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Neighbour asking us not to buy takeaways

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Ribrabrob · 09/09/2021 14:28

Very recently moved house and have no working oven (should be ready by Friday) so we’ve unfortunately been relying on takeaways/eating out. We are also still sorting things out and kitchen is one of the last things to do. Not ideal but the end is in sight.

Neighbour introduced themselves on the first day, seemed very nice and friendly.

Today I came home, coffee and sandwich in hand, to him calling me over and saying he’s noticed we’ve had a lot of takeaways since we’ve moved and could we not do so. Apparently his 8 year old daughter sees and asks why she can’t have one.

I explained the above and said we don’t really have much choice right now, but that from the weekend we should have an oven etc. he seemed ok about it.

He wasn’t rude when asking but aibu to think he’s very nosey? And that he can’t dictate what we eat?! For info, none of the takeaways have been delivered, all collected by us so it’s not like a delivery driver is knocking on his door or anything.

OP posts:
DressBitch · 09/09/2021 14:29

I'd have laughed in his face.

SukonthaM · 09/09/2021 14:29

Omg this can’t be real 😂😂

Realyorkshiretea · 09/09/2021 14:29

Haha! He can jog on. Tell him to tape up his windows.

VanGoSunflowers · 09/09/2021 14:29

He is a CF. Has absolutely nothing to do with him whatsoever.

DressBitch · 09/09/2021 14:29

And now I really want an Indian.

PinkFootstool · 09/09/2021 14:29

That's fucking hilarious 😂😂😂

Tell him to jog on.

Beamur · 09/09/2021 14:29

That's bonkers.
Watch out for this one!

Wankerchief · 09/09/2021 14:29

“Hi neighbour, yeah no that doesn’t work for us.”


cheeseismydownfall · 09/09/2021 14:30

Is this real?!! That is honestly one of the most batshit things I have read on here, and I've been here a while!

Sh05 · 09/09/2021 14:30

He needs to learn to say no to his daughter. What an odd thing to ask of a neighbour.

Soubriquet · 09/09/2021 14:30

Tell him to fuck off and then order more take aways

He is sticking his nose in someone else’s business because he can’t bear to tell his dd “no. Because I said so”

plodalong12 · 09/09/2021 14:30

It wouldn’t matter if the takeaways were being delivered. It’s absolutely 100% none of his business. If they kept mistakenly knocking on his door trying to reach you and disturbing his peace he would be reasonable to ask you to put clearer delivery instructions on your orders, but that’s it.

bicarbonateofcherrysoda · 09/09/2021 14:30

That's very strange Confused

BeetyAxe · 09/09/2021 14:31

That’s hilarious! Say no to your child neighbour. That’s the best I’ve heard yet!

Zerrin13 · 09/09/2021 14:31

Another thread from the parallel universe

hashbrownsandwich · 09/09/2021 14:31

I can see the journo's picking this up. It's insane!

Iputthetrampintrampoline · 09/09/2021 14:31

OMG...I would have take a ways forever more just to stick two fingers up this sad arsehole!

BruceAndNosh · 09/09/2021 14:32

Are you ordering an entire meat pie each?

Mrsjayy · 09/09/2021 14:32

Oh no way I'd have laughed in his face 🤣

Shoxfordian · 09/09/2021 14:32

He’s crazy
Why did you even entertain this nonsense?

RedHelenB · 09/09/2021 14:32

Are you sure he wasn't just being light hearted?

Tal45 · 09/09/2021 14:32

Goodness he wants to try parenting that child. What a complete and utter CF.


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CatJumperTwat · 09/09/2021 14:32

You actually explained yourself to him? I'd have told him about using the word "no" with his children, but maybe that's why I have a neighbour who doesn't talk to me...

AmelieLovesAutumn · 09/09/2021 14:33


WTAF did you 'explain' anything to him.

Just tell him not to be so ridiculous, you'll eat what you want in your own home. I'd start getting it delivered

ChargingBuck · 09/09/2021 14:33

Don't "explain" anything ever again to your odd neighbour OP.

Explaining stuff to entitled people just cements their bizarre notions that they have a right to cross-examine & control you.

"What's it to you, nosy?" should be your stock response from now on.

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