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Do you get any subscription boxes?

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Emcont · 27/04/2020 19:16

If you do, what are they and are they worth what you pay?

OP posts:

SwimmingCait · 28/04/2020 12:06

I was bought a reading subscription from Mr B's emporium a couple of years ago which was brilliant and got me out of a book rut. Might treat myself to one soon actually.


smilingthroughgrittedteeth · 28/04/2020 12:12

Another bakedin fan here


lynzpynz · 28/04/2020 12:25

I'm about to sign up for bakedin baking subscription (damn you all and your glorious suggestions 😂!) and noticed you can earn 'brownie points' if you refer people so if anyone who is a member wants to post their referral link happy to use it so they get themselves some points?


480Widdio · 28/04/2020 12:44

Mindful Chef here,I get 5 meals a week for 2 people.

They are expensive,but the recipes and ingredients are top notch.My daughter recommended them to me and they have taken the stress out of lockdown for me as regards planning meals.

Recipes are only repeated about every 3 months.


ChessieFL · 28/04/2020 13:02

My bakedin refer a friend link is
If anyone wants to sign up!


risefromyourgrave · 28/04/2020 13:32

I get Flamingo Candles wax melt subscription box, £10 a month for 8 wax melts including delivery. The smells are generally gorgeous (get a dud one here or there) and they have a lovely strong throw.
I used to get degustabox but it ended up being too vegan/health based - I bought it as a treat, not to be healthy!


lynzpynz · 28/04/2020 13:44

Thanks @ChessieFL I got £2.25 off my first box as well! Hope you get some brownie points as that's me signed up.


Feilin · 28/04/2020 14:16

Signed up to bakedin too thanks for the link!


ChessieFL · 28/04/2020 18:35

Thanks both! Hope you enjoy it.


ChaoticCatling · 28/04/2020 19:20

You're welcome, hope you enjoy it. Thanks for using my code.


Heidi30 · 28/04/2020 19:42

@CarlottaValdez my daughter is 6 and I have Mel Science as they have boxes for that age group also.

I sign up to KIWI crate also which my daughter loves. Even better since schools have closed.


Shefliesonherownwings · 28/04/2020 20:54

Ooh I would absolutely love the Baked In subscription but now I'm not going into the office and not seeing anyone I think DH and I would just get super fat if it's just us eating the bakes!


Hotlungs · 28/04/2020 21:18

I subscribe to Pong Cheese. If you like cheese it’s SO good.


Nearlyoldenoughtowearpurple · 28/04/2020 21:30

Another Gousto fan here. Signed up a few weeks before this all kicked off on a special offer thing and was going to cancel or pause once it got to full price but didn’t as four nice meals a week was a huge bonus.
The food is lovely, there’s plenty of choice and it’s a sociable easy way to cook together as a family.


GinghamStyle · 28/04/2020 22:12

I get Bloom & Wild flowers once a month, which I love. They arrived yesterday and have really cheered me up.

I’ve recently restarted my Riverford fruit and veg box delivery during lockdown. They also deliver milk and eggs.

Not a box, but DS(12) has a subscription to the Phoenix comic - which he absolutely loves. There’s a quote from a kid saying they’d rather read it than play video games which made me roll my eyes, but seriously, even my Fortnite crazy son will take time out to read and re-read the comics. First 4 issues are £1 too, then £9.99 a month. Well worth it.


Uptheduffagai · 28/04/2020 22:24

I have no adult subscriptions but I love signing up for ones for the kids.

I have Whirli toy swap subscription, littlecooksco subscription and mud and bloom box 😄


Sewingbea · 28/04/2020 22:31

A bit different but we have a weekly bread subscription to a not for profit sourdough bakery that employs and trains refugee women. We pay a set amount each week and we get a fantastic loaf of bread. We do the lucky dip subscription so we never know which type of load it will be :-)


EveryDayIsADuvetDay · 28/04/2020 23:15

not a box subscription exactly, but there's some good deals around on magazine subscriptions at the moment - £1 for three issues, £6 for six magazines.
Usually only read magazines at the hairdressers, but since I wont be catching up on them there, I thought some light reading would be entertaining.
Red and Vanity Fair on the way.


Orangeblossom78 · 29/04/2020 10:46

That's a good idea about magazines. Newspapers online doing good deals atm as well.

Any ideas for teens / children's delivery boxes? Stuff to make etc


Lyricallie · 29/04/2020 11:21

We get a couple my partner gets beer 52 monthly which he enjoys and also earns him credits so he bought himself an extra box during lockdown so I could go to the supermarket before 10am and not have to bother about not being able to buy alcohol.

He also hey touchstone which is a shaving one, he swears by the shaving gel.

I get birchbox which I got as a Christmas present for 3 months. I really like it I love a facemask and I have actually purchased things I tried from it later (on ASOS as it was half the price but still).

We are 27/29 with no kids so have a decent disposable income :)


Lyricallie · 29/04/2020 11:22

@EveryDayIsADuvetDay I recently found out that my library has access to loads of digital magazines whole host of different ones. Might be worth checking if you council does something similar?


Acidrain · 29/04/2020 11:24

I love a subscription box!

DS gets mud and bloom box monthly - outdoor type with seeds and activities

Bookabees every 12 weeks which is 3 books for £19.99

I get a make box & Co bi monthly for myself which is £25 and has a craft activity in for myself this recent one was looming which I've thoroughly enjoyed


Impropriety · 29/04/2020 23:15

I’d like to join craft gin club, I understand that existing customers can give me a referral link so I can get £20 off the first box? If anyone would like to do so that would be amazing!


tumpymummy · 02/05/2020 12:33

Some great ideas here, thanks!


Idontbelieveit12 · 02/05/2020 12:43

I have had Birchbox and Pink Parcel in the past. Preferred pink parcel

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