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To ask how everyone is spending their pre Christmas weekend?

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Energyofasloth · 20/12/2019 21:36

I have some last min Xmas wrapping to do which I dread 😩
Pick up veg from Tesco ready for the big day and the turkey/sausage meat from the butchers.
Drop off some presents to extended family whom are not with us this Christmas.
& then to lounge about with my 10month old DD and see how many times we can watch frozen on repeat before DH pulls the last remaining hairs he has left from his head 😁

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sozzlechops · 20/12/2019 23:05

Working, frantic Christmas shopping, Star Warsing, annual festive karaoke session, then flying Bucharest to Edinburgh for two lazy weeks sitting on my parents' sofa.

silencebeforethebleeps · 20/12/2019 23:06

Working tomorrow
Working Sunday
Working Monday
Working Tuesday
Working Wednesday
Working Thursday
Working Friday
Off on holiday Saturday Smile

anon2000000000 · 20/12/2019 23:06

I've not wrapped a thing.

I've got the food in but that's it so far.

Stompythedinosaur · 20/12/2019 23:07

General cleaning and helping run the village Christmas party tomorrow, Christmas meet up with dp's uni friends and a panto on Sunday.

LittleReindeer · 20/12/2019 23:09

Wrapping. Cleaning. Grocery shopping. Cooking. Not looking forward to it at all, it’s a burden. I’d be happy to receive no presents if that meant I didn’t have to give any.

RhinestoneCowgirl · 20/12/2019 23:10

Opening up the community centre so someone can have a birthday party tomorrow morning then buying some cheese.

Prob will wrap presents this weekend too.

EKGEMS · 20/12/2019 23:11

Working at my cardiac step down unit at the hospital Saturday/Sunday. Monday finish any top off grocery shopping Monday,then Tuesday prepare for holiday feast that night and work again Christmas Day 7 am-7 pm.

YouTheCat · 20/12/2019 23:11

Got a bit of wrapping to do tomorrow/Sunday. Buying veg on Monday. Spot of baking on Tuesday.

We're going to watch Star Wars between Christmas and New Year and visiting my brothers. Other than that it's all chilling out, eating, drinking and watching films.

U2HasTheEdge · 20/12/2019 23:13

I am very drunk right now so hopefully having a nice lie in then taking the younger ones to Christingle.

We have done zero wrapping so need to get on top of that.

Treaclepie19 · 20/12/2019 23:15

I'm planning cleaning, tidying, wrapping, lots of cuddles with my 4yo and lots of games.

Energyofasloth · 20/12/2019 23:16

I’m glad I’m not the only one who needs to wrap up presents !
Everyone I know had them down weeks ago. It’s truly my Christmas fear. I’m totally crap at it and after all that time getting them to look half decent, it’s ripped up and thrown back in the bin. 😔 I might just tissue paper it and shove them in an xmas bag! 🤣 at least the bags are reusable then!

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Energyofasloth · 20/12/2019 23:17

Done* not down.

OP posts:
fuckitoff · 20/12/2019 23:18

Christmas food shop
Present wrapping
Watching Christmas films

AdaFromYorkshire · 20/12/2019 23:18

Leaf clearing in the garden and felling a couple of unsafe trees in our small area of woodland. Cleaning and disinfecting bird boxes. Thinking about food shopping but probably not doing any until Monday. Presents are wrapped, just two cards to write.

Xiaoxiong · 20/12/2019 23:22

Staying with family in a hot place Grin so mainly coordinating the various additional family members arriving over the next few days before Christmas, wrapping presents I brought in our suitcases and designating a pot plant in the house as our Christmas tree. There are 15 family members coming in from various countries so quite a lot to organise re food and train/airport transfers and then figuring out where they all will sleep when they get here. And a trip to the bottle shop tomorrow will be essential...

EstuaryBird · 20/12/2019 23:26

Bag packing in a supermarket to raise funds for our Scout group. It’s quite hard work and some people will watch you pack up a huge trolley load without even a thank you, never mind a pound in the bucket. Then you’ll get a little old lady who’ll have a couple of bits to put in a bag and give you a fiver.

Breaks my heart how many older people are all alone really does hit home.

NoHummus · 20/12/2019 23:27


adhdme2019 · 20/12/2019 23:31

Cleaning Angry

PrettyPurpleFeather · 20/12/2019 23:35

@ThisMustBeMyDream if you go to trafalgar Square to see the lights, you can have coffee/lunch at the Crypt in the church of St. Martin in the field across the road. Food is very reasonably priced compared to the national art gallery.

Then take the number 15 bus to St. Paul's cathedral from opposite Charing Cross Station. The bus stop is right outside pizza express. Sit on the top deck so you can see all the Christmas lights and get off at St. Paul's cathedral. The museum of London is a 10 minute walk from there.

MyBlueMoonbeam · 20/12/2019 23:46

Usual daily stuff - horse - dogs - washing hoovering - maybe picking up 22 year old son to come home for hols (depends on hangover as he's out tonight 🙈)

Still have one tree to decorate - nearly all presents to buy and wrap and food shopping to do 🙃

Finished work today so I'm not panicking.....yet 😆

Boots20 · 21/12/2019 09:17

@ThisMustBeMyDream I love your one Grin realistic & honest I'm laughing my head off, as a mum of 3 (one also with asd) I FEEL your stress! Have a great christmas

selmabear · 21/12/2019 09:21

I'm spending my pre xmas weekend celebrating Christmas in my dads house. We're having a Christmas day tomorrow. Travelling home on Monday to get ready for Christmas day round 2 on Wednesday 😂 and then round 3 on boxing day!

LionelRitchieStoleMyNotebook · 21/12/2019 09:26

I've done no wrapping at all yet, difficult with a one year old, sorting out the guest room this morning, cleaning the bits the cleaner doesn't, then going into town for the Christmas market and a few things this afternoon. Carols in the park tomorrow.

tequilasunrises · 21/12/2019 09:28

Today - Cleaning the house today and doing some DIY. Family supper with DHs side tonight, then staying in while he goes on his traditional Saturday before Christmas ‘boys night’ that he and his old school friends have done since they were 16.

Tomorrow - Will probably go for a long run in the morning then we are going to my parents house for Sunday lunch with extended family that are visiting.

MinisterforCheekyFuckery · 21/12/2019 09:48

DD(6) has gone to her grandparents, they're taking her to see santa and then she's having a sleepover so it's just me, DH and the baby. We've got a couple of last minute gifts to buy so will do that when baby wakes up from his nap and probably stop for lunch somewhere on the way back. We need to clean the house so will probably take it in turns to do chores while the other entertains the baby this afternoon. This evening DH is going for a few drinks with some friends from work so once baby is asleep I'm planning on wrapping some presents with a glass of wine and a mince pie while watching The Crown. Tomorrow, the Grandparents will drop DD home in the morning. We've no plans for tomorrow really, probably just a few last minute jobs that I'm bound to realise I've forgotten and a bit more wrapping. Then tomorrow evening I'm going out for a meal and a couple of cocktails with a friend so DH will do the kids tea and watch Arthur Christmas with them for the millionth time.

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