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To ask how I can lose 2 stone in the quickest way possible?

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Ticktock40 · 11/04/2021 16:52

I know why I’m overweight, and I know a quick fix isn’t usually the answer but I’ve just found out I’m eligible for IVF on the NHS. The only downside is I have to lose 2 stone to bring my BMI below 30.

I’m in shock as I’d got my head around the fact we’d have to use savings/ get a loan and when you pay privately, your BMI is less of an issue.

Apparently there’s no waiting list either so the sooner I lose the weight, the sooner we can crack on. Time isn’t on our side, I’m nearing 40 and have been recommended starting ASAP.

I’ve done meal replacement diets in the past and the weight loss was quick but I couldn’t exercise. To be honest, I’ve done every diet ever. Sad
Any advice would be gratefully received.

OP posts:
MyLifeNow20 · 11/04/2021 19:24

Have a look at Team RH on fb, they are brilliant

HavelockVetinari · 11/04/2021 19:24

Given you have to lose the weight really quickly I'd do one of the extreme options (Exante, Scarsdale or Cambridge). Slow and steady won't help, especially given your age (sorry - I'm a veteran of 8 rounds of IVF if that makes you feel any better).

It'll suck, and you'll likely need to ditch C25K in favour of plenty of walking (aim for 10,000 steps per day).

If you accept it'll be shite but it's short term you'll get through it. Choose a few non-food treats to look forward to as rewards for getting through another week, and decide how you'll deal with cravings in advance, dependent on time of day (so if it's in the morning, immediately drink a coffee whilst walking round the block. If it's in the evening, paint your nails, watch a fave film or have a bath with nice smellies).

Smartypoppet · 11/04/2021 19:25

Eat less, exercise more. It's not exactly complicated. Three meals a day, small portions and no treats or snacking in-between. Drinking a pint of water every time you are hungry in-between meals.

JamesMiddletonsMarshmallows · 11/04/2021 19:25

Burn off more calories than you consume. It's the only way to lose weight

HavelockVetinari · 11/04/2021 19:26

Also - make sure you're taking 800mg of folic acid per day (you need more if you're obese) and start on CoQ10 600mg per day.

Also - try reading 'It Starts With The Egg' for more tips

SubCoral · 11/04/2021 19:28

Strict Keto. The Fast800 cook book is a great start as it’s got a 2-week meal plan in the back. I stuck to that religiously and dropped 2 stone of fat in 2 months. It’s stayed off. You can’t cheat though, as you drop out of keto. I used the urine dip sticks every morning to test.

lemonsaretheonlyfruit · 11/04/2021 19:34

On I'm sold on fast 800. That's my reading sorted for later

IvyMittlefart · 11/04/2021 19:38

I lost 2.5 stone last year through calorie counting and running. Took about 4 months as had a few off weeks for birthdays/a mini break/family lunches. If really committed could have done it faster. Good luck.

leftistbimbo · 11/04/2021 19:43

If I were you I would invest in some PT sessions with a trainer who also does nutrition. A PT can motivate and guide you through workouts, and there are plenty about who will also help you with meal planning etc. You are much more likely to lose the weight if you are exercising as well as changing your diet. Good luck!

Doomsdayiscoming · 11/04/2021 19:44

Exercise and eating healthily.

AutomaticMoon · 11/04/2021 19:48

Intermittent fasting; carnivore diet; no carbs. There’s YouTube videos from Nina Teicholz about corruption in food nutrition science and the diets I mentioned.

GivenchyDahhling · 11/04/2021 19:51

The only diet I’ve lose serious weight on was the Dukan diet, and it stayed off for six years. Unfortunately I gained 4 stone in pregnancy and lockdown/severe lack of willpower means I’ve not lost any of that 18 months down the line. I started Dukan again yesterday - I looked back on the website etc and it’s seems to have gone massively out of fashion now but am feeling motivated for the first time in a long time.

Good luck to you whatever you choose to do

TheDuchessofHaste · 11/04/2021 19:54

As you probably already know, calorie counting doesn't work. Ignore everyone saying losing weight quickly is dangerous: it isn't and in your case totally justified. Forget the exercise it's an added extra you just don't need that will make you hungry so you are off the hook on that one. 90% weight loss is in the kitchen 10% gym so that's why. You need to get your insulin levels under control so you aren't having peaks and troughs and starving hungry so the only way to do that is low carb. Any type of low carb diet is fine, Atkins, keto whatever you think best. You'll drop it quickly after the first three very bad days (stay in bed if you need to!) you can eat as much as you want as long as it's protein. X

BlueDahlia69 · 11/04/2021 19:54

Congratulations on your IVF/NHS OP, good luck with your weight loss plan which ever one you choose.

freeandfierce · 11/04/2021 19:57

I'm on slimfast having done every diet going, got 1.5 stone to lose. I've lost 8lbs in 12 days, stuck to it religiously. Two shakes, evening meal of pan fried fish with loads of fresh veg (Ratatouille my favourite), organic Greek yoghurt and piece of fruit. Loads of water plus a speed walk before work then 10,000 steps after work. Feel energised and that stubborn weight is going. Good for a kick start to re-set your eating habits and give yourself a boost. Saved me lots of money too at 40p a shake.

Lineofconcepcion · 11/04/2021 20:02

Halve your portions. No carbs, no sugar.

Doomsdayiscoming · 11/04/2021 20:03


Exercise and eating healthily.

Oh and changing your attitude.

If you are just losing the weight to be able to duck under the NHS IVF limit, then you are not doing it for the right reasons.

The limits aren’t just there to offend or exclude, they are there as there is a limited amount of funding available and those with the best chances of IVF working should receive the treatment.
MySocalledLoaf · 11/04/2021 20:08

Whatever you do track your protein and keep it high as this is thought to play a role in ivf success.

52andblue · 11/04/2021 20:08

Good luck OP.
You have the best motivation in the world to do this :}

Eg2016 · 11/04/2021 20:12

@dotdashdashdash I don't suppose you have a referal code for the slim and save do you?

INeedNewShoes · 11/04/2021 20:14

Please don't do a diet that means you'll be limiting proper nutrients from easily absorbable sources. Any crash diet, severe calorie control, replacement milkshakes etc. are not actually going to lead to healthy changes that are sustainable or put your body in the best condition to conceive.

Gearing up for fertility treatment, I'd want to be focusing on getting a good intake of Vitamin B from various sources (eggs, oily fish, avocados, green leafy veg) as well as plenty of protein, calcium, and other vitamins.

Read up on the nutrients that support conception and a healthy pregnancy and focus on getting those.

If you focus on calories that are nutrient dense you'll naturally feel fuller on a healthier diet. This is what I did during fertility treatment. I took the view that at least if the treatment failed, I would know I'd done what I could with my diet.

Mooey89 · 11/04/2021 20:15

I had surgery last year. Before I did it, I had to do the liver reduction diet. Google it. I lost 1.5 stone in 2 weeks. It’s Hardcore though but better than shakes!

thefishthatcouldwish · 11/04/2021 20:15

I am not saying this is good for sustainable weight loss but for IVF I lost in 5 weeks 10kg through low carb calorie counting and walking 15/20000 steps a day .

I had signed the consent forms and was ready to go but had put on kg after dad passed taking my BMI too high.

Hyacinth88 · 11/04/2021 20:25

For me it works to cut out carbs AMAP for as long as possible.
The longest I've lasted is 10 days! But in that time I lost 9lbs.
Thrn I switch to low calories and loads of exercise.
After doing the no carbs the low calorie carbs seem like a treat.
I lost 2.5 stone in 12 weeks. Starting weight 11st 1

Londontown12 · 11/04/2021 20:25

Good luck op and Thankyou for starting this thread ! Just ordered the fast 800 books ! X

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