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Deeply concerned about Child Safety in Bristol

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MatthewJTaylor · 07/04/2022 21:28

From May 5th to May 8th 2022, the Tobacco Factory Theatres in Bristol is having performances of "The Family Sex Show".
This show is aimed at children 5 years old and up.
The performers involved get naked.
The discussion with the children is on sex, sexuality and sexual pleasure.

I cannot imagine brining a 5 year old child to a theatre where people will to to her/him about sex and show their naked bodies to her/him.

Am I the crazy one?

The Family Sex Show website
Listing at The Tobacco Factory Theatres

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Am I being unreasonable?

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Clymene · 07/04/2022 22:21

@FuckeryOmbudsman - I do not believe that any 5 year old, ever, has asked a question about sexual pleasure in the classroom, unless they're a victim of CSA.

Early and precocious language about sex is a massive red flag for abuse. Which I'm sure you know as a teacher.

You are a teacher aren't you?

MissDollyMix · 07/04/2022 22:22

I say this as someone who is usually pretty chilled out about what my DC see. This really isn’t ok.
Thanks to lockdown, my DC’s school were forced to do their sex Ed online- therefore I actually sat through both year 3 and year 6 talks. At no point did anyone discuss anything this inappropriate. Naked or otherwise.

crispsarny · 07/04/2022 22:22


BenCooperisaGod · 07/04/2022 22:22

If my kids teacher got naked to teach them about sexual pleasure, i would have a few choice words and be onto OFSTED faster than you could say wheres my cod piece.

People who want to get naked around little kids they are not related to are a danger.

EmmaH2022 · 07/04/2022 22:23

This on the FAQs

"Use pleasure as a vehicle for consent - knowing why we might say yes so we know when to say no."

Bloody hell.

crispsarny · 07/04/2022 22:23

This shit needs closing down

titchy · 07/04/2022 22:24

This is what it says about being naked:
'There is nakedness, yes. At one point in the show, everyone on stage takes their clothes off to the level they feel comfortable to. For some people, that’s taking off all of their clothes and being completely naked. For other people, that means taking off bottoms but leaving underwear on, for others it’s not taking anything off at all. This moment lasts approximately 5 minutes. For more information on exactly what happens in the show, see our pre-show document heree_.'

Unfortunately the link at the end doesn't contain any content.

Bet everyone on stage is VERY comfortable flashing their penises in front of small children. 🤢

Goawayangryman · 07/04/2022 22:25

@FuckeryOmbudsman I can assure you that I am fully appraised of what schools teach and what the statutory provisions are on this, what the statutory and supplementary guidance says and what schools typically teach ;) Thanks very much

MissDollyMix · 07/04/2022 22:25


This on the FAQs

"Use pleasure as a vehicle for consent - knowing why we might say yes so we know when to say no."

Bloody hell.

That’s shocking. These are minors. Hint. The answer is NEVER ‘yes’.
Palloom · 07/04/2022 22:26

If parents are willing to bring their kids to it, the show will go on. What kind of parents are they? God I sound like my mother.

Surely there is some kind of safeguarding watchdog to prevent this happening. Not right IMV at all.

Tutt · 07/04/2022 22:27
FrancescaContini · 07/04/2022 22:28

It’s grooming, and absolutely gross Angry

Goawayangryman · 07/04/2022 22:28

Children may and do (mine did) ask lots of detailed questions about why people wanted to have sex and how two men had sex etc. They got honest simple answers but they didn't get told about the gender woo or sexual consent at the age of 5.

Excited101 · 07/04/2022 22:29

So much for ‘private parts’ when they see adults get naked for room fulls of people! This is so utterly dodgy

EmmaH2022 · 07/04/2022 22:30

Something to flag to the local MP?

Goawayangryman · 07/04/2022 22:30

Who knows though. Maybe the content in the end will be absolutely fine. But we wouldn't know because it's still being magicked up and all we have in the meantime is some buzzwords and a highly objectionable glossary of wankywords.

FrancescaContini · 07/04/2022 22:32


I think you're misreprenting a tad..

This show is aimed at children 5 years old and up.

Not quite, it's aimed at all ages from 5+.

The performers involved get naked.

At one point for a couple of minutes if they feel comfortable (this is explicitly stated, if you'll pardon the pun, in the FAQs).

The discussion with the children is on sex, sexuality and sexual pleasure.

It's a theatre show, there are no sit down chats with the children.

Why are you minimising the very serious issues other posters have raised?
Cheesecakeandwineinasuitcase · 07/04/2022 22:34

This sounds like grooming to me

colouringindoors · 07/04/2022 22:34


I've seen this prog via Twitter is also at an event in Norfolk.

It's grooming. It's horrendous

EmmaH2022 · 07/04/2022 22:37

OMG the list of partners

I shouldn't be that surprised. I have a contact in the US who dropped out of her uni course on Early Years education after just a month. More like Early Years indoctrination on a range of subjects.

Flapjak · 07/04/2022 22:38

5 year olds really really.dont need to know about sex. They do need to know about grooming it appears !

FOJN · 07/04/2022 22:38

Early and precocious language about sex is a massive red flag for abuse.

Teach them the words early enough as part of "educating" them and you can start to claim precocious language is not a red flag.

Normalise adults they are not related to getting naked in front of them and they won't see the red flag.

Talk to them about using pleasure as a vehicle for consent and you prime them to blame themselves for any abuse they may suffer.

How is this sort of thing not sounding a national safeguarding alarm? It is endangering children not protecting them, 5 years old is too young to understand the complexities around sex, relationships and consent. They need to understand the basics about types of families and what behaviour is normal between adults and children. They need to know they should tell someone and are NEVER responsible when an adult breeches those behaviour boundaries.

garlicandsapphires · 07/04/2022 22:39

It does seem to have very good reviews!!

Lockheart · 07/04/2022 22:39

@FrancescaContini you'll have to point out these "very serious issues" because so far all I'm seeing is a lot of conjecture about the contents of the show (I haven't seen it despite the fact it's been going since 2019 so I can only comment on what's on their website), worry about children seeing naked people (which unlike the majority of MN I do not consider on a par with the last days of Rome), implications of paedophilia, and the phrase "groomy as fuck" which I would not call "raising a serious issue".

LizzieVereker · 07/04/2022 22:41

The website really concerns me. It says it big letters that it’s amimed at age 5+, but little questions pop up such as “I can’t find the clitoris”. How is that relevant to a five year old? That is normalising the treatment of children as sexual beings.

I’m so sick of this shit, I’m sick of women and children being dragged into someone else’s performance sex or fetish.

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