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AIBU in feeling harassed?

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KungFuPandaWorksOut20 · 17/04/2021 17:00

In the middle of March, RSPCA had knocked on our door. They had a complaint stating an animal was lay in the window not moving they presumed the animal was dead.

Understandably RSPCA came right around. The guy was very amused in finding not a dead dog on the windowsill, but our dog happily sun bathing. My dog gave a half hearted wag of the tail, looked at him and went straight back to sunbathing and watching the world go by.

RSPCA obviously said no more action needed. So imagine my surprise 6 days later when a female RSPCA worker showed up, her attitude was absolutely horrific.

The complaint this time was a lethargic dog on the windowsill with the suspicion of the dog being drugged, because of how unresponsive it was.

I told the Lady she could happily come in and have a look at our dog, just like her colleague had.

She refused and said she can see clearly from the window that the dog looks lethargic, not active and started asking what medication I give the dog that makes him so placid.

I told her he's on no medication, he's sat chilling at the window he's hardly gonna be active when he's lay down! She told me I need to hand over the dogs vet details, and she will discuss everything with my vet, and she can do monthly check ins with my vet making sure my dogs condition improves.

I told her he had no condition, she has no right to my dogs vet records and I will not be handing them over or giving consent. She told me that's suspicious and I would make it easier on myself by giving consent, if not she will get the police to return with her, so she can remove the dog!

I told her conversation was over with, I will happily deal with another colleague but not her, I also phoned RSPCA notifying them of this, and began the complaints procedure online in regards to her.

Thursday we went out for a walk with the dog, when returning home we had missed a calling card from the RSPCA. We called, and they said the inspector on the case will call back.

It was the first gentlemen from last time, he informed us the same complaint had been put in again but apparently the complainer had gone to the window to illicit a response from him and nothing.

They had placed 4 calls within the space of 2 days, and several photos of the dog asleep on the windowsill.

He sounded apologetic, but explained his hands are tied and he can't just close the case like the past 2 times, due to the amount of phone calls and photos sent across.

He claims RSPCA sent the photos over to an independent vet and the vet is showing concern over the "lethargic demeanor" he is displaying in the photos.

He has asked for us to book him into the vets ASAP and give him the report and then he can mark this down as malicious for a year.

I'm really horrified at the thought of someone coming into my garden taking photos through my living room window.

My issue isn't with the RSPCA they are just doing their job, it's whoever is doing this. He confirmed it was the same caller!

I honestly don't know why they are being malicious and acting like this. My anxiety has been sky high since finding out, is someone watching my house? How often are they coming into my garden taking photos? Do they get photos of Myself, two children and DN?

It's not like he barks, my Husband has worked from home since the start of the pandemic. So that is definitely ruled out.

My husband has suggested just stopping him from being on the front windowsill but in my opinion that doesn't solve the issue at all!

We are looking into getting cameras, but is that even legal someone taking photos through my window? Or am I being dramatic and someone is just trying to do a good deed.

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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Birminghambloke · 23/05/2021 04:58

Thankfully it’s now resolved but I’d leave a note in my window warning of cctv surveillance and that trespassers on your private property will be reported to the police. I’d research photos of your dog in your home being a data protection issue.

Clearly someone had a bit of a vendetta or was a complete nutter. Let’s hope they’re put in their place now for time wasting.

I’m amazed the RSPCA responded. Usually it’s “outside of their remit”. Perhaps the person was very persistent.

Tubs11 · 23/05/2021 05:17

I'd contact the RSPCA and ask for the details of the individual making the complaint, outlining you have concerns about someone coming on to private property taking photos especially with young children in the house. If they say no ask them to ask the complainant for consent otherwise you'll get the police to contact them see if that will put an end to the matter. I'd also get a camera.

AbsolutelyPatsy · 23/05/2021 07:21

you seem to have a nasty neighbour issue op, how horrible

AbsolutelyPatsy · 23/05/2021 07:21

or indeed a nutter

Embracingthechaos · 23/05/2021 07:22

What a bizarre thing...

I'm pleased to hear the case has been dropped for you but I would still contact the police. Something very weird has happened here and I think it should at least be logged...

Lightswitchesoffatnight · 23/05/2021 08:26

Great result @KungFuPandaWorksOut20

Our dog is like yours. After her walk she loves to sunbathe and is basically comatose for the rest of the morning.

Did you ever catch anyone on your camera?

YetAnotherSpartacus · 23/05/2021 08:27

How much is that doggy in the window?
The one with the non-waggly tail?
How much is that doggy in the window?
Let's send his owner to jail!

I hope that you continue to pursue this with the RSPCA - I suspect that the second officer has a lot to do with how you were treated.

You could also borrow Granny Weatherwax's sign "I aten't dead".

vdbfamily · 23/05/2021 08:52

I wonder if the RSPCA would pay your bets bill, or even better, ask the complainant to do so

vdbfamily · 23/05/2021 08:53

Vets bill

ohthejoys · 23/05/2021 09:01

Agree with others above about getting a camera but would also suggest using you phone to record your dog walks each day and little clips of your dog being active. Like a day in a dogs life diary! It’ll prove your dog has been active and can be viewed on the doorstep when anyone else comes calling to check! Could even be a fun project for your kids !

Theunamedcat · 23/05/2021 09:18

Get him his own Instagram snap pics of him running and playing and of course sleeping

Livelovebehappy · 23/05/2021 09:46

Whoever is reporting it is clearly concerned. It’s a PITA for you, but I would just comply. There’s horrific animal cruelty out there and reports have to be checked out, whether malicious or not. We have a cat round here that looks to be skin and bone. The neighbour has been reported numerous times, but people who know her know that the cat has a thyroid problem, and is not neglected, but I guess others who don’t know are well within their rights to report it.

Livelovebehappy · 23/05/2021 09:47

Just seen your update. All good in the end then.

Beautiful3 · 23/05/2021 09:54

I'm so glad you managed to get this case dropped. I was worried for you as it is stressful, and harassment through a third party. I have had similar after a fall out with a family member, now any more allegations are logged as malicious behaviour. The truth always comes out in the end. Keep your camera up, just in case though.

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 23/05/2021 10:46

I rather like the idea of being drugged and having a sunny spot to lie in.

Where is your windowsill and what availability do you have for the summer?

Maggiesfarm · 23/05/2021 11:18


Jesus. Usually the rspca do naff all when there is an actual issue! They are being ridiculous. It shouldn't be down to you to prove the caller is malicious, clearly if the dog has food, and water, is happy - there's no problem? Mine has been passed out on the corner of our living room all afternoon (walked this morning) asleep. He's not drugged. Idiots.
I would definitely get a camera though so that you can see who it is doing it!

In many ways, the RSPCA are pretty useless.
Viviennemary · 23/05/2021 11:25

The RSPCA need to act on complaints. You need to get the dog checked by a vet.

LaBellina · 23/05/2021 11:25

If the RSPCA has no legal rights to enforce anything, I would do the following steps.

  1. Send them an email in which you state that your dog is healthy, you’re being harassed by someone accusing you of drugging your dog and if they keep following up on these nonsense claims, they’re actively participating in the harassment. Any further attempts to contact you will be reported to the police as harassment.

2. Report to the police what has happened so far and if the RSPCA shows up again, warn them once to get off your property, if they are not complying, call the police.

3. Take your dog to the vet to get in their file that they’re healthy, just in case. Notify vet about what has been going on and tell them to never disclose any information about your dog to anyone who isn’t you or your husband.
4. Get surveillance cameras and gather proof against the stalker who is harassing you and accusing you behind your back. If you know who it is, go in with all guns blazing. Report to the police, send them an official letter trough sollicitor to warn them to never trespass or harass you again or legal action will be undertaken.

This would be my approach. I hate entitled people on a power trip and I have noticed threatening them with legal action and being serious about it, usually works.
KungFuPandaWorksOut20 · 23/05/2021 11:36


The RSPCA need to act on complaints. You need to get the dog checked by a vet.

They have no authority at all. Just like me knocking on your door stating you look unwell and demanding your medical records, you would tell me too fuck off.

I was advised by to play ball this once, then if it continues I can go for harassment.

You only need to look at some responses here that shows they are nothing but bullies and jobs worths.

To the poster who stated it was the 2nd RSPCA officer, you are correct. She must live locally, she has been picked up on our camera walking past a few times attempting looking in (Not coming into the garden, hovering over the wall on her tip toes whilst on her phone)
OP posts:
JudgeJ · 23/05/2021 11:38

Good job the RSPCA never saw my cat, we used to have a deep bay window and he spent all day as he got older lying there!

Many years ago when we lived in Germany I had a pair of fur snow boots, very realistic faux fur before anyone kicks off. Coming through Dover they were on the back seat and we were stopped by the Customs and told to remove our dog from the car! We called them Rover after that, really miss them too.

YetAnotherSpartacus · 23/05/2021 11:40

Are you keeping the footage OP?

I would be.

And I'd be sending it to the RSPCA.

treesandrocks · 23/05/2021 11:43

Glad it ended well but it must have been a worry for you.

It might be worth putting a Subject Access Request (SAR) to the RSPCA asking for copies of the information they hold about you. It might give you some idea of whether they really had multiple reports from someone or was it a malicious RSPCA worker with a good imagination on a power trip. Might put your mind at rest a bit.

KungFuPandaWorksOut20 · 23/05/2021 11:44

I'm also horrified she has wasted donations on this petty vendetta just cause I didn't respect her "authority"

Also if she's that dense she can't tell the difference between a sleeping sunbathing animal, between a dead/drugged dog I don't think she's in the right profession.

I know if I walked past a sleeping animal in a window my first thought wouldn't be are they dead, or what drugs have their owner slipped them.

OP posts:
KungFuPandaWorksOut20 · 23/05/2021 11:50


Are you keeping the footage OP?

I would be.

And I'd be sending it to the RSPCA.

Gonna bide our time, and wait. She obviously hasn't noticed she's on camera, we haven't told the other guy we've installed CCTV. We have also removed Chopsy from that window as well, may or may not have placed a stuff teddy bear there in his place 😁

So let's see if another Bull shit report happens next!
OP posts:
YetAnotherSpartacus · 23/05/2021 11:57

Poor Chopsy! A visit to the vet and having his favourite sun-snoozing spot usurped by a teddy bear.

To really make his life miserable you need to get a cat.


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