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To the woman with the crazy dog at Holly Hill..

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Butterfly94 · 24/09/2022 14:43

There were signs everywhere telling you to keep your dog on a lead. Me and my daughters (3 and 1 year old) were trying to enjoy exploring the dens when your dog came pelting towards us and jumped in our faces. They were terrified, and we were cornered by him and all I could do was grab them close to me. My husband then had to get him away from us, as you didn't seem too bothered about controlling him. No apology, nothing except having a go at my husband for shouting at your dog. If you can't control your animal, don't have one, and definitely don't let them off the lead. I'm sick of having to fend off dogs from my kids who are scared of them and never want to have them in their face, 'friendly' or otherwise. Rant over!

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Am I being unreasonable?

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MrsSkylerWhite · 24/09/2022 17:47

DownToTheSeaAgain · Today 15:26
Most dog owners are blind to the faults of their dogs and cannot believe that anyone could be scared by their behaviour.

It is similar to parents not believing that their children can do any wrong.”

This. Both groups are equally twatty.

hattie43 · 24/09/2022 17:48

Butterfly94 · 24/09/2022 14:54

It jumped up at my daughters, not sure what it was trying to do, but it was barking. I just needed an anonymous rant, I feel like this sort of thing happens all the time! I just want to enjoy going out without dogs scaring my children!

Your children need to get used to dogs so don't teach them to be scared .

rockyg · 24/09/2022 17:48

Some folk are so dramatic. Dog probably just ran in their direction then loitering about till the owner got to him. I dont for one second believe it "cornered" you in an aggressive manner! Get a life, or maybe a personal diary to jot your feelings down !

Have you taken your own advice? Because honestly how a stranger reacts to something else shouldn't make you so upset...

itsgettingweird · 24/09/2022 17:49

An ok bellac makes sense now. I was thinking I haven't defended anyone so couldn't have been made a Mn bingo winner for the usual phrases.

Sorry for ruining your reply BlushGrin

MoonahSton · 24/09/2022 17:51


Post pass agg shite like this on your local Facebook page.

Quirrelsotherface · 24/09/2022 17:51

You sound like a Very. Angry. Lady.

Boomboom22 · 24/09/2022 17:53

You should have got pictures if possible and report to the dog warden and police. She might get a fine. A lot of dog owners are crazy and don't understand it's an animal not a child.

rockyg · 24/09/2022 17:54

You sound like a Very. Angry. Lady.

Stop press, we have use of capitals & full stops!!! The OP has now really been put in her place! 😆

deedledeedledum · 24/09/2022 18:07

HamiltonFan1 · 24/09/2022 15:01


Why the fuck do you think this woman would see this?

It's MN not your local FB page

Why are so so aggressive?

deviatedseptum · 24/09/2022 18:10
  1. Get a dog and teach your babies not to hate animals

  1. Get a life and say it to their face next time.
Caroffee · 24/09/2022 19:56

Hopeandlove · 24/09/2022 15:09

Can I also rant about screaming children running up to my working labs on a lead and shouting nice doggie and bashing them on the head. Works both ways.

photo and you local fb is the way to go

dogs must always be under control

Yep. People should control their kids but many don't.

SoupDragon · 24/09/2022 20:03

Caroffee · 24/09/2022 19:56

Yep. People should control their kids but many don't.

Classic Whataboutery

SammyScrounge · 24/09/2022 20:36

Eyerollrsi · 24/09/2022 15:13

Dog owners should do their best to keep their dogs under control, although dogs do have a mind of their own.

On the other hand it's really sad that your children are probably scared because of your overreaction around dogs.

Her children are scared of uncontrolled excitable dogs. The dogs should be on a leash and behaving themselves. Haven't you seen pictures of children scarred and
mutilated by dogs? It's an awful sight and it's caused by stupid people who think their animals have the right to run wild.

deviatedseptum · 24/09/2022 23:10

Agree dogs should be kept on leashes. Or in this case, a very large fire breathing dragon. Pets and children are only appealing to people who either like them or want to eat/hurt them. In many cases, your over precious child talking at the top of its voice, or a jolly, bounding, out of control dig, are just fucking irritating and are of zero interest to others.

Thistleinthenight · 24/09/2022 23:16

Op I'm sorry that during the early part of your post, it was jumped on by the worst sorts of people on Mumsnet, the aggressive unpleasant and unsupportive types. They don't represent most people, but they are usually quick to a thread.

UWhatNow · 24/09/2022 23:17

The victim blaming in this thread… dogs and dog owners can whatever they like it seems 🙄

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