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AIBU in feeling harassed?

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KungFuPandaWorksOut20 · 17/04/2021 17:00

In the middle of March, RSPCA had knocked on our door. They had a complaint stating an animal was lay in the window not moving they presumed the animal was dead.

Understandably RSPCA came right around. The guy was very amused in finding not a dead dog on the windowsill, but our dog happily sun bathing. My dog gave a half hearted wag of the tail, looked at him and went straight back to sunbathing and watching the world go by.

RSPCA obviously said no more action needed. So imagine my surprise 6 days later when a female RSPCA worker showed up, her attitude was absolutely horrific.

The complaint this time was a lethargic dog on the windowsill with the suspicion of the dog being drugged, because of how unresponsive it was.

I told the Lady she could happily come in and have a look at our dog, just like her colleague had.

She refused and said she can see clearly from the window that the dog looks lethargic, not active and started asking what medication I give the dog that makes him so placid.

I told her he's on no medication, he's sat chilling at the window he's hardly gonna be active when he's lay down! She told me I need to hand over the dogs vet details, and she will discuss everything with my vet, and she can do monthly check ins with my vet making sure my dogs condition improves.

I told her he had no condition, she has no right to my dogs vet records and I will not be handing them over or giving consent. She told me that's suspicious and I would make it easier on myself by giving consent, if not she will get the police to return with her, so she can remove the dog!

I told her conversation was over with, I will happily deal with another colleague but not her, I also phoned RSPCA notifying them of this, and began the complaints procedure online in regards to her.

Thursday we went out for a walk with the dog, when returning home we had missed a calling card from the RSPCA. We called, and they said the inspector on the case will call back.

It was the first gentlemen from last time, he informed us the same complaint had been put in again but apparently the complainer had gone to the window to illicit a response from him and nothing.

They had placed 4 calls within the space of 2 days, and several photos of the dog asleep on the windowsill.

He sounded apologetic, but explained his hands are tied and he can't just close the case like the past 2 times, due to the amount of phone calls and photos sent across.

He claims RSPCA sent the photos over to an independent vet and the vet is showing concern over the "lethargic demeanor" he is displaying in the photos.

He has asked for us to book him into the vets ASAP and give him the report and then he can mark this down as malicious for a year.

I'm really horrified at the thought of someone coming into my garden taking photos through my living room window.

My issue isn't with the RSPCA they are just doing their job, it's whoever is doing this. He confirmed it was the same caller!

I honestly don't know why they are being malicious and acting like this. My anxiety has been sky high since finding out, is someone watching my house? How often are they coming into my garden taking photos? Do they get photos of Myself, two children and DN?

It's not like he barks, my Husband has worked from home since the start of the pandemic. So that is definitely ruled out.

My husband has suggested just stopping him from being on the front windowsill but in my opinion that doesn't solve the issue at all!

We are looking into getting cameras, but is that even legal someone taking photos through my window? Or am I being dramatic and someone is just trying to do a good deed.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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You are NOT being unreasonable
CausingChaos2 · 17/04/2021 17:03

The RSPCA have no legal powers over you as the police do. Honestly I’d just ignore them completely. You’ve shown that your dog is in good health, if they want to persue a civil case against you (which will cost them) then more fool them.

paintfairy · 17/04/2021 17:05

Jesus. Usually the rspca do naff all when there is an actual issue! They are being ridiculous. It shouldn't be down to you to prove the caller is malicious, clearly if the dog has food, and water, is happy - there's no problem? Mine has been passed out on the corner of our living room all afternoon (walked this morning) asleep. He's not drugged. Idiots.
I would definitely get a camera though so that you can see who it is doing it!

cameocat · 17/04/2021 17:06

I would also hate that. Can you close the curtains/ blind on that window for now and call 101 for their advice?

KungFuPandaWorksOut20 · 17/04/2021 17:08

I was thinking of calling 101, but then thought they would think I was a fruit cake.

In all honesty if I was close the blinds and curtains on him he would absolutely hate it.

I keep going to the window in the hopes of catching the person, it's making me really on edge.

OP posts:
Bakedbeanhead · 17/04/2021 17:10

Oh goodness me OP, I really feel for you. This is why I don’t give to the RSPCA anymore, I’ve heard too much about their strong armed tactics. It’s such a shame as they used to be one of my favourite charities.

Maybe just try to keep him off the windowsill for the time being , just until things die down.

Good luck x

millenialblush · 17/04/2021 17:11

I would pop a camera up pointing at your window.

Moonflower12 · 17/04/2021 17:13

I have had ridiculousness like this before. My pony lies down in the field totally flat, and someone called the RSPCA who duly turned up, and as they approached her, she jumped up and ran off.

I then had to prove to the Inspector, that she was well, to the person whose opening statement was 'I know nothing about horses...'.
Ummmm she's just run round the field?

Eventually after a couple of visits they agreed she was just lazy!

Neonprint · 17/04/2021 17:13

Could you speak to a neighbourhood police team? Tell them you feel harassed and you're not happy about somone coming on to your property to take pictures in your home. As it is fucking bonkers.

Do you have any idea who it could be? I'd get a cheap cvt camera from amazon too.

BuiltForComfortNotForSpeed · 17/04/2021 17:13

I second getting a camera to find out who it is that's repeatedly reporting you. Reporting once is concern, multiple times is verging on harassment.

FangsForTheMemory · 17/04/2021 17:14

I’d be complaining to the police about the RSPCA harassing me tbh. Animals like lying in the sun. My cat does it all day!

Lesssaideasymended · 17/04/2021 17:16

That is awful! My dog is a husky, known for their extremely high energy, if you interrupted her during a nap she’d barely lift her head to look at you.

Defo get a camera installed, I would not be happy at that at all

Sparklesocks · 17/04/2021 17:17

That’s awful. I also second a camera, sounds like a busybody not doing it for the dog’s benefit but for their own strange agenda.

UCOforAC12 · 17/04/2021 17:19

Camera and a call to 101 to log this as harassment.

Lesssaideasymended · 17/04/2021 17:19

I’d also be tempted to buy a realistic teddy bear of a dog and leave it in the windowsill for them

KungFuPandaWorksOut20 · 17/04/2021 17:19

We honestly have no clue who it is. That's what is concerning me so much. It feels like they're using the RSPCA to do their dirty work and hound us.

My husband asked if I wanted to go shopping before, and I said no because I'm paranoid about someone coming and taking photos.

OP posts:
DartmoorDoughnut · 17/04/2021 17:20

I would def put a camera up and then do them for harassment

Lesssaideasymended · 17/04/2021 17:20

Or stage a crime scene / murder in the room so they freak out

Sparklesocks · 17/04/2021 17:21

Maybe you could also put a little note up such as ‘I just like lying in the sun, I’m very happy and healthy - don’t worry if I look sleepy 😊’ but then the sort of person who keeps complaining probably militantly believes otherwise and there’s no changing their mind.

You think the RSPCA would drop it when they can clearly see the dog is OK despite the repeat calls. But admittedly I don’t know much about their process.

AuntyHope · 17/04/2021 17:21

I wonder if I'll have CPS out for my sunbathing tween as well? How ridiculous!

Must be so horrible feeling spied on like that. Whoever is doing it is either malicious or knows nothing about dogs (or both). If they are that worried surely they could knock or put a letter through the door?

Queenoftheashes · 17/04/2021 17:22

I would definitely get a camera - I couldn’t rest until I knew who this was.

SchrodingersImmigrant · 17/04/2021 17:24

I would absolutely consult with police that someone is regularly coming into your property and taking puctures. I would also be worried this is turning into a harassment.

Also, add a sign to the dog
"He is just chilling, stop coming onto my property."

Slayduggee · 17/04/2021 17:27

Is it possible to set up a small camera so you can catch the culprit. Could you encourage dear dog in the meantime to sunbathe somewhere else as the person who is reporting is clearly fixated!

DaphneDuBois · 17/04/2021 17:30

Get yourself a little Neos smartcam. £20 on Amazon. Plugs into the mains and point it at the window. It will record nosy fuckers at the window as well as your dog chilling.

BagORats · 17/04/2021 17:31

Put a sign in the window saying "dog is sunbathing leave it alone"

KungFuPandaWorksOut20 · 17/04/2021 17:31

The caller was told after the first visit he's just a a sunbathing lazy doggy, by the first RSPCA worker. But because the person has slightly changed the complaint each time it counts as a fresh complaint Angry

This is why it's feeling like I'm being harassed and RSPCA being used as the battering ram.

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