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If you don't usually work Monday's and now there's an extra bank holiday...

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Dressme2023 · 13/09/2022 19:23

...would you be bothered?
I'm actually not, I'm getting to see the funeral which is the important bit to me.
However many colleagues have the same day off and are now pushing for an extra half day annual leave to make up for it.
It feels a bit unnecessary and grabby to me but I'm in the minority.

You're being unreasonable - you should get extra leave granted
You're not being unreasonable - everyone should just accept it for what it is and move on

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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TroysMammy · 17/09/2022 17:58

@Princessglittery Wednesday 5 1/2 hours, Thursday and Friday 9 3/4 hours both days.


coldcaff · 17/09/2022 18:04

I don't work Mondays. We close for all bank holidays and usually for those that fall on a Monday I get an extra day annual leave entitlement. I'm not for this one though, it's just tough luck. I'm not overly bothered but I do think it's not particularly fair. Those who work Mondays are being paid as usual for the day off. We don't get to choose our working pattern, it's about the needs of the business, so doesn't seem fair for some of us to lose out.


TroysMammy · 17/09/2022 18:27

I think I'm sort of getting it now as I used Gov website using condensed hours. Full timer gets minimum statutory holidays 20 days including bank holidays - 28 days.
My entitlement calculated in hours would be 14 days which in line with full timer would include pro rata bank holidays. This year I had 3 so would have had 11 days to book when I please. Next year only one bank holiday on a Friday so I can book 13 days when I please. In subsequent years when bank holidays, Christmas, Boxing and New Years Days land on the days I work I'll get less holidays to book when I choose.I

I remember being told by colleague when I changed working pattern you get 14 days including bank holidays. So including pro rata bank holidays of 3 they should have been included within the 14 days entitlement and not on top as she and previous manager have interpreted. I knew I was given the shitty end of the stick again but I have also had Mrs holidays than I was entitled to but not as many as my colleague.

I've got no problem with her being off on a bank holiday as the business is closed but she should either not get it paid, work another day in the week and get paid or get paid and have the day off and get less holidays when she chooses.


TroysMammy · 17/09/2022 18:28

Mrs? more


Princessglittery · 17/09/2022 18:47

@TroysMammy ues your getting it.

The only thing I would say is you work one short day and two long days. You should really have your leave calculated in hours but I’m not sure it would be in your favour to point this out.


Princessglittery · 17/09/2022 18:52

@TroysMammy one last question how many net hours do full time employees work i.e. do they have 30 mins unpaid lunch so work a 7.5 hour day?


TroysMammy · 17/09/2022 20:06

@Princessglittery work 9-6, 1 hour unpaid lunch break so 40 hours a week.


TroysMammy · 17/09/2022 20:10

@Princessglittery I'm not bothered if I get less holidays if it is booked in hours. I just want it to be fair and feel more valued in the workplace.


Princessglittery · 17/09/2022 21:45

Here are your calculations
Full time =

  • 5 days a week
  • 8 hours net a day
  • 40 hours net a week
  • 20 days leave x 8 hours = 160 hours
  • 8 BH x 8 hours (2023) = 64 hours

2023 = typical year
  • Total gross leave (2023) = 224 hours
  • Less 64 hours for BH
  • Total net leave (2023) = 160

2022 = unusual year
  • 10 BH x 8 hours = 80 hours 2022
  • Total gross leave =160 hours
  • Less 80 hours for BH
  • Total net leave (2022) = 160 hours

  • 3 days a week
  • Wed PM = 5.5 hours
  • Thu & Fri 9.75 hours = 25 hours net per week
  • Leave 160 hours/40 x 25 = 100 hours
  • BH 64 /40 x 25 = 40 hours

2023 = typical year
  • Total Gross leave = 200 hours
  • Less BH (2023) falling on a working day

NYD Mon = 0
GF Fri = 9.75
EM Mon = 0
MD Mon = 0
SBH Mon = 0
ABH Mon = 0
CD Mon = 0
BD Tue = 0
Total = 9.75
  • Net leave (2023) 200 - 9.75 = 190.25 hours

2022 = unusual year
  • 10 BH x 8 hours = 80 hours/40 x 25 = 50 hours
  • Total Gross leave = 210 hours
  • Less BH (2023) falling on a working day

NYD Mon = 0
GF Fri = 9.75
MD Mon = 0
JD Thu = 9.75
SBH Fri = 9.75
ABH Mon = 0
CD Mon = 0
BD Tue = 0
Total = 29.25
  • Net leave (2022) 210 - 29.25 = 180.75 hours

NYD New Years Day
GF Good Friday
EM Easter Monday
MD May Day
SBH Spring BH
ABH August BH
CD Christmas Day
BD Boxing Day

Each time you take a days leave on a Wednesday deduct 5.5 hours. Leave on Thursday or Friday deduct 9.75.

When a BH falls on a Wednesday deduct 5.5 hours.

TroysMammy · 17/09/2022 22:16

@Princessglittery but we've been taking the Wednesday half day as a full day holiday so if we take a week off we use 3 days holiday. What you said about the Wednesday, this was happening when the person I replaced started with us. A stop was put to that because that was deemed wrong as I who worked each morning 7.45am to 1.15pm was having my holidays as days (they were too) so for each half day I worked I was to take the full day as a holiday and it was decided they should too. I reckon the person I replaced left because she wasn't getting the correct holidays. The more I read into this the more undervalued and shafted I feel. There have been other occasions of unfairness that still rankles after about 4 years.

Anyway thank you for your kind assistance I now have more ammo to put my point across.


Princessglittery · 17/09/2022 22:34

@TroysMammy I thought that might be the case but it’s not as bad as you think because you work long hours on Thu & Fri. If you take all 3 days in one week it balances out. If you only take leave on a Wednesday you lose out but you gain if you only take a Thu or Fri.

The way to explain it to your HR is you are entitled to 180.75 of paid leave. If you are only paid for 5.5 hours on a Wednesday they can only deduct 5.5 hours paid leave. The opposite applies to Thu & Fri where you are paid 9.75 hours so lose 9.75 hours paid leave.

This is why the only fair way to calculate your leave is in hours.


FlippertyGibberts · 17/09/2022 22:45

I agree with previous posters - part-time staff should have their AL awarded in hours to ensure that this is fair.

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