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No snorers allowed camping

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Franklyfrost · 20/08/2021 00:29

Just that.

Having finally managed to get to sleep on our mysteriously but persistently deflating air mattress someone in the field next door wakes me up making a noise like a food processor being turned on and off. I have young kids in the tent with me and older kids in the tent text door so I can’t wear eye plugs. It’s a family campsite so it’s not just me who won’t be able to wear ear plugs. Just don’t go camping near others if you snore. They must know they snore because they’re not pitched up alone, so their party must all have come prepared with earplugs.

YABU camping is for everyone, you can’t discriminate
YANBU camping is not for someone who makes a really loud noise all night long to show off how well they’re sleeping while stopping anyone else from getting what rest they can

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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Franklyfrost · 20/08/2021 00:30

If I’m ianbu I’ll leave a note tomorrow- ‘Hi, We’d all be happier if you could give your snorer a poke during the night. Thanks’

OP posts:

audweb · 20/08/2021 00:32

Oh god. I snore. Always have done. I’ll remember to not do the things I love because of it though. Thanks for the reminder.


LanisHouseLot · 20/08/2021 00:32

YABU really but it would drive me round the bend too - I can imagine feeling grumpy the whole time. Can you move your tents further away?


user1471457751 · 20/08/2021 00:33

Agree with you OP. It's inconsiderate to inflict so much noise on others at night, not much of a holiday for everyone who then has to deal with sleep deprivation.


LondonGrimmer · 20/08/2021 00:36

Sending sympathy (I'd go poke them myself)


Nietzschethehiker · 20/08/2021 00:57

Whilst it's probably not reasonable to actually ban snorers from camping I empathise with your frustration. Exdh could quite literally wake up a whole campsite if I let him because his snoring was beyond ridiculous. It was genuinely so loud my next door neighbours could hear it and he did little to do anything about it.

Even many years later and divorced if DP even sniffles in his sleep I tell him to turn over out of a reflex reaction because I can't bear the sound after Exdh. Hearing it on a campsite would be horrendous for me.

I do also feel for snorers I l ow they can't help it mostly but my god is it torture for the person next to you. After Exdh I understand why sleep deprivation is considered a torture technique.


Franklyfrost · 20/08/2021 00:58

Oh god. I snore. Always have done. I’ll remember to not do the things I love because of it though. Thanks for the reminder.

Did you know that for many people ruining everyone else’s experience would ruin the experience for themselves too?


I’m considering throwing an apple in the hope they turn over.

The campsite is full, very full (but great aside from the snorer)

OP posts:

Isawthathaggis · 20/08/2021 01:00

I don’t know OP, my dh snores like a jumbo jet taking off and I like it. It’s reassuring white noise that I’m positive has contributed to my children all being excellent sleepers.

Maybe you should move your tent tomorrow?


Franklyfrost · 20/08/2021 01:00


Someone you personally hate snoring next to you most be the worst!

OP posts:

MobyDicksTinyCanoe · 20/08/2021 01:03

Download a white noise app on your phone. It will drown it out.


Franklyfrost · 20/08/2021 01:05


This is not comforting. This is magimix on, magimix off, magimix on, magimix off, magimix on, magimix off…

True what you say about the children of snorers sleeping well, the younger children in our family are all good at sleeping when they need to even if it’s loud or light because they’re in a big household.

OP posts:

Franklyfrost · 20/08/2021 01:06


Good idea. I’ll try this. Thanks.

OP posts:

ErrolTheDragon · 20/08/2021 01:07

As well as not camping, of course they shouldn't go on overnight flights anywhere either. GrinThe wife of my former boss warned me that I should always make sure I was seated well away from him on return flights from work trips to the US as he would sit down, shut his eyes and snore the whole way back.


saltinesandcoffeecups · 20/08/2021 01:08

The good news is you are camping, you should have everything you need to find a lonely abandoned field to avoid snorers and the rest and to relax in desolate silence.

Oh you booked in a campsite that also has other people? Well then get over it.


wigglerose · 20/08/2021 01:09

I'm exhausted due to having a 7 month old with a cold and being kept up by DH who is snoring like mad.

Throw that apple OP.


Sunnygold · 20/08/2021 01:09

I’m afraid I would yell “Stop fucking snoring!” at the top of my voice.


Sweettea1 · 20/08/2021 01:09

I'll remember not to snore next time I go camping.


UrbanRambler · 20/08/2021 01:22

YANBU to feel frustrated by someone snoring loudly - my DH is like this and as a result we sleep in separate rooms now. It wouldn't be practical to ban snorers from campsites, but it's pretty selfish of them to go camping, knowing that it's likely their snoring will affect many other people nearby. I don't know what the solution is, but I feel your pain.


Airpit · 20/08/2021 01:23

Dear snorer,

You exist! Shock
Be gone!

Yours sincerely,
Perfect me who disturbs noone, ever. My family is so perfect that you can't hear them playing ball whilst you nap midday.
I could have booked the almost empty fishing trip but I wanted to be around people after being shut in all year. Just not people like you.


Itreallytiedtheroomtogether · 20/08/2021 01:28


The orchestra of snores is the worst sound in the world. I love camping but it really pisses on my chips.


user64325 · 20/08/2021 01:28

I'm a seasoned camper and often hear the off snore but occasionally come across snorers so loud you can hear them from the other side of a field. I agree it is spectacularly selfish to go to busy campsites if you are a very loud snorer.


AlwaysLatte · 20/08/2021 01:36

Eye plugs Grin
I think it's really unfortunate but not a ban-able offence. That said, a campsite where people were further apart than that would be nicer anyway.


SuperFairy · 20/08/2021 01:40

God I feel for you, my DH is a snorer and if he goes to bed before me and starts then I just cannot sleep. It’s maddening and the reason that I bought a super comfy mattress for our spare bed, for him not me….. 😂

Seriously though I would certainly be moving pitch, I couldn’t cope with Mr/s Snorey as a neighbour 💐


WineInTheBlood · 20/08/2021 01:40

So many people snore though. I do sympathise because my husband sounds like a freight train, but I think YABU because it's something so many people do and can't help. I've been camping loads of times and have heard multiple people snoring. If you're camping I think you have to accept it isn't going to be peaceful unfortunately.


eekbumbler · 20/08/2021 01:41

When we were camping the snorers didnt bother me, but there was one woman (not you OP) who made it clear she couldnt sleep, huffed and puffed all night, zip down, zip up, zip down and god help her when a random car alarm went off.

I don't think camping was for her. But she only ruined it for herself.

I assume when you say our mattress you mean you and partner? husband? put the ear plugs in and crack on.

I voted YABU.

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