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To not buy my children anything for Easter

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AmyandPhilipfan · 30/03/2021 00:51

I have 3 kids and I normally get them some kind of present at Easter - usually toys and/or clothes. But this year it seems like it would just be buying for the sake of buying something. Currently in our house we have 9 Easter eggs (3 each) from friends and family, plus a neighbour will be giving them a couple of small eggs each, and today they each received £10 from another relative.

The two oldest have had birthdays recently and the little one’s birthday is coming up so all have recently received or will receive loads of stuff (as they have lots of aunts and uncles who kindly all buy for them in addition to presents from us).

We’ve implemented a chore system for the 2 oldest in the last few weeks so if they choose to do all their chores they now each end up with over £20 a week to spend on what they want (normally wasted on Robux). And the little one gets things bought as and when really - just this week I’ve bought her a couple of jigsaws and a couple of books.

So I’d say they receive more than enough and I really think I shouldn’t buy them anything. The 3 year old won’t realise she’s missing a present from me but the 12 and 13 year olds will remember they have previously had quite substantial gifts. I don’t want to get them yet another egg as the 13 year old has become quite overweight so I don’t want him to have too much chocolate.

So, AIBU to buy them nothing?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Flowers24 · 30/03/2021 14:06

Also did you mean £2 a week , surely not £20 a week!

wouldthatbeworse · 30/03/2021 14:12

I’m missing the point but £20 a week for a 12/13 year old sounds a lot (unless the chores mean you no longer need a cleaner?)

And of course YANBU although you may need to explain in advance

BluebellsGreenbells · 30/03/2021 16:49

I’m over 50 and we got presents or clothes for Easter - probably because we are a large family and 10 + eggs weren’t welcome!

We had money later when we were older.

We also give the kids money and an egg now they’re teens.

No harm and it’s never discussed really! I don’t make a show of it.

IceCreamAndCandyfloss · 30/03/2021 16:58

The paint thing is another matter altogether but I don’t think the pocket money is bad. They learn to budget through pocket money. Linking it to housework that they can opt in/out of is fair enough as I don’t see household jobs as being the jobs of children so fair enough if they want to earn money.

Plenty of adults waste money on things they want/consume so can’t be that shocking that children may choose to do the same.

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