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Do you get any subscription boxes?

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Emcont · 27/04/2020 19:16

If you do, what are they and are they worth what you pay?

OP posts:

Musmerian · 27/04/2020 19:56

Persephone books. You can sign up for 6months or a year and get a book every month for £13. They are beautifully produced with glorious endpapers in the design of period fabrics. Much better value than the crappy Look fantastic box I got given as a present which costs the same and is full of pointless stuff.


ClientQ · 27/04/2020 20:01

FFS shave - I like the razors
Feel multivitamins - reminds me to take them!
Bloom and wild - gorgeous flowers


EveryDayIsADuvetDay · 27/04/2020 20:06

thanks @ChaoticCatling, have signed up for a trial


CornishPorsche · 27/04/2020 20:06

Yup. Quite a few now I think about it.

Glossybox - far better than Birchbox which I didn't like as much. for 20% off a subscription

Craft Gin - brilliant. No referrals available right now.

Gousto - also brilliant. The cat loves the sheep's wool packaging - she has beds all over the house! No referrals right now either.


Altuve · 27/04/2020 20:07

She Reads Truth (absolutely beautiful Bible study books from the US) - for me

Pact coffee - for DH

Artful - for DD1


Snugglepumpkin · 27/04/2020 20:17

MEL science (£30 a month) for my almost ten year old.
He loves it & I think it's worth every penny.
They also send you emails with other little experiments you can do which we've had a lot of fun with.


Northernsoullover · 27/04/2020 20:45

I'm another simply cook fan. I prefer the option of leaving it until I fancy whatever I've chosen. I do quite like the idea of having one with the ingredients too but I'm worried I'd waste the food if I didn't fancy some of the meals before it went off.


Talulahoopla · 27/04/2020 20:58

@PrincessMaryaBolkonskaya I get a gin box from Craft56. I get it quarterly at £40 a box. Comes with a 70cl bottle, some tonics and craft chocolate made with botanicals that match the gin. First box they give you a gin goblet as well. I absolutely love it. Worth every penny.

Also got my first simply cook box this month. Can't wait to try. Been cooking loads since lockdown so this will help me be a bit more adventurous!


PrincessMaryaBolkonskaya · 27/04/2020 21:15

Oooooo thanks @Talulahoopla I’ll look it up


stayingaliveisawayoflife · 27/04/2020 21:30

I get snack crate on subscription. Last month was Greece. Next months is on its way now but I don't know what country it will be!


bridgetreilly · 27/04/2020 21:42

I've enjoyed Boxcitement and Spotlight Stationery in the past. I've currently got my eye on a specialist cheese one...


Staticelle · 27/04/2020 21:44

Glossybox, although some months their boxes are good, their customer service is terrible, and they have a habit of running out of them and sending replacement boxes full of random crap you've had before. It's not too bad if you get a sub with a discount, and you do get access to some offers and can build up credits to spend, but unless you love skin care and make up, I probably wouldnt bother.


Slith · 27/04/2020 21:45

I prefer to decide what to eat myself rather than someone else doing it for me.


randomchap · 27/04/2020 21:46


No idea if it's worth it as it was a years subscription as a gift.


MadisonAvenue · 27/04/2020 21:53

I’ve signed up for a monthly jigsaw subscription, at £11.99 for a 1000 piece puzzle. I haven’t actually had one yet though as April should’ve been my first month and due to the current situation the company were unable to manufacture and send them out (no payment was taken).


faw2009 · 27/04/2020 21:55

Oddbox - it's the surplus / odd-shaped fruit and veg unwanted by supermarkets / food factories. Very seasonal, and good for the environment! All been good quality.

Simply Cook - very convenient, very tasty sauce pots.


Whatsmyname26 · 27/04/2020 21:56

Sugar and sloth £9 a month and it’s my little box of happy. Def recommend


WoollyFoolly · 27/04/2020 21:56

Gousto customers here too, we’ve tried most of the other food/recipe services and think Gousto is by far the best in terms of choice and ease.

We’ve also had a couple of world snack boxes, can’t remember what they were called but you got random snacks from a different country each month. Fun novelty for a couple of months but wouldn’t bother for any longer.
And we had a few letterbox lab boxes, same sort of idea as Mel science but I think aimed at slightly younger children and much cheaper!

I’m perennially tempted by quite a few craft ones but have so far resisted. Realistically I have umpteen projects on the go that it takes me ages to finish, a craft box would just add to that number!


Duvetday8 · 27/04/2020 22:01

Gousto and riverford for food.
Lookerio for clothes
Stationary one


NoIDontWatchLoveIsland · 27/04/2020 22:05

I've tried a few food ones and always concluded that they are poor value.

They always include a few things few people would ever choose, you feel like its a way to offload surplus unpopular items.


Timesdone · 27/04/2020 22:05

Another one for craft gin and I love it. You don’t have to get one every month, I think options are 4, 6 or 12 a year. It’s really a box of delights.


AuntieMarys · 27/04/2020 22:07

Craft gin club. Brilliant


Thejuryisoutforthenext37 · 27/04/2020 22:08

Another simply cook fan. I’m one of their testers which is great. I always have about 20 different boxes at any one time and it’s great going in the cupboard and choosing which dish to have. My fave at the moment is the Cuban mojo pasta. I add cooked chicken and miss out the tomatoes. It’s cooked in less than 15 mins and tastes restaurant quality.
My DD subscribed to pink box which is period related stuff and she really enjoyed receiving when her periods were getting her down. There were goodies as well as sanitary prods


Dinkymummy · 27/04/2020 22:10

I subscribe to makebox and co. A different craft each month. I adore it and it’s a great way to find some me time.


Dinkymummy · 27/04/2020 22:12

So far I’ve learnt to embroider and weave Smile

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