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Best/worst/untraceable revenge

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namechangeforwrongdoing · 22/06/2021 21:12

Just tell me the best (worst?) but most untraceable acts of revenge/comeuppance that you've heard....Asking for a friend.....Wink

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Theploughwasshowingandorion · 02/07/2021 17:51


Name changed for this. Though I'm not sure if it counts as 'revenge,' as such.

A friend of mine received some horrific racial abuse from a chap on social media. It was so awful, it made her cry in the loos at work. I was outraged.

The chap in question was very indiscreet about using his real name online and connecting various social media accounts to his LinkedIn. When I found out who this person was - he touted himself as a professional - I gathered screenshots of the racial abuse (being sure to blur my friend's name out) and reported it to his local police force. They invited me in to give a statement, which I did. What he had done was a criminal offence.

I was later updated that the chap in question was arrested and charged. He couldn't deny it because the evidence was there. He now has a criminal record, I believe his highly professional workplace quietly let him go and his father, who was active in the multicultural/interfaith community, was highly ashamed of what his son had done.

And no, I don't regret it or feel sorry for the man. Though I do feel a little bit sorry for his father who quite clearly had integrity where his son did not. He should have thought about the consequences before racially abusing my friend.

Now I’d say this is justice, not revenge! and well deserved.

Most of these though make me feel uncomfortable and saddened for many of the involved parties. Used to teach a lot of Jacobean revenge drama and recommend them as a cautionary tale! Or pretty much any film about revenge -Horrible Bosses, Kill Bill etc (I highly recommend the Spanish language film Wild Tales on this theme!) - shows that revenge damages the avenger as much, or more, than the intended victim. Chinese proverb - ‘let he who seeks revenge dig two graves’
IcedSpice · 02/07/2021 23:22


MN HQ, should this thread be locked?

memberofthewedding · 03/07/2021 15:14

Sometimes you dont have to DO anything - you can use someone own wickedness to wreak revenge.

My NDN is a thief. One one occasion she accepted, opened and kept a mis-delivered courier parcel and made no attempt to let me know it was there or bring it around. I had to go with a male relative and threaten police involvement to get it. On another occasion the postwoman told me she had misdelivered a magazine there but they would not open the door to allow her to retireve it. The cover had my name/address on but again they made no attempt to bring it round - just kept it.

My idea is to order a glitter bomb (or similar) but have it sent to me, not NDN. So it will have my name/address on the label. Then later sneak around and leave it on her doorstep without opening it. She will assume it was a late or early delivery as the post people are coming at all kinds of hours just now. Well if she is honest and puts it back on my step or brings it round no problem. But if she is dishonest and opens it the glitter will go everywhere. She will freak out as I know she has an OCD about cleanliness.

She will have only herself to blame for stealing someone elses mail!

She cant even blame me for sending it! hahahahaha

TeddingtonTrashbag · 03/07/2021 16:50

She will have only herself to blame for stealing someone elses mail!

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