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To ask for your most ingenious money saving tips

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Toothiehurtie · 28/08/2022 20:51

my Best one is…

a visit to the card factory for cheap cards and gift bags and then picking up presents from car boot sales or charity shops. I have got some brilliant kids party presents for 50p so with the card and a cheap gift bag I have brought the cost of a present in for a pound before.

looking for any tips at all, obviously you can buy porridge oats in bulk cheaper than buying expensive kids cereal etc but anything clever or that people might not have thought of before.

don’t know how bad the fuel crisis will be but considering charging battery packs to charge phones at work and taking a thermos of boiled water home 😂

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ivykaty44 · 11/09/2022 10:05

if the moisture can escape then damp shouldn’t appear.

blueshoes · 11/09/2022 15:27

ivykaty44 · 11/09/2022 10:05

if the moisture can escape then damp shouldn’t appear.

You are right. I have always lived in relatively draughty (old) houses.

Emotionalsupportviper · 11/09/2022 18:00

PinkSparklyPussyCat · 01/09/2022 11:54

Cold showers are actually associated with successful weight loss, too (I forget why - it was in a weight loss book by Dr John Biffa - How to Escape the Diet Trap, I think it was called. It was the only bit of advice to stick in my mind.)

I'd rather be fat and poor than have a cold shower!

Have to admit - so would I.

I take warm showers (and am fat! 😄). I did try a short "icy burst" at the end of my warm shower (as recommended), and I did lose weight very briefly because it made myself (literally) pee myself!)

ValeriaAsuma · 25/10/2022 13:02

Hi, @Toothiehurtie !) My husband and I both have steady jobs. Firstly, we buy products once a week and always have a menu plan. I always buy 20 eggs instead of 10 and wash clothes two times per week. In fact, we set up a family account in the finance app. It counts our income and expenses, helps us generate money and save.

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