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To Think Other Customers Should Let You Go Before Them If You Only Have Say One Item?

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EternalOptimist7 · 11/04/2021 13:30

Quite often people do & I will myself, especially if I’ve got a big trolleyful, and I find it annoying if people don’t. A woman in Aldi this morning saw that I only had some microwave steam bags but never budged!

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Am I being unreasonable?


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IamHyouweegobshite · 11/04/2021 14:13

Meh I can't get worked up about this. I have, on many occasions, let people in, but at the end of the day it's only if I have time to spare. The amount of times I've joined a queue with 1 or 2 items and I don't go ahead, or in fact I'm behind someone with hardly anything and it's like watching a film in slow motion. So now, I can't be arsed, I get my shopping delivered. Smile

Loshad · 11/04/2021 14:14

Agree with others, if someone lets you great, but no entitlement to this. And you may well be the third person who has come up behind them, they might be in a tearing hurry etc etc

chocolatesaltyballs22 · 11/04/2021 14:14

Isn't that what the express self checkout tills are for?

OwlBeThere · 11/04/2021 14:15

I often don’t because I have hidden mobility issues that mean by the time I reach the till I’m in a lot of pain and don’t want to be standing any longer than is strictly necessary.

shivawn · 11/04/2021 14:16

No but its nice if they do. I would never expect it though.

lazyarse123 · 11/04/2021 14:17


Why's your time more important than mine?

I was going to say this. I have let people go before me but as pp have said these days all I concentrate on is getting out.
BrightYellowDaffodil · 11/04/2021 14:19

I never understand people who buy 1 item at a big supermarket with long queues like Aldi

If I just need 1 veg, I’d get it at coop or Tesco metro or a small corner shop

You really can't even begin to think why? Do you think that maybe there isn't another smaller shop nearby? Or it's not close enough to walk to if you don't drive? Or Aldi is cheaper? Hmm

Back to the original question, if I notice and I've got time then I'll let them go ahead. But sometimes I'm in a rush and I need my queue place!

BronwenFrideswide · 11/04/2021 14:24

If someone allows you to go ahead it is done as a courtesy, they are not obliged to.

If I have a full trolley, I have just started unloading it on the checkout as the person in front has finished and someone comes up with a couple of items/small basket then I will offer to let them go ahead since it won't hold me up and actually gives me more time to unload and organise my shopping.

I usually ask if that's all they've got and if they say yes let them go in front. Just in case their partner comes running along to join them with a full basket!

I tend to do the above, also if they are elderly, disabled or mums with fractious children. It doesn't particularly inconvenience me so it's not an issue.

Babygotblueyes · 11/04/2021 14:24

I try to do this but if I am running an errand in my lunch time or am really busy and pressed for time I dont, and dont feel obligated to. I have been in the situation plenty of times where I am waiting while I only have one or two items and would never take it from granted someone should make way for me. Nice if they can, but you cant expect it.

SteveArnottsbeadyeyes · 11/04/2021 14:26

I tend to let someone go if they have one or two items - but sometimes you don’t notice- or have already let someone in front.
Also for one or two items I’d usually use the self service or the cashier bit if there is one.

LizB62A · 11/04/2021 14:28

Nope there's almost always a self scan till with a shorter queue you could use.
YABU and entitled

mooonstone · 11/04/2021 14:30

I disagree

I am usually that person who’s only buying a small amount of items (eg drink and salad for lunch or whatever). If the queue is too long, I’ll just think “fuck it” and go somewhere else. If I stay, I do so knowing I’ll have to wait longer. I don’t expect anyone to let me go first (though they usually offer)

Pretty much everywhere I shop has self checkouts so this is a non issue for me though. If it happens to you often, just shop at eg Tesco vs Aldi

KatherineJaneway · 11/04/2021 14:31

If you don't ask, I'd assume you were OK with waiting your turn.

FireflyRainbow · 11/04/2021 14:31

I usually let people go infront of me if they only have a few things. I say usually as I didn't the last time as I looked and the guy behind me had 2 things, person behind them had 1 thing and the person behind them only had a few things too. I didn't want to let the whole queue ahead of me so I didn't offer the guy behind me.

FireflyRainbow · 11/04/2021 14:32

Last time someone let me go infront of them my product wouldn't scan and ended up taking ages and I felt bad

StripedLeopard · 11/04/2021 14:33

It's nice if they offer, but unreasonable of you to expect it

rwalker · 11/04/2021 14:34

It's a nice thing to do I work opposite an aldi no other shops near and can be stood in que at dinner with 1 sandwich and cash card in hand.

last week woman in front looked then proceeded to put her 2 trolleys of shopping on the belt . Pissed about packing it whilst it going through the till holding cashier up .Then when she come to pay pissing about with bags and handbag looking for card as if it was a surprise she had to pay .

Carryonlikeaporkchop · 11/04/2021 14:37

I live in France and always offer to let people go in front if they only have a few items. It doesn't seem to be a "thing" where we are and I often get looked at with amazement as if I have suggested peeing in their basket Grin

DontBeRidiculous · 11/04/2021 14:37

No, YABU. No-one "should" do this. For one thing, they may not notice what the person behind them is buying. Or maybe they are already running late or have a medical condition or an obligation that means they need to get home/to work/wherever as soon as possible.

It's nice if people do this, but we should never expect it.

DoubleDeckerSwimmer · 11/04/2021 14:40

I very often let people through.

If I don't it it because I am in a hurry (e.g. my lunchbreak) or because I have already let several people through.

Should not be expected.

EmbarrassingAdmissions · 11/04/2021 14:41

I agree with PPs - I do this but nobody is entitled to it.

Interestingly, I offer to let people go ahead of me irrespective of the amount of shopping if a child is distressed or there's some disruption on display but sometimes the adults refuse because they say that (effectively) it's inappropriate reinforcement of the behaviour.

EternalOptimist7 · 11/04/2021 14:41

Our Aldi doesn’t have an express queue or self serve tills. I only bought one item because the thing I wanted to get from the middle aisles wasn’t in stock.
Should have known not to put this in AIBU!

OP posts:
EternalOptimist7 · 11/04/2021 14:42

If someone’s running late or has a medical condition etc, it will make very little difference letting one item through first when they have loads

OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 11/04/2021 14:44

Our Aldi has just main tills with big queues, that's why I never go in there.
Considering Lidl and Aldi have to keep opening/closing tills and you're there waiting for staff to man them you'd think Scan as You Shop would be something they'd jump at having. Hardly any till staff required.

HidingFromDD · 11/04/2021 14:45

Yanbu to think it's a nice thing to do. Yabu to expect it and get annoyed if people don't do it. Sometimes I do, but sometimes I'm on a really tight timescale, or have already let someone else in, or am basically just completely knackered and want to get out quickly. Your time isn't more important than anyone else's

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