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To send my neighbour's parcel back and not give to them

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mummy203 · 26/08/2022 15:51

So I’ve just had a parcel delivered from justfab. My neighbours name but my address and postcode. They’ve used the second line of the address to say “deliver to (their door number) it looks like they deliberately had it ordered to my number. Why would anyone do that?

This neighbour has lived near me for three years. All through lock downs. They’ve made it very clear they didn’t want to be neighbourly for example I wave if we pass each other etc. They make eye contact but ignore me. I pull over so we pass each other on the small road. They refuse to. Even if it means me reversing 20meters and they would have to reverse a couple of feet.

Aibu to just send it back to justfab?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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CoffeeWithNiles · 26/08/2022 15:55

Send it back.

Ilikewinter · 26/08/2022 15:55

Cheeky twats, i assume its just been left on your door step and not handed to just leave it outside your house.

GetOffTheRoof · 26/08/2022 15:57

I'd assume a cock up they couldn't correct on the website.

Wait for them to collect it then ask them not to send it to you again. Then never accept another parcel without checking who it's for if you don't want to deal with it again.

SequinsandStilettos · 26/08/2022 15:58

I would give it to them but ask them not to use your address again.

BatsAtDawn · 26/08/2022 15:59

Do you mean they had your address on the first line but then "deliver to" their address on the second? Potentially their address wasn't on a drop down list when they ordered?

If you mean it was clearly outlined to deliver to your door, then I'd either send back or let it languish I'm your hall until they collect it and ask why your address is on it then.

Heartbreaktuna · 26/08/2022 15:59

Could they be using a stolen credit card? Using a different delivery address so it doesn't come back on them?

TiredYorkshireMam · 26/08/2022 16:01

Yes it sounds like an issue on the web site.

For example having to choose address from drop down and theirs not being there.

By adding the instruction on second line it does sound like they wanted it to be delivered to them.

But they sound horrid. I would either keep a hold of it until they come knocking and see if they can polite. Or just send it back "not known at this address".

mummy203 · 26/08/2022 16:03

Heartbreaktuna · 26/08/2022 15:59

Could they be using a stolen credit card? Using a different delivery address so it doesn't come back on them?

I didn’t think of that 😬

All the neighbours sign for each other parcels but then we’re all cordial.

OP posts:
Smartiepants79 · 26/08/2022 16:07

Just give it to them and tell them clearly that you won’t be taking in any more.
surely it is actually more hassle it return the parcel than to hand it to the person who only lives next door.
I struggle to understand the angst over taking in the odd parcel for someone who lives next door!

clpsmum · 26/08/2022 16:08

Send it back cheeky fuckers

Whataretheodds · 26/08/2022 16:10

Send it back.

Given their downright rudeness they should have not assumed they could use your your house as poste restante.

Brideandpredjudice · 26/08/2022 16:12

I've heard this is a new thing scammers do

Bananasalad · 26/08/2022 16:13

I would wait for them to come and collect, would imagine if they've blanked you over the last few years, that it's going to be difficult for them to come round and collect it, not sure how they'll style that one out.

trevthecat · 26/08/2022 16:14

We had a neighbour do this. I had never spoken to her before and parcels kept turning up. When I asked, she said it should be fine as I was on maternity and in anyway!! I never too another parcel in for her. Just told postie that I refused!

diddl · 26/08/2022 16:16

If it's not too much trouble I'd probably send it back as wrongly delivered.

Was it just left with you not having a chance to hand it back?

Luredbyapomegranate · 26/08/2022 16:20

Well if I was really annoyed with them I might just donate it to oxfam 😁

Georgeskitchen · 26/08/2022 16:20

Wait and see if she comes knocking to ask for it. Then ask why she has used your address .Tell her not to do again as you will decline the parcel

Longdistance · 26/08/2022 16:22

Send it back,

If they ask where the parcel is, tell her you sent it back and will send every parcel back I. The future that’s for her.

JacquelineCarlyle · 26/08/2022 16:24

I'd send it back too as I'd be worried it was some sort of scam. Just say 'not known at this address'.

Hwory · 26/08/2022 16:25

Just fab have a large discount for first time buyers.

So they’ve made a new account at your address to get the discount twice.

forrestgreen · 26/08/2022 16:26

Have you checked your credit rating. Amd ring the company to say they don't live at your address

Blossomtoes · 26/08/2022 16:50

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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girlmom21 · 26/08/2022 16:52

Her address might not have come up in the drop down when she was selecting the delivery destination.

Don't accept parcels that aren't addressed to you if you don't want to give them to your neighbour.

Pu4o8 · 26/08/2022 16:53

Theres a group of neighbours I ignore. For over a year I gave clear singles I didn’t want to chat (e.g breezy hello but walking on if they tried to engage me). Despite this, every time they try and make inane small talk. I find their behaviour to be really rude, so I ignore them now. I also refuse to take any parcels and my heart sinks when somethings dropped off at one of their houses as I know they’ll try and chat.

They might be relieved if you send it back and refuse to take any future parcels.

Spohn · 26/08/2022 16:53

People who act like dicks don’t get favours. I’d return it at my latest convenience, or, if the owner came knocking they would be told to not do that again.

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