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Deeply concerned about Child Safety in Bristol

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MatthewJTaylor · 07/04/2022 21:28

From May 5th to May 8th 2022, the Tobacco Factory Theatres in Bristol is having performances of "The Family Sex Show".
This show is aimed at children 5 years old and up.
The performers involved get naked.
The discussion with the children is on sex, sexuality and sexual pleasure.

I cannot imagine brining a 5 year old child to a theatre where people will to to her/him about sex and show their naked bodies to her/him.

Am I the crazy one?

The Family Sex Show website
Listing at The Tobacco Factory Theatres

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Am I being unreasonable?

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FromEden · 07/04/2022 22:55

Sexual development and behaviour in children starts from birth.

This sounds like something that paedophile activists like PIE/nambla say.

PrelateChuckles · 07/04/2022 22:56

BTW I am well aware of the primary age PHSE curriculum and it is nothing like what is advertised here. Age 5 is very different from age 11.

I'm still sitting here half thinking this is a joke tbh.

Blinkingbatshit · 07/04/2022 22:56

And people wonder why so many children today have mental health issues - why can’t we just let children BE children?!!! No, this is not ok.

EarthSight · 07/04/2022 22:57


This from their website
Sexual development and behaviour in children starts from birth. It’s important that children are supported in their exploratory development, safely and comfortably. You can see the common stages of sexual development layed out by the NSPCC here.
Dear Lord.


Clymene · 07/04/2022 22:57

I can't imagine anything more cringy than a show about how much fun sex is when you're sitting next to your parents.

sacredfeminina · 07/04/2022 22:58

Ok so what can we do about it? - is there a watchdog or government group that it can be reported to?

Can we start a petition?

Believerinbiology · 07/04/2022 22:58

Under the people section the first person says "the highlight for me is standing fully naked....singing...about various genitals"

sacredfeminina · 07/04/2022 22:58

I think we need to start pushing back, otherwise organised groomers think they can get away with it.

ickky · 07/04/2022 22:59

What 5 year old would have any interest in this "show"?

This is yet again normalising kinks and destroying boundaries but now aimed at very young children.

Could the local Social Services look into this grooming event?

Wheresthebeach · 07/04/2022 22:59

How is this allowed???
Lottery funding?

EarthSight · 07/04/2022 22:59


The website really concerns me. It says it big letters that it’s amimed at age 5+, but little questions pop up such as “I can’t find the clitoris”. How is that relevant to a five year old? That is normalising the treatment of children as sexual beings.

I’m so sick of this shit, I’m sick of women and children being dragged into someone else’s performance sex or fetish.

@LizzieVereker It very much is. People wonder how sex cults start, how adult could be drawn into madness......well it starts like this.
titchy · 07/04/2022 22:59

[quote gogohm]@LittleSnakes

Don't holiday in German then, plenty of people swim naked in hotel pools. Nakedness isn't an issue in context [/quote]
And given that the context is a stage show in the UK - that serves to highlight the inappropriateness, not support it.

AthenaWhite · 07/04/2022 23:00

..all knee deep in queer theory.

Ohsugarhoneyicetea · 07/04/2022 23:02

Hopefully the police will be at the door to pick up all the groomers and child sex abusers. But I doubt it.

Electrox · 07/04/2022 23:02

If we’re teaching ideas of ableism and homophobia and racism and queerphobia, why can’t we teach the opposite?”
The above from the Guardian article is odd. Exactly which primary or secondary schools teach the above and where are 'these ideas' on the National Curriculum?

sacredfeminina · 07/04/2022 23:02

There should be a government body/watchdog that patrols society for innappropriate/grooming groups. That have the power to shut stuff down. Does that exist?

This is absolutely not OK.

Walkingalot · 07/04/2022 23:03

It reminds me of the time I went to see The Elephant Man in a small theatre in London. The cast took every opportunity to get their clothes off! Most bizarre and unexpected. Just - why? It was a last minute thing and didn't read the warning on the ticket, nor did a couple of families there - and they promptly left.
If the show is about sex and they've quite clearly said there will be nakedness in it - then surely it's personal choice for the parent. No child is going to go alone! It's not a porno. Sounds like it's going to be done in a 'don't be embarrassed about your body' type of way?

Bunnycat101 · 07/04/2022 23:03

I have a 5yo. This is completely inappropriate for the age group.

I’d also say they are misrepresenting the nspcc text. There is a webpage about stages but also it is pointing out red flags at each age and stage. And in the 5-9 group it’s more like the ‘where do babies come from’ questions, playing mummies and daddies etc. not let’s go and see some adults frolicking naked on stage talking about queerness ffs.

EarthSight · 07/04/2022 23:04

@AthenaWhite Given the artistic directors introduce themselves with pronouns, it would seem so.

sacredfeminina · 07/04/2022 23:04

I imagine that if the venues that are holding this were inundated with complaints they might not host it.

Also local councils could be contacted.

azimuth299 · 07/04/2022 23:04

Unbelievable! Normalising strangers exposing themselves to children and talking to them about sex. What happens to these children when someone else does the same thing to them? They will think it's normal as their parents took them to see something similar an seemed fine about it! Absolutely grooming.

Electrox · 07/04/2022 23:04

I sincerely hope that this is picked up by the media.

Agreed. Where are the Daily Mail when you need them?

geojellyfish · 07/04/2022 23:05


It's taking the school PSHE curriculum for that age group and turning it into a show for families.

Those who think it's outrageous/grooming, do you actually know what is on that age group's curriculum and how your school delivers it?

No, it's not!

It says it is based on the School of Sexuality Education curriculum - nothing to do with RSE curriculum in schools.
Deeply concerned about Child Safety in Bristol
Deeply concerned about Child Safety in Bristol
Lockheart · 07/04/2022 23:05


There should be a government body/watchdog that patrols society for innappropriate/grooming groups. That have the power to shut stuff down. Does that exist?

This is absolutely not OK.

Yes, that can only end well Hmm

Morality police are historically not a good idea...
PigeonLittle · 07/04/2022 23:05

WTF kind of family theatre event asks those attending to bring their lovers? Total vom.

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