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Do you get any subscription boxes?

181 replies

Emcont · 27/04/2020 19:16

If you do, what are they and are they worth what you pay?

OP posts:

Scout2016 · 07/07/2020 20:31

Another Bloom and Wild fan.
Sacked off Toucan Boxes as not worth the cost, too much packaging and not of interest.
There is a magazine called Delayed Gratification which sounds like it should be erotica but is actually a write up of the last 3 months' news. So you get a considered article rather than some churned quickly to meet the deadline, and it might see a story through from start to finish.
Less glossy is The Happy Newspaper which only features good news stories.


BillywilliamV · 07/07/2020 20:34

We have SimplyCook, we love it!


BarbedBloom · 07/07/2020 20:39

I think I posted on this a while ago, but just to say I subscribed to Leaf Envy on someone's recommendation and am really pleased. It is a monthly houseplant subscription.


Silentnight87 · 08/07/2020 00:23

Kiwi crate. It comes from abroad so shipping adds up. But my lo loves it. Great for her learning and development. It does different age ranges and the activities/toys can be used again and again. If you go for the deluxe package you get a book bunged in too.

Use this code to get £10 off


safariboot · 08/07/2020 01:05


We had a few Hello Fresh boxes, but while it was nice as a novelty, it was more complicated cooking than I want to do every week.

We've recently had some of the Morrisons boxes, but they're not subscription, you just order as and when. They're alright but we get through too much milk to use them as our only shopping.


Goodoldfashionedploverboy · 08/07/2020 01:33

Mindful Chef x 5 meals (so much better than Hello Fresh or Gousto, both of which I’ve tried)

Pasta Evangelists x 2 Per week

Cheese Geek!

(I’m a foodie - And still saving money having all of the above weekly compared to the amount I used to spend dining out pre-Covid.)


Floofboopsnootandbork · 08/07/2020 01:44

HelloFresh absolutely worth it
And a treat subscription for my dog from top collar, it was £5 every 2 weeks for fresh baked treats, wasn’t sure it was worth it after the first few months and was thinking of change the delivery to monthly or cancelling but they’ve changed it now and it’s £11 every month and looks like a better selection so we’ll see if it’s worth it now.


weehedgehog · 08/07/2020 10:33

Another vote for craft gin club. I get it 4 times a year which is sufficient for me.

If anyone is interested in £10 pounds off a box to try it out, here's a code:

I don't have subscription boxes for the kids, but I have magazine subscriptions which they get much more use out of as some other posters have already suggested. My 9 year old likes Aquila (as do I, actually), my 6 year old loves her Storytime magazine, and my 3 year old gets Okido.


SophieJuly · 02/08/2020 14:23

Another vote for Kiwico. I have had a subscription for my 9 and 6 years old kids for six months and it has been brilliant. They have different lines for children from 0 to 15 years old.

Really well made components and I like how detailed instructions are. We are getting Kiwi (5-8 years) and Atlas (6-11 years) crates for them.

Kiwi crate is mostly focused on nice STEAM projects and Atlas is all about countries and geography through STEAM projects, art crafts and even country special recipes are included.

My DD and DS love these crates and anxiously await each month for the crate to arrive.

If you would like to try a crate you can get 50% off your first crate from any of the KiwiCo lines with the link below. Hope this helped.


Fizzysours · 02/08/2020 15:14

I used to get Abel and Cole but got Weird Vegetable overload. Also their bloody van seemed to narrowly miss running over my neighbours' kids as he screeched about at school dropoff time (poor guy probably had hideous workload but still...) At the start of lockdown my greengrocer started delivering and I asked him to make up a £30 box of fruit and veggies...he gives me stuff I use, it's low carbon and good for a lovely local business. Same with our local butcher who delivers us chicken breasts that are not packed with water...bliss!! I would ask local shops.


MrsToothyBitch · 02/08/2020 15:20

I am so signing up for a quarterly gin box!
I don't receive this one myself as it's not my bag, but if any of you enjoy romance or chick lit to relax, may I recommend Words and Kisses Club? I know the lady who runs it from uni. She's lovely and the parcels are beautifully packaged and often contain goodies, too!


Takingontheworld · 02/08/2020 15:36



Takingontheworld · 02/08/2020 15:45

Anyone got a pyjama drama discount?


Snozzlemaid · 02/08/2020 16:01

I've just got my first one from Crochet Society.


TwoZeroTwoZero · 02/08/2020 16:37

I used to get those Graze boxes every fortnight but they were an expensive waste of money.

We get Teapigs tea on a monthly thing from Amazon. Ds gets an Aquila art/science magazine on subscription almost every month too.


HolyForkinShirt · 02/08/2020 17:01


Does anyone get a gin box? I fancy the craft gin because of all the fancy extras. But i wondered if there’s a cheaper one.

My friend gets this and it look amazing. I am always very jealous when she sends us pics of her box !

FoxInABox · 02/08/2020 17:07

Reposed - a book subscription box, with one book and some treats (usually something like a coffee bag, biscuit or chocolate, scented tea light, lip balm). I love receiving this each month, often books I wouldn’t have picked up but usually really enjoy.

Scrawled and Papergang - scrawled is an art box which my DDs love and Papergang is lovely stationery


Oneborneverydecade · 02/08/2020 17:28

I bought my DH a Honeywell Bakes bread makers subscription. He's made fantastic peshawari naan and chocolate and hazelnut brioche, the brioche buns were a disappointment.

We have Kiwi Co for my 8 year old. He and I love making up the kits together once a month.

I had a 12 month Bloombox houseplant subscription which I loved. The only downside was the price. 10 out of the 12 plants are thriving


GarlicMonkey · 02/08/2020 17:48

I've signed up for flowers & washing capsules thanks to this thread 😂

I've tried all the beauty boxes but was fed up of the masses of stuff I'd never use. I just subscribe to Beauty Pie now & pick what I want (which is everything, cos it's gorgeous). Referral link if anyone wants to try it.


BlueBirdGreenFence · 02/08/2020 18:29

A Blurt Box sounds lovely but I'm really put off by the fact that I can't find anywhere that shows what previous boxes have ocnsisted of.


Bananaman123 · 02/08/2020 18:50

Glossybox on and off, mainly att Christmas to get the advent which is amazing
Birchbox,on and off, depends what it them that month
Roccabox on and off, got some really good ones this hear but now taking a holiday from them for a few months
Look fantastic now and again depends whats in that montn
Snack surprise the £13a month, snacks from a different country each month, we really like this one and enjoying most of the treats
Bubble t soapscription, loving this 2 bottles shower gel a month for a fiver a d they smell amazing


TAKESNOSHITSHIRLEY · 02/08/2020 19:20

toucan,STEM education and curiosity box

all to support our home education


Rosspoldarkssaddle · 02/08/2020 19:45

Hellofresh here. We are definitely eating better quality, more nutritious meals now with zero waste unlike before where you end up.with a cupboard of things that you used once and they are out of date. Sadly, hermes delivers gusto so it's a no from us until they change their delivery method.


44PumpLane · 02/08/2020 23:09

weehedgehog thanks for the link, I've just ordered my first gin box for £28 instead of £40!


Myfanwyprice · 02/08/2020 23:31

Dd has the Baker Ross craft boxes, they’re usually pretty good with one easy craft and one more involved plus an activity book.

Dh has beer 52, and really enjoys it.

I love the idea of the pyjama and the book one, might look into those.

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