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To ask how I can lose 2 stone in the quickest way possible?

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Ticktock40 · 11/04/2021 16:52

I know why I’m overweight, and I know a quick fix isn’t usually the answer but I’ve just found out I’m eligible for IVF on the NHS. The only downside is I have to lose 2 stone to bring my BMI below 30.

I’m in shock as I’d got my head around the fact we’d have to use savings/ get a loan and when you pay privately, your BMI is less of an issue.

Apparently there’s no waiting list either so the sooner I lose the weight, the sooner we can crack on. Time isn’t on our side, I’m nearing 40 and have been recommended starting ASAP.

I’ve done meal replacement diets in the past and the weight loss was quick but I couldn’t exercise. To be honest, I’ve done every diet ever. Sad
Any advice would be gratefully received.

OP posts:
jellybellynomore · 18/04/2021 22:02

@Ticktock40 yes please Ticktock! X

Marbsyearofhealth · 18/04/2021 22:10

Yes please @Ticktock40

Ticktock40 · 19/04/2021 06:58

Here’s the link for anyone who’d like to join me.

@BlueDahlia69 that’s great, well done. Smile

OP posts:
MsTSwift · 19/04/2021 07:10

I lost 2 stone in 4 months and kept it off.

Cardio most mornings (turbo) for an hour
Intermittent fasting so eat between 12-7.30
Pm only
Cut back on biscuits booze cake crisps etc try and keep these to weekends only
Main meal same as always but on smaller plate to reduce portion size
Broadly calorie count so aware of what I eat not mindless shovelling
Was 11st 9 size 14 now 9st 12 size 10

radiah1994 · 09/06/2023 14:38

Can you tell me what meals you ate in your eatinh window pleases

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