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Best/worst/untraceable revenge

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namechangeforwrongdoing · 22/06/2021 21:12

Just tell me the best (worst?) but most untraceable acts of revenge/comeuppance that you've heard....Asking for a friend.....Wink

OP posts:
WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll · 22/06/2021 22:13

I mean - can you even imagine the horror of being her in that moment?

No sympathy whatsoever. And it wasn't really revenge as such, I'd say - more just letting her realise that she'd been found out. Full-on revenge would have been something like spraying 'CHEAT' all over her car, so that everybody would see it (and probably photograph it and put it online).

By just replacing one ordinary car for another ordinary car in the same space, he was actually being very kind to her, as nobody but she would have had the faintest clue that anything was amiss.

Not that I'm complaining at you in any way for sharing it with us, you understand Grin

Kinvara11 · 22/06/2021 22:14

Shrimp inside the curtain poles!

Faranth · 22/06/2021 22:15

A bit of a 'served cold' one, if you can wait?

Spell cunt on their front lawn in daffodil bulbs Grin

SteffieIUI · 22/06/2021 22:16

Someone I know caught his wife cheating, they split but were living together for awhile. He took her engagement ring to the jewellers and got the diamond swapped for cubic zirconia!! About 2 years later he got some angry text messages when she went to resell it and had it valued at £50, genius! Best of all she still doesn't know whether he gave her a fake ring in the first place, the original jeweller conned them or if he swapped it later. He blocked her and let her work it out for herself !

Guavaf1sh · 22/06/2021 22:19

The best revenge is living well

Theunamedcat · 22/06/2021 22:19

Leave it he will soon treat her like shit and cheat on her too the best revenge would be getting on with your life and not being around when she needs a friend

Faranth · 22/06/2021 22:23

I can't remember where I heard it, but there was a story of someone who found their other half was cheating, and before they left and moved out they put prawn shells in either the curtain hems or poles, I can't remember.

The other half moved the affair partner in, and had no end of investigations into the smell, but couldn't find the source. In the end they sold the house for below market value because of the suspected drain problems.

When they moved, they took the curtains/curtain poles to the new house!

Rebootheplanet · 22/06/2021 22:23

How do you get a fake email address?

ElephantCup · 22/06/2021 22:24


I'll share a little revenge story with you.

So, a friend of a friend was having an affair. Mainly being conducted in hotels. She drove her own car but both her and her husband had keys to each other's cars and would chop and change sometimes as they had a tandem car parking space so sometimes easier to just take the others car for a quick shopping trip etc

So there's the background

Anyway - she's in this hotel with her affair partner. She's told her husband it's a business conference and she's driven there. All fine and believed

She comes out the hotel the next morning and can't see her car in the car park so she's panicking. About to report it as stolen when it dawns on her that the car in the space of hers is her HUSBANDS

Yep, she's been found out and as revenge, he's made her sweat and let her know he knows by basically driving out and swapping their cars

I mean - can you even imagine the horror of being her in that moment?

My friend told me a story about her mum, who when she split up with her dad still had a key for the car, that was hers, but was now being used by the other woman. It was quite a distinctive little car, and her mum would quite often see it out and about parked up. She would get in and move it around. Not far, just to a different part or floor of the car park, or round the corner. Or even just turning it around in the space so it was facing the other way. Just enough for the other woman to think she was going a little bit mad
Littlebluebird123 · 22/06/2021 22:24

@namechangeforwrongdoing sorry to hear that. I don't have a revenge story to share but the thread has made me chuckle. Hope you do too. Flowers

Bingbongbooo · 22/06/2021 22:25

@Faranth I just choked on my pepsi Grin

Ylvamoon · 22/06/2021 22:28

Having a greasy & expensive takeaway delivers to their address - payment in cash / by card upon arrival.
(Just ensure your number is withheld when ordering!
or cheap payg phone)

WorraLiberty · 22/06/2021 22:28

I read a revenge story in a magazine once.

The guy was apparently awful and liked everything in the house to be just so. The last row they had was because she didn't hang his clothes in 'colour order' in his wardrobe.

He ended up telling her 'she wasn't even fit to iron his shirts', so before she left, she pissed in a jug and filled his steam iron up 🤣🤣

Suzi888 · 22/06/2021 22:30

A work colleague found out her boyfriend was cheating on her, so she took his toothbrush and inserted it in to her back passage a good few times before placing it back in the toothbrush holder. Envy Not envy

StayCalmX · 22/06/2021 22:34


A weed killer message on the lawn?

Ha ha!!!
cafenoirbiscuit · 22/06/2021 22:34

Blow your nose on his clean underwear and put it back in the drawer

Ooopsi · 22/06/2021 22:34

Giving ex email for anything and everything, news letters, competitions, public WiFi

Small and harmless but satisfying

MyHairNeedsASnip · 22/06/2021 22:37

I saw a thing on tiktok where a large amount of blank keys were bought on eBay. They were attached to keyfobs with the victim's phone number and sprinkled across the city. Some easy to find, some in less well travelled places...

Speakuptomakeyourselfheard · 22/06/2021 22:38

My DH and I met while on holiday. He'd been seeing a woman prior to the trip we met on, and went home and told her it was over, he'd met someone else and wanted to explore the new relationship. A few months on, I moved into his flat. Her revenge for dumping her - a box of books from a book club with titles such as 'How to Kill Your Lover', 'Cheats Won't Survive', and various other titles along a similar vein. Not content with that, she then sent him a card telling him that she had an STD and that he and I should get ourselves checked - it was all lies. She then ordered a taxi to come to the house to pick him up at 3am. She visited in the middle of the night and keyed his car. Then finally she came to the flat in the early hours of the morning, rang the bell and started shouting and screaming about what a cheat he was, until finally we had to call the police. Other than the 'keyed' car, we found her various forms of retribution funny, but I did feel sorry for her that she couldn't take him ending the relationship, as it wasn't like he cheated on her really, as he finished the relationship as soon as he got home from the holiday. I'm so glad he did, as we've now been together for 29 years!

Teaandtoastedbiscuits · 22/06/2021 22:38

My ex left his email open on my tablet. While snooping I saw he had joined an online dating website. I was able to get into his profile and change his height to 5ft 2. He wasn't the tallest I the first place. I realise how petty that sounds but that's me.

TheCrowening · 22/06/2021 22:41

Pissing in their aftershave.

Womendohavevaginasnick · 22/06/2021 22:41

You need to 'forgive' your friend. Let it take time. Wait until you've been round a few times. Then, when your brave enough, start leaving fake used condoms (opened, stretched a bit, put some milk etc in and tie up) laid about. Stuff one down the side of the sofa or behind the toilet. If your extra brave, in their bed 😂

edwinbear · 22/06/2021 22:45

I can’t take the credit for the idea as I got it from MN, but I bought up all the domain names for his business. Best £100 I ever spent.

JudgeJ · 22/06/2021 22:46


Sewing something smelly into the lining of curtains.

Not my idea but heard it on a podcast the other day!

I recall a film where they put seafood inside the curtain poles, they were not found for months!
DeathByWalkies · 22/06/2021 22:46


Having a greasy & expensive takeaway delivers to their address - payment in cash / by card upon arrival.
(Just ensure your number is withheld when ordering!
or cheap payg phone)

Don't do that - the inevitable outcome of that is that the takeaway delivery driver is turned away without payment, and the business (probably small / local / independently run if they're doing cash on delivery) ends up out of pocket.

It's a dick move.
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