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Am I missing something here? Meghan Markle

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Whitehorseinthehill · 13/11/2019 16:15

Sorry for the Meghan Markle thread and DM link, but I have found this really amusing today.

Story out today saying Harry and Meghan apparently aren't spending Xmas with the Queen this year. Lots of comments below blaming Meghan, saying she's isolating Harry from his family, saying the Queen must be really upset. Everyone at work was chatting about it today saying similar.

Am I missing something? I mean we don't even know if it's true. But even if it is, aren't they entitled to spend Xmas as they please? She has her own mother she may want to see.

Ok I get that it's the Queen and it's the usual tradition but is it really a big deal?

OP posts:
The80sweregreat · 13/11/2019 16:18

It's nobodies business but theirs but the press won't leave them alone. The DM are still not happy that Harry didn't marry Chelsey Davy or someone like her. They will just pick away at them forever. It needs to stop.
It's all done so people won't think about the real injustice that's going on too I think.
Who really cares?

The80sweregreat · 13/11/2019 16:19

By ' injustice' I mean other more important things!

Samcro · 13/11/2019 16:20

awaits this turning into another vile MM bashing thread.

HoomanMoomin · 13/11/2019 16:20

Meh. They’re adults and can spend Christmas wherever and however they like.
One positive thing about it is that now you know how many of your colleagues are reading Daily Heil.

dayswithaY · 13/11/2019 16:21

Here we go, another 924 posts about this.

PicsInRed · 13/11/2019 16:21

Don't Will and Kate also alternate families?

But Kate's not Meghan* so that's ok?

*euphemism for what we all know this is really about Hmm ... so, yeah, YANBU.

LaurieFairyCake · 13/11/2019 16:21

I think she's great and the comments are obviously loathsome

As a couple though I think they've made a mistake.

His grandmother/grandfather are very elderly now and if you can't go there and get help/care from the huge family and all the really well trained staff where can you go?

I can't imagine they'd have anything but a great time, they all seem to get on very well - particularly the younger lot.

Disfordarkchocolate · 13/11/2019 16:23

I saw the headline but never clicked on it. No idea if it's true but if I had a small baby the Queen's Christmas Day sounds like torture and I wouldn't want to go either. Harry probably feels the same even though it's normal to him.

The80sweregreat · 13/11/2019 16:23

It's a nightmare. I wished they would move abroad and stop getting tax payers money ( or whatever money they do receive) and just live their lives away from all this hassle and speculation.
William has his heirs and spares sorted out.
H arry and Meghan are way down the pecking order now. It's all silly nonsense.

LaurieFairyCake · 13/11/2019 16:23

It's just Meghans mum and no one else (not like Kate's extensive family) so maybe they could invite her to Balmoral too?

Actually I bet they have - they invited Kate's parents the first year

Ponoka7 · 13/11/2019 16:23

It would be even better if everyone stopped calling her Megan Markle.

The papers have done it all over the Remembrance Services. Praise for the Duchess of Cambridge or Kate, but comments on what 'Megan Markle' was wearing/standing etc.

Justmuddlingalong · 13/11/2019 16:25

The tabloids are cunts. Anyone reading that report and worth their salt will surely just think "so?"

Meruem · 13/11/2019 16:26

When I saw the headline I actually pictured MM posting on here

"DH and I are being pressured by family to spend Christmas with his grandmother. Apparently that's what they always do. We've had a baby this year and things have been hectic. AIBU to just want Christmas with our own little family". Grin

dudsville · 13/11/2019 16:27

The only reason I know about this is because of MN. I'm grateful to have a narrower world. This isn't worth wondering about.

The80sweregreat · 13/11/2019 16:28

Certain press do not like Meghan and they dredge up every little thing to put her in a bad light. Kate was given a bad time once but is now their ' darling'. I remember the ' waity katey ' remarks and her lack of ' working for a living' but that's forgotten about now she's had children.
The press in this country are just vile.

CassandraCross · 13/11/2019 16:28

William and Catherine don't always spend Christmas at Sandringham and I am sure some of the other children, grandchildren and great grandchildren don't either so what's the problem?

dudsville · 13/11/2019 16:29

By that I mean to say that my neighbours down the road may have similar issues with their son who moved to Australia to be with the love of his life. They obviously don't see him/them often as a result. But it's not something I'm eager to hear more about.

eddiemairswife · 13/11/2019 16:29

If there isn't any real news the Daily Mail will make it up, especially about their hate figures.

LaurieMarlow · 13/11/2019 16:32

Meghan can’t do anything right. That’s how it is, get with the programme.

Let’s ignore the fact that Kate has skipped sandringham on a few occasions to spend time with her family.

I presume Meghan went last year.

Tartyflette · 13/11/2019 16:33

I'm always a bit confused about how everyone marrying into the royal family absolutely has to spend Xmas en masse at Sandringham, and their own families can just get to fuck. Especially when children come along. Ghastly to have to spend the holiday with that motley crew.
And they have to suck it up with rictus smiles at church on Christmas Day. Some of them, anyway.
At the same time for the others who wouldn't miss it for the world do the dutiful thing it gives the impression that they're desperately toadying up to the queen and jockeying for position in the family pecking order. (To mix a metaphor or three. )

Marcipex · 13/11/2019 16:34

I like Meghan and I’m sure they’ll have a happy time, perhaps Doria will visit.
No one is preventing Harry from seeing other family members. As if.

LaurieMarlow · 13/11/2019 16:35

I'm always a bit confused about how everyone marrying into the royal family absolutely has to spend Xmas en masse at Sandringham, and their own families can just get to fuck

I know right?

Sounds fucking dreadful

Cheeseandwin5 · 13/11/2019 16:36

Certain members of the press have a vendetta against her and Harry.
It so sad when the press act like this, with the facts / publics right to know taking a secondary role to lies and their hatred.
This is the reason why the public want the press held up to account, but then censorship is used as a defense.

Bluntness100 · 13/11/2019 16:36

Don't think I'd want to take a small baby to Xmas at the queens. And didn't wills and Harry do the same thing, body swerve it?

Bluntness100 · 13/11/2019 16:36

Sorry Kate and wills!

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