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Putting Christmas tree up today?

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Bee29 · 23/11/2019 07:24

Opinions... Usually do it on the 1st but next weekend is a busy one. Don’t have time during the week... so thinking today or tomorrow.

Partner thinks I’m mad. Also his mum is popping over this weekend and I know she’ll offer her opinion like she does in everything but myself and DC have been poorly all week. So surely this is a good way to cheer us all up??

OP posts:
Fatted · 23/11/2019 08:38

Do it OP!!!

I'm probably doing mine at some point this weekend. We've had some shitty news this week and we all need something to cheer us up.

Where I live, by the middle of December none of the shops have any decent Christmas trees or decorations left.

I don't understand these people who say it only takes 30 minutes to put the tree up. It takes at least half the day to find a bloody set of lights that work.

PineappleDanish · 23/11/2019 08:39

Where I live, by the middle of December none of the shops have any decent Christmas trees or decorations left.

Why are you buying new decorations each year?

ThePortIsSunny · 23/11/2019 08:41

The thing about putting it up so early is that you'll get fed up of it by the 25th of Dec and take it down on boxing day. I'd leave it until the first weekend that you're free which I think is the 2nd wkend of Dec. Leave it for a bit later so you can enjoy it for longer over the actual 12 days of Christmas.

Allmyarseandpeggymartin · 23/11/2019 08:41

It’s only a few days op I’d do it if you’ve got a busy one next weekend. Get ready for the neighbours disapproval at you bringing the house prices down Wink

LemonMousse · 23/11/2019 08:44

It's your house and your tree so do it when it suits you Smile
It's too early for me but I have bought a new tree and it's being delivered today! I hope I can leave it in the box for a week or two!
My friend put hers up last weekend - I tease her about it but it makes her happy so why not?

wineisnecessary · 23/11/2019 08:45

I also think it's too early for the reason I'd be fed up if it by the 3rd week of December .
Can't you do something else to cheer you up ? Christmas films , markets , look at the lights in town ? .
Do it the week after next if you busy next weekend.

Dishwashersaurous · 23/11/2019 08:46

I asked because it was a genuine question. I don’t know anyone who has an artificial tree at home.
Shops, nursing homes schools etc have artificial trees but I don’t know anyone who has one in a domestic setting

Heymummee · 23/11/2019 08:46

Personally I think it’s too early, but who cares what anyone else thinks? If you want to do it and you don’t have time next week and it’ll cheer you and DC up then go for it.

usernamerisnotavailable · 23/11/2019 08:50

Waaaaaaay too early fgs.

ShinyGiratina · 23/11/2019 08:53

It's not even advent yet.
There's plenty of time between 1st December and 24th to do it.

Christmas is in late December because of the solstice and celebrating the shortest day passing (new Christians superimposing it onto the the Pagan festivals). Crappy as November is, it's still the wrong time, and the shops are only dressed up and torturing their staff and public with over a month of Christmas music because they're hoping to extort more money from us.

Save things until the right time.

RuggerHug · 23/11/2019 08:55

Ours goes up 1st weekend in December. If it works for you and you mean the tree and not every Christmas decoration so you're just spreading the work out over time when you can do it then go for it.

UOkhun77 · 23/11/2019 08:56

I think you should do whatever makes you happy. I’m not feeling quite christmassy enough yet but getting there...we get a real tree though so have to wait a bit longer unfortunately!

mrssoap · 23/11/2019 08:56

My friend put all her decs up weeks ago! Mad!! I think it's up to you it's your home, however I do think doing it in November is just too early. But then I spose it's only a week off so not a big deal.

Titsywoo · 23/11/2019 08:57

You don't know anyone who has an artificial tree? Odd. I have two and will be putting them up early this year on 1st Dec we have a big Xmas charity event at my house on 7th and there is no time during the week. I had a real tree once but the constant hoovering of needles on the floor did my head in and on a real tree there aren't enough boughs for the amount of lights and decorations o like to use. The artificial trees I have are very good quality ones but I got them second hand and they'll last for a very long time. Put your tree up when you like op. Personally I wouldn't put mine up in November but I don't feel having my tree up from 1st Dec to 6th Jan spoils it for me. I never get sick of Xmas decorations!

RememberMeDanny · 23/11/2019 08:59

I usually wait until the 1st but we got our bfp last week and I don’t know why, I put my tree up the same day. I think I was just so happy to find out I’m expecting I just wanted some of that Xmas cheer early!

I’ve only done the tree and put some decorations on the mantelpiece though. Haven’t gone all out and done the outside lights or my front window display. That I will wait until the 1st to do!

catwithnohat · 23/11/2019 09:01

What is it with people and trees in mid November?? Surely nearer the time is more Christmassy?

Twinkly lights (not bloody reindeers....) are a different matter Smile

ChippingInlovesChristmasLights · 23/11/2019 09:03

Last year I managed to find a bargain of a second hand tree in the middle of December. In the space of an hour I had the old tree stripped of decorations, dismantled and the new tree up in its place

😲 how could you do that to your original tree? Poor thing.such callous behaviour!

@Bee29. myself and DC have been poorly all week. So surely this is a good way to cheer us all up??

Put it up. Ignore all the miserable grinches & ignore DP’s Mum. Your 🏡 your 🌲.

I contemplated putting mine up, but I’m renovating and it would mean putting everything on hold until mid January (wayyy too much dust!).

@Sparklingbrook - it takes me longer than that to sort the fecking lights out. I’m tempted to go and buy new ones instead! It’s definitely a ‘best part of the day’ job here to unwrap all the ornaments (collected over years, from all over the place), sort out the lights & get it all on the tree, plus some on the window sill, mantle piece, change the cushion covers etc.

I like Christmas, I LOVE Christmas decorations!

Aragog · 23/11/2019 09:06

Way too early for me. It's still November. It surely has to at least be December at the earliest???

We are going to buy ours on the 8th so it will go up then. It's normally the weekend after but we are busy that weekend this year. I'm already hoping it stays okay that long til Christmas Day. It'll be coming down not long after as once Christmas Day has gone I'm always itching for it to come down to have the living room back!

Sassenach85 · 23/11/2019 09:06

I’m really shocked at the level of snobbery on this thread! Although I’ve been on mumsnet long enough that I should expect it. Nice to see lots of posters giving their opinion without being bitchy. I love Christmas and usually put tree up first weekend in December as November feels to soon. However that’s just what I feel and could not get my knickers in a twist about someone doing things differently.

Some of the comments are so uncalled for it’s like the cool kids slagging off the excited and happy ones.

Oh my you don’t have a REAL tree????
Have some decorum???
Fgs it’s not advent.....


Hopefloatsaway · 23/11/2019 09:06

I’ve not seen any up yet this year, we like to play spot the Christmas tree.
I couldn’t put mine up that early as I’d be sick of it being up for so long but love seeing other people’s

Normandy144 · 23/11/2019 09:08

Too early! We have a real tree so if it was up now it would be a shrivelled dried up tree by Christmas Day. I think we've earmarked the 8th December to put ours up as no plans that day.

Span1elsRock · 23/11/2019 09:09

Ours is up!!

For years my DDs have moaned at me because I wait until after their birthdays (early and mid December) so this year I bought a new one and thought I'll have them.... so it went up on Tuesday Grin Their faces when they came home was a picture.


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Sassenach85 · 23/11/2019 09:09

Oh not to mention the cool kids laughing at us all spending a day doing decorations

Commence the competition for how quickly and how shitty your trees go up ...

I put mine up in half an hour
I threw mine up
I let the dog do mine
I am soooooo busy and important I don’t have time for decorating silly trees ..... yawn

Imustbemad00 · 23/11/2019 09:09

I’ll be doing the same as busy next weekend and there’s no way I’m waiting until the 2nd week in December. I like to have it up for a good month. I absolutely love the tree and never get sick of it.
It also takes me the best part of a day to do. By the time I get it out the shed and put it together (individual branches) that’s a couple of hours probably. It’s a 7ft tree with a lot of lights so the lights take quite a while to sort and arrange. Then all the ornaments.

AnyOldPrion · 23/11/2019 09:10

This is my first Christmas alone with my teen DS. I bought a tree on Thursday and intended to put it in the garage, but DS asked if we could put it up straight away, so we did.

It’s getting dark outside. If it will cheer you up, then go for it.

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