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AIBU to be uncomfortable about this kind of breastfeeding picture posted on social media?

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Swoonforpeterbishop · 02/04/2021 22:55

I’m not going to post the actual picture as then I’d just be getting more people to look at it but a small time influencer has posted a picture of her and her baby breastfeeding, both very clearly naked, in order to advertise some breast milk jewellery.
You can barely see the jewellery but can clearly see mum and child are naked - very flattering shot of the mother and a lovely caption about how precious breastfeeding and how the jewellery is the perfect memento.

I am perfectly prepared to be told I am being completely unreasonable but I feel uncomfortable about the picture. The child has no say over this - anyone can now view this picture of them both naked. It’s going out to thousands of random followers.

I breastfed my child, am pro normalising breastfeeding but feel like I’m this context this picture isn’t about the breastfeeding at all despite the caption.

I also feel really uncomfortable about using a picture of the child in that state to advertise the jewellery?

Maybe I’m old and out of touch and I know, I know, I should mind my business but I don’t follow her it popped up as a sponsored post on my feed and it’s bothered me.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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tiredmum2468 · 02/04/2021 22:56

Without seeing the picture it's hard to comment


Swoonforpeterbishop · 02/04/2021 22:56

I should add I don’t have an issue with said influencer, she seems like a lovely person and mum from her other posts (had a flick through her grid) it’s just this trend of this kind of picture compromising the privacy of young children and using it to showcase or show off a product in this way.

OP posts:

Tinydinosaur · 02/04/2021 22:57

Can you actually see anybodies genitals? How do you know they're naked?


PegasusReturns · 02/04/2021 22:58

It’s really impossible to comment without seeing the picture.


TerribleZebra · 02/04/2021 22:59

What is breastfeeding jewellery?


Tinydinosaur · 02/04/2021 22:59

As far as kids privacy goes. I dont think people should put pictures of their kids on social media, dressed or otherwise so its all kinda the same to me. I wouldn't but it's your kid.


Swoonforpeterbishop · 02/04/2021 23:01

I suppose, I just thought I’d be a hypocrite showing the actual picture when I’m not a fan of it.

You can clearly see the mum is naked from the way she’s sitting - profile side on, and baby is very obviously not dressed either.

It’s a picture I would class as beautiful as a private memento but it’s the social media aspect I’m uncomfortable with

OP posts:

Mywingshurt · 02/04/2021 23:03

I agree, can't comment about the picture without seeing it.

I understand why women would want to celebrate their breasfeeding journey, but personally, breastmilk jewellery just doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Or jewellery made with any other bodily fluids or parts.


tiredmum2468 · 02/04/2021 23:04

What is the point of this thread when you cant be bothered to copy and paste the picture - totally ridiculous


partyatthepalace · 02/04/2021 23:05

What the hell is breastfeeding jewellery??

Beyond that babies all look the same so not much invasion of privacy there, and if she wants to get naked on her feed it’s up to her so - on the amount of info you’ve given - YABU i think


Swoonforpeterbishop · 02/04/2021 23:06

Fair enough.
I figured the debate over whether it’s fine to post pictures of babies naked while breastfeeding is fine if it’s about breastfeeding was still doable without the picture.

Agree babies aren’t identifiable but if they are not a very very young baby and have had lots of pictures posted of them previously due their parent being an influencer, then it’s more of an invasion I think personally

OP posts:

U2HasTheEdge · 02/04/2021 23:07

Very annoying to not have a link or a picture.

How can anyone judge without seeing it?


Fatladyslim · 02/04/2021 23:08


What the hell is breastfeeding jewellery??

Beyond that babies all look the same so not much invasion of privacy there, and if she wants to get naked on her feed it’s up to her so - on the amount of info you’ve given - YABU i think

If its what I had it is brilliant! Although I ended up not being able to bf properly, I was able to use a nipple sheild and let DS suckle for comfort a little. I had this necklace that he would fiddle with whilst doing this. He loved it! I would reccomened and is was only about a tenner.

FancySomeChips · 02/04/2021 23:09

Can we see a picture of the jewellery? I’m so confused by it.


Fromage · 02/04/2021 23:09

Why are they naked?

I would find that odd. For one thing, there's nothing like a feed and an inadequate nappy to make a small baby shit for glory, so a naked one is just asking for the room to be Jackson Pollocked.

Next post should be advertising cleaning products and air freshener.


Mywingshurt · 02/04/2021 23:10

For those asking, it's jewellery made from breastmilk


DontBeRidiculous · 02/04/2021 23:12

Ah, I'd completely forgotten about the existence of breastmilk jewellery.

I suppose it could be embarrassing when the child grows into a teen, if this photo of him/her, naked, breastfeeding from their nude mother is seen by his/her peers. Or maybe they won't care in the slightest.

Tbh, I wouldn't doubt that this baby is in for a whole childhood of questionable choices and borderline exploitation, as the child of an Instagram influencer.


Atalantea · 02/04/2021 23:13

This is like "is this name horrible?'


2021isalsorubbish · 02/04/2021 23:13

What is breast feeding jewellery? You send off your breast milk, they mix it with resin which makes a ‘Pearl’ like substance - then shape into centre pieces for rings / beads/ charms / pendants etc. A keepsake.


Dontbesoridiculous · 02/04/2021 23:14

Omg wtaf is breast milk jewellery or a breast feeding journey Confused I feel so darn old right now


Dontbesoridiculous · 02/04/2021 23:15

Oh dear god


Fatladyslim · 02/04/2021 23:17

Oh def not what I was talking about then! Mine was just a few metal rings he would fiddle with Blush


TheKeatingFive · 02/04/2021 23:18

it’s just this trend of this kind of picture compromising the privacy of young children and using it to showcase or show off a product in this way.

So what are you actually objecting to? The bfing or the featuring of the child?


melj1213 · 02/04/2021 23:20

YABU to post about a picture whilst refusing to post the picture or a link to it.

How are people meant to make an objective decision when you haven't provided any actual evidence or information to allow people to make their own decision?


Swoonforpeterbishop · 02/04/2021 23:22

I’m not objecting to breastfeeding at all I’m asking why they need to be naked in a breastfeeding picture. I’ve seen a few recently.

As I said I breastfed my baby and am very pro breastfeeding.

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