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To ask how I can lose 2 stone in the quickest way possible?

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Ticktock40 · 11/04/2021 16:52

I know why I’m overweight, and I know a quick fix isn’t usually the answer but I’ve just found out I’m eligible for IVF on the NHS. The only downside is I have to lose 2 stone to bring my BMI below 30.

I’m in shock as I’d got my head around the fact we’d have to use savings/ get a loan and when you pay privately, your BMI is less of an issue.

Apparently there’s no waiting list either so the sooner I lose the weight, the sooner we can crack on. Time isn’t on our side, I’m nearing 40 and have been recommended starting ASAP.

I’ve done meal replacement diets in the past and the weight loss was quick but I couldn’t exercise. To be honest, I’ve done every diet ever. Sad
Any advice would be gratefully received.

OP posts:
RobboCop · 12/04/2021 05:25

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Backtoblack1 · 12/04/2021 05:39

Placemarking as I also need to shift some weight...

LunaNorth · 12/04/2021 05:44


As you probably already know, calorie counting doesn't work. Ignore everyone saying losing weight quickly is dangerous: it isn't and in your case totally justified. Forget the exercise it's an added extra you just don't need that will make you hungry so you are off the hook on that one. 90% weight loss is in the kitchen 10% gym so that's why. You need to get your insulin levels under control so you aren't having peaks and troughs and starving hungry so the only way to do that is low carb. Any type of low carb diet is fine, Atkins, keto whatever you think best. You'll drop it quickly after the first three very bad days (stay in bed if you need to!) you can eat as much as you want as long as it's protein. X

That’s funny because I’ve lost two stone counting calories and eat lots of carbs.

Most odd.
KinseyWinsey · 12/04/2021 05:46

@BlueDahlia69 I am not a runner but Couch to 5k helped me run 5k three or four times a week last summer.

I stopped over the winter but have just started again and am on Week 3.

It's very gradual. You can always repeat weeks if you're not ready to move on.

Give it a try. Take it slowly but keep doing it. That's all that matters. That you keep doing it however slowly.

BlueDahlia69 · 12/04/2021 05:57

[quote KinseyWinsey]@BlueDahlia69 I am not a runner but Couch to 5k helped me run 5k three or four times a week last summer.

I stopped over the winter but have just started again and am on Week 3.

It's very gradual. You can always repeat weeks if you're not ready to move on.

Give it a try. Take it slowly but keep doing it. That's all that matters. That you keep doing it however slowly.


thank you, Im definitely going to try it.

I'll source the quietest route lol.

Sightforsoreeyez · 12/04/2021 08:15

OMG no not the LA times!! How about you go after the people telling the OP to inject herself with saxenda.

ferntwist · 12/04/2021 08:16

Such good ideas here, thank you

knitonedropone · 12/04/2021 08:21

My gp advocates only eat green salad and nothing else bar one piece of lean protein a day for rapid weight loss before surgery or similar when necessary.

ladygindiva · 12/04/2021 08:24

Give up sugar and do at least 10000 steps a, day. I lost 1.5 stone in 2 months this way. ( brought me to target weight and in healthy bmi range )

randomer · 12/04/2021 08:42

I agree with give up sugar.I did this and with no effort lost half a stone.Unfortunately,as it is a drug ,I restarted and gained it back.

lolypoly · 12/04/2021 08:49

My fitness pal, walking and counting the calories. I was 13 stone 10. I cut back to 1200 calories a day, plus one takeaway a week. Did about an hours walking a day and lost 2 stone in 2 months.

ImFree2doasiwant · 12/04/2021 09:37

@Ticktock40 I'm really keen to join you. I've been struggling to get going with anything, and losing and gaining the same half stone for a year . I have 3 stone to lose but would be thrilled with 2 stone

Are you carrying this thread on?

MaryIsA · 12/04/2021 09:40

Stop any junk. Eat protein veg and very small amount of carb. Do an hours fast walking a day - every day. Plain water or no milk in tea - no squash or anything.

bathmatty · 12/04/2021 09:40


Ticktock40 · 12/04/2021 11:13

@ImFree2doasiwant I would absolutely love for you to join me. There’s been so much amazing advice given here, and some great success stories too.

Today had started well! A cup of tea and a litre of water. Ha! Heading out for a big walk with the dog shortly too. Halo

OP posts:
fairycakes1234 · 12/04/2021 11:32



not helpful or funny
fairycakes1234 · 12/04/2021 11:35


Thank you so much for the advice and supportive messages. I am so crap at losing weight but I’ve never had a motivation quite like this!

After reading all your advice I’m going to try to only eat between 11am and 7pm (18:6) I’m going to reduce my calories to 800-1000 and I’m going to keep going with c25k. I’m also going to walk 10-12000 steps a day, drink tonnes of water and generally try and take better care of myself.

I’m feeling really positive, and I’m going to keep coming back here to read your supportive comments if I feel my willpower slipping! Grin

Best of luck with evething, you have all the motivation so you wil do it xx
ImFree2doasiwant · 12/04/2021 11:39


I've got some shakes leftover so am going to use these up as a kick-start, with ahealthy evening meal, then switch to calorie counting

VeganVeal · 12/04/2021 12:51

2lbs of mouldy plumbs

2ndAugust · 12/04/2021 15:00

Mfp no sugar no carbs- combination of keto and Michael Moseley- 2 stone 3 months. 1 more to lose, and I am never hungry. I sit down all day so was very strict at keeping under 800 calories.

Gwenhwyfar · 12/04/2021 15:33


It’s really simple! (But takes will power to stick to!)
Cut out all heavily processed foods. That’s it!
That means:
No refined sugar. No wheat. No alcohol except the occasional sprit.
No pasta, no rice, no noodles, no white potato (an occasional sweet potato ok)
No oats - porridge
No cereal
Most importantly no bread or any bread products!
No sugary foods at all except berries, apples, fruit. Be careful with just the occasional banana.
Handful of almonds as a snack fine.
You are aiming for eggs and protein for breakfast
Salad with protein or a homemade soup for lunch.
Protein (chicken or pork or beef or fish) with veg or more salad for dinner.
Snacks are fruit and a few almonds or plain greek youghurt or carrot / cucumber sticks with hummus
No sugar in tea or coffee.
It’s basically the primal diet. It works- fast. The weight literally drops of in weeks but you have to stick to it. Any lapses in sugar or processed carbs will majorly slow it down

White potato isn't heavily processed is it?
Singsomethingsimple · 12/04/2021 17:22

Another vote for My Fitness Pal app. Buy all the Hairy Dieter cook books and vary what you eat so you don't get bored. I know lots of 100 calorie treats so I never feel too deprived. Walk as much as you can. I lost 2lbs a week initially and now it's a steady 1lb a week.

Chickoletta · 12/04/2021 17:22

Slimming World.

Rokerwriter · 12/04/2021 17:25

Try Joe Wicks - his recipes are easy and tasty, usually for just one person, so they're easy to do for yourself or multiply if there's two or more to feed. You're allowed three proper full meals a day and two snacks, so you never feel you're going without. The portions were always generous, certainly always enough and often far more than I need - and I have a large appetite. I did his 90-Day plan starting in September and had lost a stone by Christmas, and I wasn't particularly overweight to begin with, I just needed to shift that last annoying half stone. With the 90 Day plan you get access to exercise videos as well, which I didn't do much because I was already exercising two or three times a week, but they would have been helpful if I wasn't. There's also his app now, but I have no idea how good that is, I just use the recipes I got sent last year and do my own exercise.

Pegasus12 · 12/04/2021 17:30

I have lost 2 stone 1 pound since March 1 on Slimming World with a bit of a lapse over Easter. It’s actually not awful. And I have a Peleton bike and get a session or two in every day. SW works for me because I gain weight from wine. And that kind of has to go. Good luck OP. Losing weight takes effort.

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