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To ask how I can lose 2 stone in the quickest way possible?

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Ticktock40 · 11/04/2021 16:52

I know why I’m overweight, and I know a quick fix isn’t usually the answer but I’ve just found out I’m eligible for IVF on the NHS. The only downside is I have to lose 2 stone to bring my BMI below 30.

I’m in shock as I’d got my head around the fact we’d have to use savings/ get a loan and when you pay privately, your BMI is less of an issue.

Apparently there’s no waiting list either so the sooner I lose the weight, the sooner we can crack on. Time isn’t on our side, I’m nearing 40 and have been recommended starting ASAP.

I’ve done meal replacement diets in the past and the weight loss was quick but I couldn’t exercise. To be honest, I’ve done every diet ever. Sad
Any advice would be gratefully received.

OP posts:
Roszie · 11/04/2021 17:38

What's dry fasting?

LemonSwan · 11/04/2021 17:40

Test your carb tolerance with the cracker test. For me eating less carbs or more complex carbs like brown causes me to gain weight rapidly rather than loose it.

Once you know that adjust your carb amount and type - then go for the highest intermittent fasting you can. 16:8 is ridiculous - surely thats normal eating.

I standardly do 20:4 but I have eaten like that most of my life so its not difficult for me (I dont like breakfast or lunches)

Muchtoomuchtodo · 11/04/2021 17:42

Work out how many calories you can get by on.
Stick to that - you’ll need to be really honest about everything that passes your lips.
Increase you exercise. Every step and flight of stairs counts here. It all adds up.
Good luck

Ideclarethumbwar · 11/04/2021 17:43

Keto diet, combined with calorie counting and intermittent fasting.
My BMI is still over 40 but I just lost 22lb in 5 weeks. It might be a bit slower for you as you have less to lose.
Let me know if you want more details.

amusedbush · 11/04/2021 17:44

I did the Cambridge Diet (though Exante is much cheaper and the shakes taste as good) and lost 40lbs in 10 weeks.

I did the "step 2" plan which was 3 x 200kcal shakes plus a 200kcal low carb meal (I had two eggs and some veg) every day. After the first week, it's not difficult as the hunger goes away completely. I couldn't exercise on the plan but that suits me fine Grin

BJHair · 11/04/2021 17:44

I’m on ozmepic - I’ve lost 15 lbs since Feb 25 and I’m aiming for another half a stone by mid this time next month
I’m taking it as Im diabetic but i think it’s just starting to be available for weightloss

The other one is Saxenda which I had for diabetes but under a different name but Ozmepic is much better

LostInTime · 11/04/2021 17:46

What weight are you starting from? Two stones from 22 will be easier than two from 12.

Fast 800 is what I'd recommend in any case.

Ticktock40 · 11/04/2021 17:46

Wow, thank you all for your replies.

I am torn between VLCD (I actually have a box of exante shakes in the cupboard) or doing something that feels a bit ‘healthier’. I’m really aware of the mental and physical pressure my body is going to be put through. I also couldn’t exercise last time I did a VLCD and I’m currently doing C25k.

I need to pick something and commit. I’m hoping I can lose 2 stone in 8 weeks. (No visits to the pub for me!)

OP posts:
murbblurb · 11/04/2021 17:48

as you've repeatedly proved, diets don't work - especially not expensive sugar shake diets. They are not only disgusting, but a great way to be thoroughly miserable and a lot poorer. You'll pile the weight back on as soon as you stop, and that won't do your body any good if you are trying to get pregnant.

MN doesn't like this, but it is calories in vs calories out. You need to restrict the former (healthily) in whatever way works for you. Whether that is only eating between certain hours, eating while singing mantras, whatever - it doesn't matter.

watch out for hidden calories; anything labelled 'healthy' or 'diet' will be stuffed with sugar. Fruit and veg are not labelled 'healthy' or 'diet'.

Verite1 · 11/04/2021 17:48

Not read the thread but Fast800. I was not particularly strict - had a couple of days off a week but lost about a stone very easily.

Nola2468 · 11/04/2021 17:49

Have a look at Noom, I’ve done the body coach before and it’s great but not so much for loosing weight (although I did loose inches).

You can have a 2 week trial with Noom and it gives you a projection as to when you’ll get to your goal weight also.

I love the body coach and use the app for the workouts and some meal ideas but have found that the food side of Noom is far more sustainable than following any sort of meal plan as you do with the body coach. Good luck!

samlovesdilys · 11/04/2021 17:50

I list 4 stone last year with slimming world if you can cope with the patronising tone of the meetings!! Combined it with C25K and really see a difference (and managed to maintain since November...)

ThatOtherPoster · 11/04/2021 17:51

The Scarsdale Duet. I did it when I was about your age and lost 4 stone in 4 months. It’s just a really strict low carb, lowish fat diet where he tells you what to eat every day - just wholesome natural normal meat, fish, eggs, cheese, veg and fruit. It’s so strict that it becomes easy. And it’s FAST. You can lose up to a stone in a week although I never achieved that.

Buy the book on Amazon, it’s 99p.

mamaoffourdc · 11/04/2021 17:52

1200 calories and use MyFitnessPal

BakewellGin1 · 11/04/2021 17:53

I lost 18lb in 3 weeks and need to remotivate for another stint.

The main things
Calorie Deficit (I went to 1000 a day),
Walk 15000 steps a day, no chocolate, Crisps, biscuits, cakes, bread etc
Lots of veg, protein

This time round I'm going to add in fasting so only eat between say 12 and 5 (I don't do mornings other then coffee so seems easiest hours for me)

roguetomato · 11/04/2021 17:54

I don't have good suggestion, but I think it's such a great incentive to lose weight. Not just for getting ivf, but also for better, healthier life.
Good luck!

ShinyGreenElephant · 11/04/2021 17:57

5:2 works for me, if I want to lose weight quick then I will exercise on all 5 days I'm not fasting - 2 hiit, 2 runs and a strength training day is what I used to do. 2 stone in 8 weeks is 100% achievable

XingMing · 11/04/2021 17:58

ABCD... no alcohol, no bread, no chocolate, no dairy.

whataboutbob · 11/04/2021 17:58

I am a state registered dietitian and overall I agree with murbblurb. I think in part showing them you are serious and have lost weight might be enough even if it isn’t the 2 stone. VLCDs might work in the short term but they mess up your metabolism as your body goes into starve mode, metabolism slows down and anything you eat beyond the VLCD when you inevitably come off it, will be stored as fat. I think 5:2 is just about ok ( eating moderate amounts eg 1500-1800 5 days a week and 800 kcal 2 days a week. I’d advise against anything more intense. I do believe that controlling carbs can help control appetite so avoid toast, biscuits, crisps etc between meals. A good protein intake at breakfast can help control appetite later in the day eg scrambled eggs/ kippers and poached eggs. Good luck!

toocold54 · 11/04/2021 17:59

Is dry fasting where you don’t drink?!

Do not do this OP!
You’ll lose water from your body but not actual fat so you’ll end up replacing the water loss very quickly.

If you have kidney issues I’d steer clear of keto as I did this and didn’t lose any weight and ended up with damaged kidneys. Many people do it and don’t have these issues though.

cherrypiepie · 11/04/2021 18:00

I had the exact same thread in weight los chat and some one suggested James Duncan diet.

It's brilliant -google it. It's brutal but so effective. Lost 5-7lbs a week. Download nutracheck aim for 1000 cals a day.
Do James Duncan for 1 week then two weeks off in the off weeks I did nutracheck 1000 ish cals per day. Eg 1 piece of dry toast for breakfast, fruit (pear banana and kiwi melon) one Ryvita and one cheese slice.
Tea would be small portion of family dinner. 1 biscuit for pudding or fruit

Plan and stick to fridge and do not deviate.

Cinnamon supplement can help similar way to metformin.

Good luck with your ivf I have one month to referral and had one stone to lose. It's so tough. I also had covid with did not help at all. I'm 41.
My BMI is 31 now so close yet so far!

whataboutbob · 11/04/2021 18:00

My fitness pal is good to help you see what is actually in the eat ( often a lot more calories than you realise).

Tipsylizard · 11/04/2021 18:02

I did the following programme:

Not for the faint hearted but designed to be strict for 8 weeks and worked a treat for me. Based on the blood sugar diet so no sugar or processed carbs. Includes daily exercises (basic or extended) and has access to a Facebook group which is quite motivating for staying on tack. Quite cheap too. Also you dont need to be a mum.

LimitIsUp · 11/04/2021 18:02

I started dieting on January 14 and by this Saturday (in 12 weeks) I had lost 1 stone 10.5 lbs (so just 3.5 lbs short of 2 stone)

I've been doing 5:2

No increase in exercise (just stuck with my usual dog walking), and had I do cardio and weight training I guess it could have been quicker. However I'll take an average weight loss of 2lb per week

HyggeHeart · 11/04/2021 18:05

Fast 800 omichael moseley) ! Really healthy food and quick weight loss. I've really enjoyed all the recipes from books and lost weight quickly for the first time since I hit 40!

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