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To think 8.00am isn't too early ...

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LakieLady · 08/06/2020 17:58

To mow the grass?

We have a very quiet electric mower. And most mornings there are delivery lorries/vans making a racket at 8 (the whole street seems to be extending their house atm, we have a builder's lorry almost every day and they always come early).

The sun is on the back garden until gone 6pm, I work until 2.30 and by the time the grass is in the shade I'm frankly knackered.

Would it really BU to give it a quick mow at 8?

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hippobump · 08/06/2020 22:50

8:00am is fine. It's not that loud to mow the grass. Maybe do it on bin-day, the neighbours probably won't even hear it over the sound of the bins being emptied.

Sounds like everyone on Mumsnet gets up very early and tip-toes around for hours. I can't imagine that is realistic for the majority of the population.

If it makes any difference, I'd normally have left for work by 7:30am, but am being much more lazy while I'm wfh. However I don't expect anyone to adjust their noise level just because I have the opportunity for a lockdown lie-in. I wouldn't object to being woken by a lawnmower at 8am.

Graffitiqueen · 08/06/2020 22:51

Too early

rawlikesushi · 08/06/2020 23:02

Yes, too early. No noise before 9am or after 9pm imo.

LovePoppy · 08/06/2020 23:02

So many “unspoken” rule about how people can use their own garden

This is just precious madness to me

middleager · 08/06/2020 23:03

I'm well awake by then as my neighbour leaves for work between 5 and 6am on his motorbike each morning Angry

Thisismytimetoshine · 08/06/2020 23:05


So many “unspoken” rule about how people can use their own garden

This is just precious madness to me

It's how a civilised society operates, that's all. Nobody is legally compelled to behave with consideration, of course.
Many people think to do so is precious madness...
IncrediblySadToo · 08/06/2020 23:13


What time do you go to bed? Is it ok if your neighbours mow at 9.30 pm, as it's still light in the summer at that time?

When I'm sleepy, but as you can see, not early. Yes it would be fine for ME at 9.30pm.

I used to flat share with a bloke who would mow the lawn at 5:30 in the morning, I thought that was pretty anti social.- but it wasn't his most obnoxious habit.

LovePoppy · 08/06/2020 23:17

its 8 am.

It’s not 6 am or 10pm

I understand consideration, but Jesus.

Not everyone can be super silent or only now their lawns at times mumsnet approves

But then I live in a lovely civilized neighborhood where people know their lawn whenever they want, they play their lovely music in the back garden and some people even have pool parties and no one complains. It’s the most amazing thing that I’ve never actually seen happen on Mumsnet whenever anybody talks about back gardens are using their own property.

It’s possible to be a respectful neighbour without pretending you don’t exist

MrsTannyFickler · 09/06/2020 01:01

It would be way too early for me.
Someone in our street has taken to shoving their kid with a recorder into the garden 8.15ish every morning the past few days and I've been cursing. Both neighbours each side have mentioned It to me too saying how it's too early even though they're up and about.
I'm still tucked up at 8am, usually fast asleep. I get woken on Thursdays by the bin lorry at 8am but that's once a week and I'm benefiting from the service they provide so I just about tolerate that.

AdalindMeisner · 09/06/2020 01:09

It wouldn't bother me. I have to put up with some God awful noise from my neighbours which gives me the total rage but mowing the lawn wouldn't be an issue.

Leaannb · 09/06/2020 02:09

I usually mow mine at 7am or so. However, it gets extremely hot here and it becomes unsafe to do so later in the day

JaneTheVirgin · 09/06/2020 02:10

This is my preference as I'm finishing my night shift but havent gone to bed yet. Same with late evening. The ones doing it between 9 and 4 are the worst for me.

Which just goes to show there is absolutely no consensus or right answer so you should just do what's right for you.

squeekums · 09/06/2020 04:51

A weekday in normal times, 8 am is fine, most already up
8am during a pandemic when most home, not cool but dealable
8am on a weekend, anytime , your asking to have someone yell at you, weekends are for sleeping in, relaxing. Not waking to a lawn mower.
I love my sleep lol

OnlyLittleMissOrganised · 09/06/2020 05:06

Maybe do it on a weekday the same day as the bin lorry/recycling if they come early people will already be awake or at least half and half.

On a week day I dont think YABU. Builders as a previous PP said would start at 8. And that is louder noise. So if the OP is unreasonable then so are all the builders in the country.

Mow the lawn if the neighbours complain ask them to start building at a more reasonable time.

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie · 09/06/2020 05:15

I don't think so but is five am and I've just been for a run so 8am is pretty much lunchtime for me Smile

Mulhollandmagoo · 09/06/2020 05:34

How big is your garden? Would it take long to do? How much disruption would it actually cause? I would maybe wait until a little bit later so people can ease into their day.

If you were my neighbour however, it would make no odds as my daughter likes to be up and on by 5am so 8am is nearly the middle of my day 😂

Ludoole · 09/06/2020 05:46

I work permanent nightshift and I'm most awake as soon as I get home at 6.15. I'd love to mow the lawn at that time as it might get cut more often... however I would feel guilty doing it anytime before 9am even though the neighbours wake me up at all times of the day especially with the nice weather we've had

understandmenow · 09/06/2020 05:51

Like others 9am earliest.

TheProdigalKittensReturn · 09/06/2020 06:56

If you were my neighbor I'd be plotting revenge if you mowed the grass at 8 on a regular basis. Just because you're a morning person that doesn't mean you have the right to wake everyone else up too.

Gfplux · 09/06/2020 07:12

Our commune has rules but say 8am is OK

To think 8.00am isn't too early ...
Gfplux · 09/06/2020 07:14

This is what they say about noise

To think 8.00am isn't too early ...
langdale2016 · 09/06/2020 07:27

Wait until 9am at least. I'm early riser and would be annoyed to be disturbed by the sound of mowing. The silence brings peace to think.

Sceptre86 · 09/06/2020 07:33

Before 9am is inconsiderate to your neighbours.

KatherineJaneway · 09/06/2020 07:36

Weekdays and Saturday I'd be fine with it as I am an early bird. Never mow the lawn or hoover etc before 11am on a Sunday though.

dottiedodah · 09/06/2020 07:49

I would say very unreasonable TBH. Even in the week people may be awake but like time to "come round" and have a bit of quiet time to themselves over B/F ,or a coffee .Maybe minimum of 9.30/10.00 weekdays and 10.30/11.00 W/E

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