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Extremely worried- received a really weird message

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weirdwhatsapp · 20/09/2022 17:28

So basically, I received a harmless message on WhatsApp from a stranger and replied, it was typical chat at the start (sorry you’ve got the wrong number, oops I’m so sorry hope I haven’t disturbed you etc etc, no worries it’s easily done. That sort of thing) after those messages it got freaky. I don’t really know how to explain it because the messages werent threatening or anything but it’s definitely made me feel so uneasy and worried about it. I’ve stopped replying and I’m about to block the number (on WhatsApp and on my phone itself), but I’ve just got myself a bit freaked out (probably about nothing, but I’m the kind of person that worries easily!)

if this is a virus/scammer/bot- can they do anything about the fact ive replied to their messages? Can they hack me or my network or get access to anything purely from WhatsApp replies alone? Obviously I know not to press any links or download anything but wasn’t sure if me replying to the messages was dangerous in anyway.

thanks x

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Sirius3030 · 20/09/2022 21:46

Just delete and block. So very very easy…. Just do it. End of.

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream · 20/09/2022 21:47

I think I'm definitely old enough to be your mum too OP. But I bet I'd be a nice mum Wink

JMJ89 · 20/09/2022 21:49

You’ve had some very nasty comments here, it’s horrible to see. I can understand why you replied.. and quite frankly that has nothing to do with your question and is irrelevant. I can also see why you’d be freaked out, I would be even without your past. It does sound like English is their second language. Block them or call them from somebody else’s phone and see who picks up x

JMJ89 · 20/09/2022 21:54

My god woman, have a break. You’ve no idea what she has been through. Stop belittling her.

stillherenow · 20/09/2022 22:00

op I do social media moderation and this form of words is very common x

Opaljewel · 20/09/2022 22:03

If it's anything op, some people on here aren't satisfied until they've stuck the knife in. Some people wouldn't know empathy if it jumped up in front of them.

I understand why you're afraid and came on here to help seek out what was happening. It must have been terrifying for you what happened with your dad.

Whatthechicken · 20/09/2022 22:06

I can’t find the original message, but no @Tsort this is not OP’s problem. She did not ask for this contact. She has simply been the receiver of this unsolicited contact. It’s not her issue, or her cause. It’s not her ‘unhealthy behaviour’ that has caused this - it’s likely a bloke being a dick for whatever reason… stop blaming women! If this hadn’t have happened OP would have no doubt been watching Netflix unaffected. As it is, a bloke has messaged her (uninvited) and triggered a few things. This bloke had no right to message her. And certainly no need to carry it on, if it was a mistake. OP is right to feel uneasy and question it - because it’s not normal behaviour on the blokes part. She had explained why she needs to know more and didn’t block instantly. This is his problem, not hers, she owes him shit all, and if it makes her feel unsafe, then she should escalate to the police.

TheNoodlesIncident · 20/09/2022 22:15

I know it's a faff to do OP but would you feel more at ease if you changed your phone number? Then your father wouldn't be able to contact you via the phone at all and you could relax a bit more?

I used to get nuisance phone calls on my landline and BT changed the number for me (I think this was during the previous century...). It's irritating to have to do but might be worth it for more peace of mind.

ladydimitrescu · 20/09/2022 22:48

I completely get it. I don't think anyone can unless it's happened to you. I was stalked by a clients son, and it was terrifying. He found my address, he kept finding ways to contact me and still does. I use social media as I run my own business which relies heavily on socials, but under a false name. It's been 6 years since I involved police, 4 years since he last attempted contact.
To date, I have had my accounts hacked 3 times, have had my address (old) and numbers advertised as me being a prostitute, accounts hacked and changed to make me an escort. I have over 50 accounts blocked of his.
So I know the fear of an unknown message, it's not rational fear, but I understand op. I have got to the stage now after 4 years silence, that I'm not scared as such, as I feel in control of the situation more. I know though that If he messaged tomorrow id fall apart, even though he doesn't know where I am, and is no threat to me as such. A hand hold from me, pm me if you ever want to talk Flowers

Marmite17 · 20/09/2022 23:24

Completely get it. Happened to me twice on WhatsApp. The first time just said wrong number. More recently had a message from Cameroon with a link. Blocked number.
Also a spate of dodgy emails. Moved to junk without opening. Think there may have been a recent data breach. Posted on a public Facebook page, now twitchy tbh. Have highest security settings but one dodgy mail supposedly was from a friend's acquaintance.
Others fake delivery info but with links in title so very careful not to open them.

Crumpleton · 20/09/2022 23:40

I get these, first up they send me cold as like you I'm a worried.
Then when I've had time to compose myself I realise they're just chancers who take pot luck in hitting the jackpot with someone that may be vulnerable.
It becomes obvious that they're working towards getting my bank details.

kateandme · 21/09/2022 00:32

Very popular scam at the moment op.
do not engage.
it has been featured on the radio.
money TikTok bloke kept the convo’s really stupidly predictable.
in the end a young Chinese girl even showed up to him when he asked for video call.
the scammers are getting vulnerable girls to front the pictures and videos,often victims themselves.although sometime the perpetrators and looking for money.
min the end it always comes down to gaining your details.
I no you’ve had it so tough. You are so brave to face day to day life without being triggered by the slightest things!that takes so much grit. Be proud of yourself for that.many people couldn’t live a functioning life after what you’ve been through.
healing takes time. Don’t wish in your pp to be better at it or berate yourself for not being well yet.trauma re wires the brain functions.keep going over and over to show it your re wire those trauma responses.
what happened to you was horrific. Your safe now.focus on that.right this minute,not what ifs or fear of a future threat.right now your safe.

mathanxiety · 21/09/2022 02:54


I totally get that you are suffering from the effects of what is best called a domestic terror campaign.

My exH told my DCs that he could track their whereabouts using a tracker app on their phones, which he had given them. One DC in particular never got over that. It was part of a bigger picture of course, as is all stalking. There's a special place in hell for people who do this to others.

Are you in treatment for cPTSD?

Practical steps you can take with your phone:
It's a pain in the arse, but can you change your number?
Take down any identifying photos from your WhatsApp.
Don't replace it with photos of cats, puppies, flowers, etc. Choose a football club you have no link to and use their logo.

Aria999 · 21/09/2022 03:11

I have had a couple of these recently. I say 'sorry wrong number' and the other person seems to want to start a conversation, at that point I just block them,

It's not just you! Who knows what they want, best not to find out.

I found this on google:

How the Whatsapp Wrong Number Scam Works
A random telephone number(a stranger) will add potential victims to their WhatsApp contacts. The scammers' aim is for potential victims to respond by saying "Wrong Number," "Who are you," or "Where did you get my number from?". If potential victims respond, the stranger ignoring their question, apologize and ask if they can be friends. Usually, potential victims will receive a few compliments and some photos of some girl who appears to be a scantily clad blonde woman.
If potential victims continue to engage with the stranger, who is really an automated chatbot, not a real person, it will try to trick them into registering for dating, adult, or forex trading websites. This so-call new “friend” may also encourage potential victims to sign up for a specific website to see more explicit photos, which may involve offering up your credit card number. Considering the dubious nature of this scam, if you hand over your credit card information at any point, you could be putting yourself at risk for fraudulent charges and identity theft.
How to avoid the Whatsapp Wrong Number Scam
Ignore texts from strangers. Strangers on the internet can pretend to be anyone. Question motives behind both solicited and unsolicited messages. If you receive a text from someone you don’t know, simply don’t reply. It’s the safest route. If you engage with a scammer, even briefly, they will mark your number as active and you could receive even more shady texts in the future.
Block numbers that appear to come from scammers. Unsolicited messages that look like they come from a chatbot that asks you to click on suspicious links are probably not safe. Block these numbers to prevent scammers from contacting you through them again.
Never give your personal information to strangers. Never share your credit card or banking information, your full name, home address, or social security number with someone you never met in person. Remember that any photo you upload on social media can be stolen and used by a scammer.

Butchyrestingface · 21/09/2022 03:48

genuinely, what am I supposed to do? Everytime I get a scam/wrong number, just go to the police and say it might be him?

How often are you being contacted by wrong numbers/scammers on WA? I've been on WA for about a decade now, and my phone no is publicly available as I also use it for work (am self-employed). I've never once been contacted by a scammer or wrong number. Yet for you it sounds almost a regular occurrence. Is your number publicly available?

Noviembre · 21/09/2022 03:59

Learn to ignore and block spam messages. Yes, we all get lonely, but replying to scammers is not the way. You're too old to be this gullible.

littlenicky61 · 21/09/2022 05:23

Havent read whole thread but my daughter had similar on whatsapp the other day - message saying Hi Mike are you coming to keives party tomorrow night
I told her to ignore which she has . Not sure if was similar message to yours but just wanted to share in case it was x

SophieIsHereToday · 21/09/2022 06:08

weirdwhatsapp · 20/09/2022 18:40

sorry I know it’s impossible to get advice without all the details so I’ll explain the messages further.

(these aren’t the exact messages word for word, I’ve explained them rather than quoting directly)
they messaged me (calling me the wrong name) and asking if I was going to someones party. I said something along the lines of sorry I’m not (insert name), you’ve got the wrong number. They replied back saying along the lines of I’m so sorry, his account and yours are really similar and it’s one digit of a difference in the number, sorry again hope I didn’t upset you. I replied back saying no worries easily done, enjoy the party! I thought that was it over. Then they replied saying sorry again but nice to meet me, and that they would treat me to a coffee when they get the chance (not if they get the chance, it was ‘when’) and they said they are currently living in a place which is not far from me at all. I was sort of feeling uneasy and I replied saying I didn’t live anywhere near there and that wouldn’t be happening. Ever since then they’ve been messaging me with their personal number as apparently this is their work number, and saying that we are friends now and that they feel they have fate with me. I’ve messaged saying I’m not messaging people I don’t know. And they keep saying we’re friends and they have fate with me.

im probably getting myself all worried about absolutely nothing, but the location thing freaked me out aswell as the ‘when I get the chance’.

like I said, probably just freaking myself about nothing because the messages aren’t threatening but I’m easily worked up and frightened (it’s quite embarrassing actually)

Sounds like a very bored teenager that's antisocial. In my day teenagers that were a bit lost would call a random number from a phone box to laugh together when they said inexplicable things to a stranger and watch how they responded. Sounds like a free and natural progression from that type of behaviour. Weird and irritating

callingoutrudeness · 21/09/2022 09:58

Noviembre · 21/09/2022 03:59

Learn to ignore and block spam messages. Yes, we all get lonely, but replying to scammers is not the way. You're too old to be this gullible.


weirdwhatsapp · 21/09/2022 10:28

Noviembre · 21/09/2022 03:59

Learn to ignore and block spam messages. Yes, we all get lonely, but replying to scammers is not the way. You're too old to be this gullible.

Sorry but can you read? I’ve not once talked about being lonely, but several times I’ve explained the reason why I replied. Maybe read my OP before commenting eh? I’m sure you’re too old to be like this x

OP posts:
weirdwhatsapp · 21/09/2022 10:29

littlenicky61 · 21/09/2022 05:23

Havent read whole thread but my daughter had similar on whatsapp the other day - message saying Hi Mike are you coming to keives party tomorrow night
I told her to ignore which she has . Not sure if was similar message to yours but just wanted to share in case it was x

oh thank you so much for commenting- it was the EXACT same message, same names and everything!

OP posts:
LaTangerina · 21/09/2022 11:57

weirdwhatsapp · 21/09/2022 10:29

oh thank you so much for commenting- it was the EXACT same message, same names and everything!

Thank God for that it must be a new type of scam doing the rounds?
Glad you got it solved so you can have peace of mind x


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Harls1969 · 21/09/2022 18:44

OP I hope you're ok. No advice to add. I imagine you've been more stressed by the aibu snipers than what you actually posted about. Some people need more sugar/wine/sex/a life rather than trying to get a rise out of posters on here 🙄

Diamondsareforever123 · 21/09/2022 18:54

Hi I can understand why you're worried as you gave us the back story. I'm a worrier too and this would have frightened me. But stop! Sounds like a scammer really -they are fishing for info. If they say 'I live near you', they want you to reply 'Oh in Aldershot' or wherever, hoping that you'll eventually divulge your address. Just block erase details etc. Please stop worrying though. X

AiryFairyLights · 21/09/2022 18:57

weirdwhatsapp · 20/09/2022 18:56

Oh that actually makes me feel better that it’s happened to someone else (sorry I feel bad for even saying that but I hope you know what I mean!)

no no picture at all x

Someone else upthread asked if it was something to do with a party! Just block them. They can’t get any info unless you give it to them which is why they try and strike up a conversation first to try and get you to reveal details at a later stage

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