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To not buy my children anything for Easter

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AmyandPhilipfan · 30/03/2021 00:51

I have 3 kids and I normally get them some kind of present at Easter - usually toys and/or clothes. But this year it seems like it would just be buying for the sake of buying something. Currently in our house we have 9 Easter eggs (3 each) from friends and family, plus a neighbour will be giving them a couple of small eggs each, and today they each received £10 from another relative.

The two oldest have had birthdays recently and the little one’s birthday is coming up so all have recently received or will receive loads of stuff (as they have lots of aunts and uncles who kindly all buy for them in addition to presents from us).

We’ve implemented a chore system for the 2 oldest in the last few weeks so if they choose to do all their chores they now each end up with over £20 a week to spend on what they want (normally wasted on Robux). And the little one gets things bought as and when really - just this week I’ve bought her a couple of jigsaws and a couple of books.

So I’d say they receive more than enough and I really think I shouldn’t buy them anything. The 3 year old won’t realise she’s missing a present from me but the 12 and 13 year olds will remember they have previously had quite substantial gifts. I don’t want to get them yet another egg as the 13 year old has become quite overweight so I don’t want him to have too much chocolate.

So, AIBU to buy them nothing?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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CloudFormations · 30/03/2021 05:41

Yanbu. Toys seem totally unnecessary at Easter - surely no more than an egg is required, and they have those. I’d get out of the habit of Easter gifts now.

Sweetener12 · 30/03/2021 05:43


It’s not unreasonable but if you usually get them something then I still would....or explain to them that you’re not this year so they know why.

Same here, I'd also come up with the explanation so that they'd be aware
CloudFormations · 30/03/2021 05:45


I've cut back this Easter, due to lockdown they have clothes that they had for Christmas that have never been put on their backs and multiple pairs of trainers that have never hit the tarmac so I won't be buying outfits this year. They are older so tend not to play with toys so I won't be buying those this year either. I have got them a few eggs for an egg hunt but instead of presents we sat together and arranged an Easter Funday (which we will probably spread out over the weekend). We have set up a little movie corner in the living room, planned snacks, put up decorations and printed out tickets, the kids have picked out a movie they all agree on (a miracle in itself!). They have picked out a 'special' dinner - of all the things they could have had they have decided on hotdogs/ burgers, fries and milkshake. We've arranged a sports day with races, egg and spoon, hopping race etc - I purchased wooden spoons that they can decorate with crafty stuff before the race if they wish, an air horn, marking cones and an inexpensive trophy for the winner from Amazon - this will now be up for grabs on family games nights etc.
We have a paint fight arranged, I purchased coveralls, goggles, seat protecters for the car, super soakers and kid friendly paint, we are going to fill the pistols up, hit a quiet open space and let them go crazy and cover eachother (and us Confused ). Just thinking maybe this could be an option instead of traditional gifts, making it more about time together than 'stuff' and buying for the sake of buying.

If this is you after cutting back I can’t even imagine what a normal year looked like Grin
Womencanlift · 30/03/2021 05:46

Why is your neighbour giving them a “couple” of eggs each? Never heard of people giving more than one to someone

But in answer to your question if you still want to get them something then a book may be suitable

Finally do you mean they get £20 a month rather than a week? If it’s a week then that’s ridiculous for children that age imo

FireBelliedToad · 30/03/2021 06:28

I started buying a gift because MIL buys them enough chocolate to last until the summer holidays. We give something small; one of those hatch your own dinosaur egg, Lego Easter rabbit set, egg colouring set etc.

Easter trees are traditional in some countries. For MIL, who was brought up in a very religious household, Easter is more important than Christmas.

Shoxfordian · 30/03/2021 06:32

I would buy them a small egg each or a game or something cute.

pollylocketpickedapocket · 30/03/2021 06:38


It amazes me that people buy their kids clothes and toys for Easter, I’ve seen it a lot recently but since when was this a thing! It’s suppose to just be Easter eggs it’s not Christmas

I’m 41 and always got a little present at Easter.
Avidreader12 · 30/03/2021 06:41

If you can afford it and your sure your children would notice the lack of presents then I would actually buy the oldest an item of clothes they choose like a nice hoody (a lot of shops are shut) so this could be a promise for when all reopen or let them choose something online. The youngest I would get something Easter crafty. Or I would club them together to ask what day out type activity (to similar cost) they want to do. I agree this year with lockdown has been rubbish and kids just want normality (if your normal is gifts at Easter then I think you should continue it)

willowsway · 30/03/2021 06:42

I'd get them a little something if that's what you would usually do. Agree with pp that Easter is a big deal in the Christian calendar. We will celebrate with chocolate eggs and a new outfit. The day will be spent doing outdoor activities together - garden games, planting flowers (weather allowing)

Marmite27 · 30/03/2021 06:42


It amazes me that people buy their kids clothes and toys for Easter, I’ve seen it a lot recently but since when was this a thing! It’s suppose to just be Easter eggs it’s not Christmas

It’s been traditional for decades for your ‘Sunday best’ to be updated at Easter.
sammylady37 · 30/03/2021 06:44

Easter presents? Please don’t tell me that’s a thing!

Angel2702 · 30/03/2021 06:44

We always had clothes for Easter and small presents. We usually top up the kids clothes, craft supplies and any garden toys for summer at Easter. Especially as DS birthday is at Christmas so doesn’t get anything during the year.

This year is just eggs until we can go to shops to get clothes.

IamBitzyVonMuffling · 30/03/2021 06:46

Perhaps use it as an opportunity to encourage children to be mindful of the plastic involved in some easter egg packaging. Think of some greener alternatives? I really like the book idea.

Horridcreature · 30/03/2021 06:52

Talk to the older ones about your plans. If the decision is not financially based then if you want you could say that you might get them a surprise at some point in the year. Do that if one is very down or tries really hard at something (regardless of the outcome). If it is financial then just tell them the change. You could do the same for younger one or maybe ask the older ones help you create an egg hunt?

Eatingsoupwithafork · 30/03/2021 06:52

I’m not buying my DD anything either... she gets enough eggs from family and I don’t see the point of buying toys etc.

Eatingsoupwithafork · 30/03/2021 06:53

Don’t see the point in buying toys for Easter I mean

WhatsErFace2020 · 30/03/2021 06:58

OP your children sound like they don’t go without, would it be a nice life lesson for you to explain to the all they’ve been given for Easter and that some children won’t have anything for Easter - Give them the option to go out and buy eggs with that £10 and then take them to the food bank for other children to ‘Pay it a Forward’ ?

DipSwimSwoosh · 30/03/2021 07:00

I just buy eggs for a hunt in the garden. YABU to spend £40 a week on Roblux.

Winifredgoose · 30/03/2021 07:01

We never give presents, but in recent years my mum and mil have. I think it is because everyone is now aware that buying loads of chocolate is not great.
We do an egg hunt in the garden, and the grandmas normally give a book, or a game for them to share etc
Don't feel bad for stopping giving gifts. 40 pounds a week to waste on roblox is A LOT of money wasted on roblox between 2 children over a year.

cricketmum84 · 30/03/2021 07:01

Agree I don't see the point in buying toys at Easter. We get the kids 2 or 3 small eggs then grandparents and 2 aunties will all buy one each.

We always used to get a new outfit paid for by my grandad at Easter when we were kids. I think it's been a tradition for a looooong time.

OkyDoke · 30/03/2021 07:08

Not really toys for the three year old but he's got an egg, a book about spring and some shaped crayons. The baby has a toy as she's a month old, so I've got her those Tomy eggs and an outfit.

ThatsNotTheTeaHunty · 30/03/2021 07:10


DoveCube · 30/03/2021 07:16

My dc will get one egg each from a relative. From me they are getting a board game we can all play over the Easter holiday.

BlackCatShadow · 30/03/2021 07:17

Wow, that's a thousand pounds a year they waste. You must be really well off. It's all a bit crazy really. I'd worry that my kids were growing up with no sense of money. I've never bought presents for the sake of presents. The only person I know who does Easter presents is my sister and she's really struggling financially now because she just spends, spends, spends and has no savings whatsoever. If I were you, I'd think more about how much you are wasting. It's not good on many levels.

DurhamDurham · 30/03/2021 07:18

Easter presents? Please don’t tell me that’s a thing!

It's not a new thing, my two girl are 27 and 23, we've always bought them toys/books/outfit for Easter. We did that instead of buying them eggs as they used to get so many; I hated having boxes of eggs cluttering up the kitchen for weeks on end. Sometimes months, until we'd eventually melt the chocolate to make rice crispy cakes.

I've a granddaughter now and we've bought her a couple of small eggs and a toy. We haven't spent much as it's all about the huge Easter roast in our house Grin

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