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To think I can't be the only one who likes Jo Swinson

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Cinammoncake · 18/11/2019 17:54

She gets slated on twitter and irl I don't know anyone who likes her especially. But I think she's great (not perfect) and admire what she's doing and feel like she's someone I'd be friends with.

OP posts:
EmpressLesbianInChair · 18/11/2019 17:56

She’s explicitly stated that she doesn’t want anyone gender-critical to vote for her. It’s not a great starting point.

mothertruck3r · 18/11/2019 17:57

I can't stand her.

JengaNonConfirming · 18/11/2019 17:59

Empress, she doesn't need to worry about my vote then!

MrsAgassi · 18/11/2019 18:00

YABU, she does not support women’s rights.

MsRomanoff · 18/11/2019 18:00

Nope, the party political broadcast the other night was awful and confirmed what I thought.

Hypocritical and talks bollocks.

JKScot4 · 18/11/2019 18:01
Her voting record doesn’t make for pretty reading.
Happy to take millions from the EU
She’s an abject liar and hypocrite, I hope she loses her seat.

HighNetGirth · 18/11/2019 18:02

She seems very nice. Until you inspect her voting record and some of the policies Lib Dems are putting forward.

Nextphonewontbesamsung · 18/11/2019 18:03

I won't be voting for her because of their policy on women's rights. Shame. Silly people.

ilyjccs · 18/11/2019 18:03

I think you are OP

Mistlewoeandwhine · 18/11/2019 18:05

She’s vile. And more right wing than many Tories - and that’s saying something in today’s climate.

curlykaren · 18/11/2019 18:08
Mintjulia · 18/11/2019 18:10

Yes, but liking someone and thinking they have the ability to deal with all the issues involved in running a country are two different things.

Stifledlife · 18/11/2019 18:12

Not on my christmas card list either. can't stand the woman.

JoyceJeffries · 18/11/2019 18:18

Her voting record stinks and she’s quite happy to sign away women’s rights.

DontDribbleOnTheCarpet · 18/11/2019 18:23

I don't know much about her in terms of her personality, but her voting record is poor and she is not only willing but happy to throw women under the bus in order to score extra Woke Points.
I also don't quite believe that the LibDems believe all the nonsense they spout- it feels a little like they are trying on different "looks" to see which one gets them the most votes. I also strongly suspect that the voters who got them into power (should such an unlikely thing happen) would find themselves abandoned if it was expedient. I'm thinking about tuition fees being a warning about how easily this could happen.

Cinammoncake · 18/11/2019 18:25

I think she's head and shoulders above Corbyn and Johnson. Quite surprised how unliked she is.

OP posts:
LolaSmiles · 18/11/2019 18:26

I think her voting record is awful, her attitude to women and women's rights is poor and she comes across as quite over confident without any substance .

ZenNudist · 18/11/2019 18:29

Im not a fan. Just because she is in fact better than jezza and boris does not make her any good.

WhenYouCantRunYouCrawl · 18/11/2019 18:30

I like her. Her voting record reflects the fact that she was in a coalition government where some give and take was required.

There has been a lot of revisionism since she became Lib Dem leader. The way people are talking about her you would think she was single handedly responsible for austerity...and yet the level of cuts that were part of the 2010 Labour manifesto were about the same as the Tories. In 2010 Austerity was seen as a must.

The Lib Dems got some pretty good policies going during that time, including raising the point at which you start paying income tax. Everyone focuses on the student loans but as someone who started university the first year that Labour introduced fees with very little notice it was an absolute nightmare for my parents to suddenly find the money. At least with the new policy it meant that students paid after they graduated via taxation, making it more accessible for those on low income families to go.

I'm not going to talk about the trans issue. It's too fraught an issue on here whilst in the real world most people are not affected by it.

Most of the backlash against Jo I suspect has come from Labour online activists who saw the European election results and are very nervous about remain voters moving from Lab to Lib Dems. Hence all the smears about Yellow Tories. If Labour ditched Corbyn they'd probably be ahead in the polls right now but the cult refuses to accept this so they target Jo instead.

MsRomanoff · 18/11/2019 18:32

I think she's head and shoulders above Corbyn and Johnson. Quite surprised how unliked she is.

Her voting record says not and she is a huge hypocrite.

It's too fraught an issue on here whilst in the real world most people are not affected by it.

Apart from all women?

Imapoor · 18/11/2019 18:33

Those links have opened my eyes.

I was going to vote Lib Dem because of their stance on Brexit (I’d like to remain) but I’m feeling politically homeless again after that.

She’s a Tory with a Lib Dem rosette. Her voting record doesn’t match her “woke” status.

1Morewineplease · 18/11/2019 18:36

I’m with many others on here. I have traditionally voted for her party but her voting record leaves me speechless.
Also, whilst I voted to remain in the EU, I respect the vote of the people and we should be leaving the EU. Her party now wants to overturn Brexit , should they win power ( which I very much doubt) and defy the will of the majority.


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MrsMaiselsMuff · 18/11/2019 18:37

Her voting record reflects the fact that she was in a coalition government where some give and take was required.

Not much of a leader if she'll vote for whatever she's told to. If she couldn't stand up for our rights then, there's no reason we should trust her now.

I don't trust her one bit. She will get in bed with whoever gives her some power. Given that the LibDems are willing to take rejects from Labour and Conservative, I have no idea what they stand for.

Cinammoncake · 18/11/2019 18:40

I agree with you whenyoucan'trunyoucrawl

OP posts:
Considermesometimes · 18/11/2019 18:43

I really really want to like her, and vote for LD, as I am politically homeless at the moment, however when I watch her I just can not bring myself to vote for her.
Her face is always contorted with anger and bitterness, she is always shouting and looks almost demented. Truly bordering on the scary.

I don't trust her, I don't like her lack of professionalism either. I can forgive her lack of polish and finesse, I can even live with some of her very disconcerting voting choices, but I can not imagine her as a world leader, I can not see how she could possibly run this country and she does not seem to be a woman of integrity or honesty. There is something very dishonest at the core that runs deep, I feel that every time I see her. I just don't liker her at all, and really wish I did.

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