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To think 8.00am isn't too early ...

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LakieLady · 08/06/2020 17:58

To mow the grass?

We have a very quiet electric mower. And most mornings there are delivery lorries/vans making a racket at 8 (the whole street seems to be extending their house atm, we have a builder's lorry almost every day and they always come early).

The sun is on the back garden until gone 6pm, I work until 2.30 and by the time the grass is in the shade I'm frankly knackered.

Would it really BU to give it a quick mow at 8?

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helpfulperson · 08/06/2020 18:17

Running a washing machine at 7.00am is even more antisocial than mowing a lawn at 8.00 if you life in flat or even semi detached. I don't want woken up by someones spin cycle.

PawPawNoodle · 08/06/2020 18:18

Why can't you mow the grass in the sunshine? Are you a vampire?

I'd secretly be wishing you would run your foot over with the mower if you did it at 8am round by me but I'd never say anything to you about it.

HoneyBee03 · 08/06/2020 18:19

Surely most people are up and about by 8am? If there's other noise going on nearby I can't see the issue.

Sindragosan · 08/06/2020 18:20

I'd be more annoyed by 8pm, but we're up at the crack of dawn here. If you're surrounded by families with small children, 8pm is practically mid-day really.

Oregghiette · 08/06/2020 18:20

Depends on you neighbours, and your relationship with them. If you are worried you could ask them.

CheshireCats · 08/06/2020 18:20

Too early. 9 am earliest, preferably later.

Sindragosan · 08/06/2020 18:20

8am is practically mid day Wink

Inthemuckheap · 08/06/2020 18:21

I think it's fine as long as you know you haven't got any late evening/night shift workers in the vicinity. Surely people (bar teenagers) are up by 8am during the week?

Pollony · 08/06/2020 18:21

Weekday it's fine, weekend too early

WendyHoused · 08/06/2020 18:22

8am is completely unreasonable.

You do know you can mow on cloudy days, right? And in the sun unless you’re mowing it extremely short (which is bad for wildlife anyway)

user1495884620 · 08/06/2020 18:22

Weekdays fine, it's not like it's every morning. Weekends, too early.

CaptainCarp · 08/06/2020 18:24

Monday - Fri it would be fine. Weekends 9am earliest.

Our bin men come at 6:30 in the summer & a lot of people are going out to work by 8am usually. So I can't believe people getting so upset over the low hum of mower.

HaudYerWheeshtYaWeeBellend · 08/06/2020 18:24

I’d say ok mid week, however if at the weekend would say after 9am

Thighdentitycrisis · 08/06/2020 18:26

definitely too early

grassyhillocks · 08/06/2020 18:28

From a horticultural point of view, you aren't supposed to cut the grass if it is damp or there is any dew on it as it makes the cut tips go brown - you're supposed to wait until the grass is dry.

So in that sense, 8am might be a bit too early.

In any case, if you left it until the afternoon, some shiftworker would complain they can't get any sleep Grin

PuntoEBasta · 08/06/2020 18:28

I think that’s fine on a weekday. A lot of MNers seem to be incredibly sensitive about noise.

Nsky · 08/06/2020 18:28

I think 8 am, is fine weekdays, surely most folk are up then? 9 weekends
And I often have my washing on at 5, not if on early shift starting at 5.30am tho.
Mid terrace, no one should ditate what time I do washing tho

Davros · 08/06/2020 18:28

Too early anyway but definitely too early in Lockdown

category12 · 08/06/2020 18:28

Massively unreasonable to mow that early.

WWYD00 · 08/06/2020 18:31

My partner is a gardener and he starts work at 8 am using petrol mowers etc which are noisy. A normal working day is 8-5 in that sort of trade. I think it is fine personally.

onemouseplace · 08/06/2020 18:31

What time do you lot get up in the week? 8am is fine - if construction work can start at 8, you can mow a bloody lawn.

1066vegan · 08/06/2020 18:32

I'm up between 5 and 6 in the week but still think it's too early. I avoid doing anything noisy like mowing the lawn until about 9 in the week or 10 at weekends.

Abraid2 · 08/06/2020 18:33

It wouldn’t worry me on a weekday.

However I live in an area where workmen and contractors think 7.30am is fine for a start-time. We have trouble pushing for 8am 🙂

WobblyAllOver · 08/06/2020 18:33

I find it strange that lots of people are saying 8am is far too early. The bin lorry comes just after 7am emptying all the bottle boxes which are very loud. Can't see any difference and I bet those who would complain about mowing the lawn wouldn't complain to the council about the bins.

HeronLanyon · 08/06/2020 18:34

I’m often up at 430 or 5 for work reasons. I’d be astounded if a neighbour mowed the lawn at 8am - many may still be sleeping partic with wfh and kids off school. Funny though because of say you were having and extension done I’d expect your builders to start on the dot of 8.

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