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To be pissed off with my boyfriend about where I live

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Beachbreak2411 · 12/09/2022 23:17

He moans. Always. I don’t have car space. I have 2 bed house with sea views on both sides. It’s small. This annoys him

its cluttered.. but I have a kid.. houses are. He moans all the time I need to move somewhere with a Garden. Drive. Open fire. I can’t afford to. He complains my sofa is too uncomfortable and my bed is too. I don’t find them bad. I love him but he’s making me angry. He never cooks for me but tells me how I should do thi gs

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Am I being unreasonable?

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FlowerArranger · 12/09/2022 23:18

Look, this isn't going to get any better.... your choice.

blablablagobshite · 12/09/2022 23:22

In massive mumsnet style "LOSE THE BASTARD" cheeky cheeky furker! Or tell him to buy you a new bed/sofa etc if he ain't happy with them!

HardLanding · 12/09/2022 23:23

OP - get rid of the miserable twat. It’s quite obvious he’s expecting YOU to fund the sort of house HE wants.

What’s his house like? Or does he live in his Ma’s box bedroom?

AnneLovesGilbert · 12/09/2022 23:26

Why are you putting up with this? Why?

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing · 12/09/2022 23:26

Oh god I’d get rid! He’s like this and he’s only coming round as a visitor? Imagine what he’d be like to live with!

He should be thanking you for inviting him round, not moaning.

Whataretheodds · 12/09/2022 23:26

Get rid of him and it will feel much more spacious

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing · 12/09/2022 23:26

PS your house with sea views sounds amazing!

OnTheBrinkOfChange · 12/09/2022 23:28

What is his house like? What are his bed and sofa like?

Aquamarine1029 · 12/09/2022 23:28

You are choosing to put up with this twat. Your problem is you.

Pixiedust1234 · 12/09/2022 23:29

What is his house like ? Is it huge, with 5.4 acres and its own wood? How about a mile long, tree-lined drive with a fountain in front of the house? Is it immaculate inside?

If he's living at yours...kick him out. Disrespectful prat.

Threelittlelambs · 12/09/2022 23:34

What’s he offering other than complaining about free accommodation and your cooking?

Seriously you don’t need this crap.

Beachbreak2411 · 12/09/2022 23:42

Thank you all for confirming.

he lives in a weird bed sit with no windows. He does have a comfy armchair and his bed is soft but no window.

OP posts:
CecilyP · 12/09/2022 23:47

I can see why he comes to yours! But does he have parking?

Beachbreak2411 · 12/09/2022 23:49

CecilyP · 12/09/2022 23:47

I can see why he comes to yours! But does he have parking?

At his yes. Not at mine. I don’t drive so not having a space isn’t an issue

OP posts:
Crumpleton · 12/09/2022 23:50

Believe me a soft bed ain't all it's cracked up to be....

devuskums · 12/09/2022 23:54

What you have here is the 'ordinary' or 'garden' Bellend.
Sorry op.
Chuck him back!

0live · 12/09/2022 23:56

i thought a bedsit without a window was illegal <misses the point>

Testina · 12/09/2022 23:58

Golden cock?
Why the hell are you with him? Raise your expectations!

audeloquipalam · 13/09/2022 00:00

I can’t believe some of the crap people put up with. What exactly is it that you love about him? Just tell him to GTFO.

Boreded · 13/09/2022 00:15

Tell him to do one…knob head

Whatup · 13/09/2022 00:19

A really uncomfortable bed would make most people grumpy but they would do something about it themselves.

Kate0902900908 · 13/09/2022 00:27

He sounds like he's putting you down? Your place sounds delightful if you ask me, sea views? That's amazing. Are you and child happy? .... If so perfect, it sounds to me like he wants you to make him happy, I.e get the house he wants so he can get out of his bedsit.... Erm no he's a grown arse man if he wants that with you and where you live is working he should be sorting out a house and plan is that's what he wants..

I would 100% loose the bastard he sounds like a complete knob.

bluedomino · 13/09/2022 00:49

Envy. I think he sounds jealous of you having a house with a desirable seaview. You make him feel unsuccessful. He feels inadequate because he only has a bedsit and wants to bring you down by pointing out things that need "improving". Your life would improve massively if you dumped him for someone who appreciates you for you and the fact you are self-sufficient and a success. Does he praise you for anything? Or make you feel good about how you are doing? He thinks he deserves the best but knows he's not capable of providing them himself so he wants you to make his life easy and running you down will make you try harder to please him. Tell him to fuck off back to his bedsit. Surely you are not so desperate for a man you will continue to put up with this manipulative wannabe cocklodger.

NaturalBae · 13/09/2022 01:05

Beachbreak2411 · 12/09/2022 23:42

Thank you all for confirming.

he lives in a weird bed sit with no windows. He does have a comfy armchair and his bed is soft but no window.

I didn’t expect an update like this! 😆 🤣You should’ve dumped him yesterday. Nothing wrong with a bedsit, but he sounds like a jealous inadequate knob. Raise your standards and do much better next time.

knackeredagain · 13/09/2022 01:13

Well why doesn’t he move somewhere better so you can spent time together there?

Your place sounds lovely. He does not.

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