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AIBU in feeling harassed?

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KungFuPandaWorksOut20 · 17/04/2021 17:00

In the middle of March, RSPCA had knocked on our door. They had a complaint stating an animal was lay in the window not moving they presumed the animal was dead.

Understandably RSPCA came right around. The guy was very amused in finding not a dead dog on the windowsill, but our dog happily sun bathing. My dog gave a half hearted wag of the tail, looked at him and went straight back to sunbathing and watching the world go by.

RSPCA obviously said no more action needed. So imagine my surprise 6 days later when a female RSPCA worker showed up, her attitude was absolutely horrific.

The complaint this time was a lethargic dog on the windowsill with the suspicion of the dog being drugged, because of how unresponsive it was.

I told the Lady she could happily come in and have a look at our dog, just like her colleague had.

She refused and said she can see clearly from the window that the dog looks lethargic, not active and started asking what medication I give the dog that makes him so placid.

I told her he's on no medication, he's sat chilling at the window he's hardly gonna be active when he's lay down! She told me I need to hand over the dogs vet details, and she will discuss everything with my vet, and she can do monthly check ins with my vet making sure my dogs condition improves.

I told her he had no condition, she has no right to my dogs vet records and I will not be handing them over or giving consent. She told me that's suspicious and I would make it easier on myself by giving consent, if not she will get the police to return with her, so she can remove the dog!

I told her conversation was over with, I will happily deal with another colleague but not her, I also phoned RSPCA notifying them of this, and began the complaints procedure online in regards to her.

Thursday we went out for a walk with the dog, when returning home we had missed a calling card from the RSPCA. We called, and they said the inspector on the case will call back.

It was the first gentlemen from last time, he informed us the same complaint had been put in again but apparently the complainer had gone to the window to illicit a response from him and nothing.

They had placed 4 calls within the space of 2 days, and several photos of the dog asleep on the windowsill.

He sounded apologetic, but explained his hands are tied and he can't just close the case like the past 2 times, due to the amount of phone calls and photos sent across.

He claims RSPCA sent the photos over to an independent vet and the vet is showing concern over the "lethargic demeanor" he is displaying in the photos.

He has asked for us to book him into the vets ASAP and give him the report and then he can mark this down as malicious for a year.

I'm really horrified at the thought of someone coming into my garden taking photos through my living room window.

My issue isn't with the RSPCA they are just doing their job, it's whoever is doing this. He confirmed it was the same caller!

I honestly don't know why they are being malicious and acting like this. My anxiety has been sky high since finding out, is someone watching my house? How often are they coming into my garden taking photos? Do they get photos of Myself, two children and DN?

It's not like he barks, my Husband has worked from home since the start of the pandemic. So that is definitely ruled out.

My husband has suggested just stopping him from being on the front windowsill but in my opinion that doesn't solve the issue at all!

We are looking into getting cameras, but is that even legal someone taking photos through my window? Or am I being dramatic and someone is just trying to do a good deed.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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GrannyWeatherwaxsHatpin · 23/05/2021 12:05

I missed your original posts but having read through it, I'm glad it got sorted.

I've had a number of dealings with the RSPCA over the years, mostly to do with dumped and/or injured animals and they have been uniformly awful. In horse circles they're known for being dreadful and there being no point calling them (we call World Horse Welfare or the British Horse Society as they're much more help and for anything non-horsey I call the local police).

Never mind giving them any money, I wouldn't piss on the RSPCA if they were on fire.

ivykaty44 · 23/05/2021 12:07

Get a small recording device set on your outside window area

ivykaty44 · 23/05/2021 12:08


QuestionEverythingOrBeASheep · 23/05/2021 13:06


The RSPCA man has said if we don't hand something over from the vets, he will retrieve the dog with the police because they have a vet in agreement, but are vet trumps the vet they hired 🤔 which makes no sense.

How old is your dog? Some dogs are low energy and chill all day. My dog is high energy and still chills all day, that's what dogs do.

You could just do a wellness check and ask you vet to confirm he's healthy. Then tell the RSPCA you will report them for harassment if they continue to pursue the matter. Also talk to your local Police about the trespassing and malicious harassment.

Get a camera (completely legal) or a ring doorbell which will alert you every time someone comes onto your property and it will record it.

Then I would also put a note in the window.
me4real · 23/05/2021 13:18

YANBU and I've heard many awful things about the RSPCA. I mean, someone has decided to shitstir for you presumably, and the initial calls weren't the RSPCA's fault.

I just haven't heard good things about them.

All you can do is keep your head down and yep,I wouldn't let the dog stay on that windowsill when you can avoid it, as if the dog isn't there the person can't stir about it.

LaBellina · 23/05/2021 13:19

I would put up a note by the window that says : I know who you are, keep coming back so I can keep recording your trespassing for the legal file I’m building up.

me4real · 23/05/2021 13:19

Definitely get the vet info/evidence and give it to the RSPCA. Then hopefully they'll clear off.

Backtomyoldname · 23/05/2021 13:25

A ring doorbell camera will alert you to someone outside and film them. Pay for a subcription and the videos are saved.

I recall seeing a photo of a window, on facebook, with a sign saying that the cat is not dead but sleeping.

If RSPCA call again wanting you to take your dog to the vet suggest that they pay for the inspection.

Have a chat with any PCSOs who walk your way about this.

MatildaTheCat · 23/05/2021 13:27

Search far and wide for a taxidermy dog as similar to yours as possible and then place it in your window. You could place it in a different position each day for added effect. 🤣

RandomMess · 23/05/2021 13:29

I'm loving your style but sad Chopsey has been denied his favourite sunbathing spot. Although not much sun of late to bathe in.

mainsfed · 23/05/2021 13:29


I'm also horrified she has wasted donations on this petty vendetta just cause I didn't respect her "authority"

Also if she's that dense she can't tell the difference between a sleeping sunbathing animal, between a dead/drugged dog I don't think she's in the right profession.

I know if I walked past a sleeping animal in a window my first thought wouldn't be are they dead, or what drugs have their owner slipped them.

Is she a volunteer gone rogue with a power trip?
mainsfed · 23/05/2021 13:30


Search far and wide for a taxidermy dog as similar to yours as possible and then place it in your window. You could place it in a different position each day for added effect. 🤣

Or the mummified mother from Psycho!
Jux · 24/05/2021 13:13

When we first moved to this house, there was a small dog asleep in a neighbour's window. We assumed it was asleep, anyway. It was there everyday in exactly the same position, for weeks and weeks. We started asking each other if it was actually dead, perhaps an extremely good example of taxidermy? Months went by and the dog was there, to all intents and purposes, seemingly dead.

Incidentally, it was a very very good summer.

When the weather changed, autumn arrived, the dog was no longer there. Then we saw the owner leaving her house. With her dog. Very much alive, the pair of them.

Luckily, we hadn't truly believed the dog could be dead so hadn't reported it to anyone. In fact, the sun fell on that windowsill almost all day in the summer; now, in the autumn, it wasn't the dog's favourite place any more. When spring came, the dog was back.

RandomMess · 02/06/2021 18:03

@KungFuPandaWorksOut20 is DDog loving the sun and heat wave?

seepingweeping · 02/06/2021 18:14

Has anything else happened op?

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