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To not want this woman on my street "helping" with my bins every week?

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LittleBoPeepHasLostHerShit · 29/09/2022 13:38

A woman on my street (about 5 doors away - don't know her name, she doesn't even say hello if she sees me) rushes out to put all the neighbours' bins back after the binmen have been. (Not sure how many other houses she does but it's not just mine.) I don't like it because she goes into my drive to do it and she can see into my house through the window. It just feels unnecessary and intrusive. I'm guessing she wants to be helpful and clear the pavement for others and thinks we are all to slow putting them back. Would it be ungracious to pop out and tell her thanks but there's no need?

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Wetblanket78 · 13/02/2023 19:40

I wouldn't have a problem with this. If someone had taken your bin and you had to wait 6 weeks for another one like I had to once I'm sure you wouldn't either. We now have to pay for our bins. If people have gone to work before the binmen have been. There's a chance it will be taken.

BTMadmummy · 13/02/2023 20:02

Send her over to me. I hate bringing the bins in. She could also put them out if she wants.

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