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Do you get any subscription boxes?

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Emcont · 27/04/2020 19:16

If you do, what are they and are they worth what you pay?

OP posts:

SentientAndCognisant · 02/08/2020 23:45

Christ no veg boxes, graze, meal prep eg simply cook are all overpriced fripperies
More money than sense if you’re buying this stuff


Witchcraftandhokum · 03/08/2020 07:37

Look incredible Deluxe
Look Fantastic
Harry's (DH)
Friction Free Shaving (me)
Postman Pooch (dogs)

Previously had Cohorted which was a rip off, Birchbox which was just full of crap and Drinks by the Dram which we had for 3 years but started repeating itself.


Leflic · 03/08/2020 08:04

I get SMOL which are laundry capsules. Comes in a cardboard child proof box which delights my puzzle solving side every month.

I only started because there was a free trial and a reduced price for the next six. It’s been handy having laundry capsules delivered over lockdown especially with the hot weather. My normal liquid is always in offer somewhere but obviously it wasn’t possible to shop around.


lemmein · 03/08/2020 08:08


Hellofresh here. We are definitely eating better quality, more nutritious meals now with zero waste unlike before where you end up.with a cupboard of things that you used once and they are out of date. Sadly, hermes delivers gusto so it's a no from us until they change their delivery method.

Gousto is delivered by DPD in my area (north east)

weehedgehog · 03/08/2020 10:11


weehedgehog thanks for the link, I've just ordered my first gin box for £28 instead of £40!

Glad it worked ! You will not regret it - the gin is amazing!!

pinkksugarmouse · 06/12/2020 14:44

Decided to resume a zombie 🧟‍♂️
It's a topic of interest to me and I don't see the point of starting a new thread.
I have a few subscriptions most of them started this year
DH and I have a multi vitamin one. We have one for our cats worming and flea gels.

I have Zoom which is sort of a subscription and hp instant ink. But as I have these for my Brownie Pack I reclaim the costs.

We have started All Plants a vegan meal service but we have it every six weeks so just have two of the meals a week.
I also have a monthly vegankind snackbox which I really look forward to.

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