards when I sat down. I hated it. So I always stood, and had so many "arguments" with people offering their seat. Lovely of them, but after I'd said no thank you twice, and they kept telling me they were happy to give up their seat, it just got annoying.

megletthesecond · 16/10/2022 11:39

It saves time.

Fastandlupine · 16/10/2022 11:40

Standing and not holding on is also good for your balance as you get older


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MrsLargeEmbodied · 16/10/2022 11:42

i used to have to get off at Mornington Crescent - i would be the ONLY one,
so it was an actual fight to get off

same with Euston, people would fight to get on before you had got off, i have seen people swept back on

lannistunut · 16/10/2022 11:43

I sometimes stand when I feel like it.

HouseBook · 16/10/2022 11:43

So many times in London young men standing around the bottom of the stairs so you have to squeeze past them to get to the lower deck seat. I am autistic, have anxiety, selective mutism alongside physical but hidden disabilities and I don't want to be rubbing my size 22/24 body over people to get to a seat. How about stand out of the way? I get so stressed when the people behind me are telling me to move but these men just stand there. They often go upstairs if the driver shouts to move up the bus, so why be so rude in the first place.

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