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Mum thinks this dress isn't right for wedding

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confusedmummy123 · 25/04/2022 22:28

Going to a wedding in a couple weeks. Saw a gorgeous bardot dress, loved it, fiance loved it so ordered it and I love it in real life too. However I sent a pic to my mum who just texted back "I don't like it for a wedding" then didn't say why or anymore? Am I breaking some kind of etiquette? Clueless about these things. Most weddings I've been too I've been the bridesmaid or the bride and don't have a clue how guests dressed. I do remember a wedding a few years back where I wore a red polka dot dress. Don't know if that was breaking any etiquette rules. I do believe that mother likes that dress though! I will attach a pic of the dress!

Mum thinks this dress isn't right for wedding
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Am I being unreasonable?

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Duracellbunnywannabe · 25/04/2022 22:29

It’s a bit informal. Where is the wedding? Shoulders should be covered in a church generally.

Bringonsummer19 · 25/04/2022 22:30

Hey, it’s a cute dress but to casual for a wedding. More a summer holiday dress

Squiff70 · 25/04/2022 22:30

I'm a great believer in women dressing however they like, but this isn't really wedding attire. It's a nice dress but more suited to a beach holiday than a formal occasion.

Firefightress1 · 25/04/2022 22:30

Gorgeous dress! Why would you ask your mum, we have very different styles

Justmuddlingalong · 25/04/2022 22:31

I agree that it looks a bit informal. More of a drinks in a beer garden type of outfit.

caringcarer · 25/04/2022 22:31

Definately not suitable for a wedding but great in the summer on the beach.

MichelleScarn · 25/04/2022 22:31

Sorry it looks really informal, great for bbq or pub garden not really weddingy in traditional sense .

LIZS · 25/04/2022 22:31

Looks more like a beach dress!

BundtCake · 25/04/2022 22:31

Looks like a beach cover up!

Stichintime · 25/04/2022 22:32

Beach yes, wedding probably not.

worraliberty · 25/04/2022 22:32

Weird. This is the second mum/daughter wedding dress thread we've had in a couple of days.

However I sent a pic to my mum who just texted back "I don't like it for a wedding" then didn't say why or anymore?

Text her back or phone her?

AnneShirleysNewDress · 25/04/2022 22:32

If it's a beach wedding you are good to go.

OwlinaTree · 25/04/2022 22:32

I would wear that to a summer party but probably not a wedding tbh.

FairyCakeWings · 25/04/2022 22:33

If it’s a church wedding it would be considered impolite to have uncovered shoulders and for a dress to be that short, and even if it isn’t a church, the tradition spills over.

toomuchlaundry · 25/04/2022 22:33

Didn't you look at any of the guests who were at the weddings you had previously been involved in?

To me that is too casual for a wedding, unless it is a very casual wedding

WoodenClock · 25/04/2022 22:33

I'd say shoulders covered if it's a church wedding, but acknowledge I'm old fashioned and brides don't seem to worry about that now.

The dress is maybe a bit casual, but I prefer to see people in something that's "them" than someone else's idea of what wedding guest atire should be.

iheartmybeachhut · 25/04/2022 22:33

I like it but i think it's a bit short and casual for church tbh. great for holidays and beach though.

Rainbowshit · 25/04/2022 22:34

Wouldn't wear that to a wedding sorry. Would wear it to the pool. Too informal.

CornishTiger · 25/04/2022 22:34

Summer holiday/beach. Sorry!

Kat1953 · 25/04/2022 22:34

Too informal and ought to be longer (if we're going with wedding-appropriate attire etiquette). If the wedding is in a religious place of worship, then strictly speaking shoulders should be covered.

Now wait for the debate on wedding attire etiquette :)

RandomQuest · 25/04/2022 22:34

Sorry mum is right this time! Save it for your summer hols and find something more formal for the wedding.

ForeverLooking · 25/04/2022 22:35

I wouldn't care if you wore it to mine.
It's not my personal taste and is perhaps a little bit beach cover up/casual for a wedding -but it's fine.


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AnyCakeButBattenburg · 25/04/2022 22:35

It's pretty but the kind of thing to wear on a beach. Definitely not wedding attire.

mnahmnah · 25/04/2022 22:36

For a beach, lovely. A wedding, absolutely not

DaphneSprucesPippasClack · 25/04/2022 22:37

What's more important really? If it's a formal wedding I'd say not. Informal barn type thing then maybe yes? Not for a church wedding

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