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To not buy my children anything for Easter

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AmyandPhilipfan · 30/03/2021 00:51

I have 3 kids and I normally get them some kind of present at Easter - usually toys and/or clothes. But this year it seems like it would just be buying for the sake of buying something. Currently in our house we have 9 Easter eggs (3 each) from friends and family, plus a neighbour will be giving them a couple of small eggs each, and today they each received £10 from another relative.

The two oldest have had birthdays recently and the little one’s birthday is coming up so all have recently received or will receive loads of stuff (as they have lots of aunts and uncles who kindly all buy for them in addition to presents from us).

We’ve implemented a chore system for the 2 oldest in the last few weeks so if they choose to do all their chores they now each end up with over £20 a week to spend on what they want (normally wasted on Robux). And the little one gets things bought as and when really - just this week I’ve bought her a couple of jigsaws and a couple of books.

So I’d say they receive more than enough and I really think I shouldn’t buy them anything. The 3 year old won’t realise she’s missing a present from me but the 12 and 13 year olds will remember they have previously had quite substantial gifts. I don’t want to get them yet another egg as the 13 year old has become quite overweight so I don’t want him to have too much chocolate.

So, AIBU to buy them nothing?

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Brokenrecord3006 · 30/03/2021 08:32

£20 a week? Christ.

But no don't bother with easter gifts. I've never heard of anyone doing that.

jessstan2 · 30/03/2021 08:33

I always just bought an Easter egg.

RoseZinfandel · 30/03/2021 08:33

We sometimes got new clothes at Easter growing up, I think that's quite traditional.

I have bought clothes before if they have an easter theme, and I often buy DC a book - usually something educational.

This year I have just bought eggs though.

Bagamoyo1 · 30/03/2021 08:34


I’m too busy being shocked that your kids get £80 a month spending money to reply to the Easter present question Shock

Me too!
Estasala · 30/03/2021 08:36

I would get them a book. You can never have too many books.

Biscuitsdisappear · 30/03/2021 08:37

Easter presents was not a thing in our house.

JeanClaudeVanDammit · 30/03/2021 08:37

We don’t do Easter gifts, DC gets an Easter egg or two from relatives and that’s sufficient.

Toottootdrivers · 30/03/2021 08:37

I haven't got my DS an egg. He's 18 months and grandparents will give him chocolate so I wanted to get him something different. I got some small hollow eggs and have filled them with happyland figures. He's also got a book (which cost all of 89p) and I'm going to get some bubbles. Nothing big.

I did get him a slide a few weeks ago but that's not really an Easter present. He has an autumn birthday so I don't mind getting outdoor stuff "just because".

PussGirl · 30/03/2021 08:46

We only ever had eggs when I was a child, but they generally came sitting in a little mug Smile

I've never bought XDH, DP or DS anything more than a chocolate egg.

KingdomScrolls · 30/03/2021 08:46

I haven't got DS an egg, he's two he doesn't need chocolate, he's got a new book that I know he'll like that cost no more than a chocolate egg would've. We'll do some baking together at the weekend, if he's going to have something sweet I'd rather it wasn't full of palm oil and additives and advertising Disney or similar.

sanfranfibber · 30/03/2021 08:52


You're joking about the paint, right?

Shrivelled · 30/03/2021 08:56

£1000 per year for each pre teen to throw away 😱 what good thing is that teaching them.

user1471523870 · 30/03/2021 08:57

I agree with you, totally unnecessary. I have even seen Easter boxes on IG. Seriously, children REALLY don't need that.
I make sure there is one decent size chocolate egg, possibly an egg hunt (mine is very young, might start this year) and the fun will be in seeing family and having a special day with them. Not in getting spoiled with new toys or things they don't even need.

Ting20161987 · 30/03/2021 09:01

I buy my lg a present but that's only because she is allergic to nuts and trying to get Easter eggs for her is a nightmare, the only ones I can get are either not child friendly or disgusting. My parents always used to buy us a gift instead of eggs, like a CD or something

Bbq1 · 30/03/2021 09:03

It's laughable really because as with Christmas most people are just over consuming and spoiling their children for the sake of it... No religious connections when it's THE most important Christian celebration in thr church.

SVRT19674 · 30/03/2021 09:05

I got my daughter a 2.50 euro chocolate Easter bunny. And some mini Easter eggs when that is gone. Job done.

Wanderlust20 · 30/03/2021 09:05

Agreed, they don't need anymore. Not sure where this Easter gift tradition came from, I find it bizarre! We only got gifts at birthdays and Christmas.

Mummyme87 · 30/03/2021 09:06

I used to get chocolate off family and a present non chocolate from parents. I’m 34. Wouldn’t say it’s anything new

Greenmarmalade · 30/03/2021 09:09

I think as long as you tell them in advance, do whatever. If I usually bought my children an Easter present, they’d expect it- so I’d explain before Easter that they weren’t getting one this year.

Celebrate festivals however you want! They are your family traditions.

SVRT19674 · 30/03/2021 09:11

Bbq1 you are right. Easter is the most important Christian celebration, the whole point of Christianity tbh. But really is there anything going on outside of a church in Northern Europe? You don´t get the feel of Easter like you do in Southern Europe. Oh well...

Ihatemyseleffordoingthis · 30/03/2021 09:13

I agree - tell them what is happening.

Just eggs here but tons, tons by our standards anyway - a big one from us, from a friend and granny (sometimes this is a fiver instead) and piles of little ones/bit of a hunt.

I think your analysis is correct. They don't need anything, and on £80 per months free spends they can get what they want easily enough.

ineedaholidaynow · 30/03/2021 09:13

£20 a week pocket money Shock

rebeccachoc · 30/03/2021 09:15

How about instead of presents paying for a trip to the cinema or something when it's possible?

OnwardsAndSideways1 · 30/03/2021 09:15

I don't do much for Easter myself, they get enough chocolate from others. I might this year give them spending money (teens) for Easter fun, they've been cooped up for so long, I hope they go out with friends for pizza outside, possibly shopping if it all opens up in time, just some outdoors activities. Sounds like yours have an allowance, mine is a bit patchy so I think they'll enjoy some money specifically for going out.

sashh · 30/03/2021 09:24

It amazes me that people buy their kids clothes and toys for Easter, I’ve seen it a lot recently but since when was this a thing! It’s suppose to just be Easter eggs it’s not Christmas

LOL. For Christians Easter is the most important festival. As for it bein 'just Easter eggs' have you seen Fabergé?

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